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Esurient/C2 Nobody Can Hide The Truth
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C2 Nobody Can Hide The Truth

WE GOT notified of his son’s scheduled arrival by lunch time. Malcolm and I went ahead to the restaurant where he made lunch reservation and waited for him. As soon as we were pulling over in front the restaurant, his son called and said he has already arrived at the airport and is on the way to the restaurant. Malcolm winked at me and said he is so excited to introduce me to Ian. And that he was so sure he will like me for him, too.

I could not help but feel anxious as soon as we were seated on our table. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking under the table. I was scared that Malcolm’s son might question me, or my intention for marrying his dad. Well, who would not? Me accepting a super rich, older man is really questionable. But I made a lot of effort to keep it from him all this time. I don’t want to be busted by a series of interrogation. I’m a gold digging slut agreeing to marry a rich man anyway, everyone will try to test me. But I won’t let anyone make a mess of the things I have now.

“Victoria, you are not meeting the president, why are you so nervous? You’re just meeting my son,” Malcolm jested when he noticed my worrying.

I smiled at him. “I can’t help it.”

He grabbed my hand under the table and placed it on his lap. “I’m here, so don’t worry.”

A waiter in fresh black suit approached us and gave us each a menu and left one for the other person we’re still waiting. I couldn’t concentrate on it, my thoughts were somewhere. What would he possibly ask? What should I tell him? How should I even introduce myself? Should I tell him I am soon going to be his step mother? Will it piss him off?

Soon enough, Malcolm’s son arrived. He gently placed a hand over my wrists and smiled, nodding towards the glass door of the restaurant. “He’s here.”

I followed Malcolm’s gaze. And I swear I almost wished the Earth to swallow me at that moment when I recognized the man who was approaching our table.

The man was well-built and tall, he stood about six feet two inches, with gorgeously tanned skin and a striking hazel brown eyes, wearing a sharp Navy blue suit and walking with such noble-like grace towards us. Malcolm once mentioned that his son’s mother was a former beauty queen so I was no longer surprised when I saw how handsome he was. What made me surprised was the fact that I am actually familiar of that handsome face. It was the face of someone I had encountered in the past. And it wasn’t just some mere encounter. I was not expecting that the Ian who once became a part of my life and Malcolm’s son was one and the same. And I even thought his son’s reminds me of someone. This must be fate playing a cruel joke on me.

Shock must have registered my face when I saw his son, because I Malcolm worriedly turned to me. “Is something wrong. Vicki?”

My inner self was shouting, ‘Everything in this moment is wrong! What is he doing here?’

I forced myself to smile. Ian was still a few steps from us. I need to get out of there. “I need to get to the bathroom,” I said, standing up.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

I was shaking and nodding confusedly. “I... I guess.”

“Can’t it wait? Ian’s here now.”

My chest tightened as I saw in my peripheral vision that Ian is coming closer and closer to our direction. I finally lost the chance to leave the table when he saw his dad. In a few huge steps, Ian was already standing next to us. Malcolm gave his son a fatherly hug before turning to me.

The whole place felt like a slow motion movie as I listen to Malcolm introduce me to his son. I instantly know what I have to do. I should deny that I know him. I should deny that we met sometime before. I should deny that we once slept together. I should deny anything that he remembers about me in the past.

“Nice to meet you.” I gave Ian a surprised look when he extended his hand to me to shake my hand as if it was really the first time we are seeing each other.

I did not react right away and he even had to remind me that he was waiting for me to accept his hand when a few seconds had already passed. I finally shook his hand. I did not expect the rush of electricity that traveled across my nerve when our skin touched. Even his skin was strangely familiar. And my body’s reaction to it was something new to me.

We started our dinner after a few talks and I was convinced that he really doesn’t remember me as I watch and listen to the two of them talk about many things. I noticed that Ian would not even look at me except when Malcolm would try to include me in some of their conversation.

He asked me how I met his dad and I told him I was working for Malcolm before.

“So, you were dad’s employee?” Ian asked.

In way, I guess I am. Malcolm was paying me for my services, anyway. I decided to divulge any more information about the nature of how we really met.

“Y-yes.” I sipped on my glass of wine, and smiled at the both them.

Even the way he talked to me all throughout the main course of our dinner was very casual. Could he really not remember me at all? I would prefer that he didn’t, but I don’t understand how it somehow made me feel hollow.

I began to feel comfortable that Ian will not disclose anything that he should not be saying in front of Malcolm. When desserts were served, Malcolm excused himself and said he needs to go to the men’s room. I just smiled at him. I stared at his back as he walked towards the male rest room.

As soon as we were alone and his dad was out of earshot, Ian made my heart panic wildly when he asked me a question that made me sure he actually remembers me.

“It’s been a while, Victoria. I’m surprised it’s my father you’re now having sex with. I’m wondering how much did he give you to say yes to your first time together?”

My eyes grew wide and I slowly turned to look at him. I found a deadly serious expression in his handsome face, his eyes seemed to emanate danger. I immediately clutched my purse, prepared to ask Malcolm to leave the moment he return to our table.

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