Esurient/C3 Under Cold Water
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Esurient/C3 Under Cold Water
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C3 Under Cold Water


I chuckled nervously, and grabbed a glass of water from the table. I tried to remain calm and hide the my shaking hand under the table when I met Ian’s gaze.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know very well what I am talking about,” he said, inching me with his stares. “You haven’t changed much. You look just like how I remember you.”

I gulped. I decided to keep the act. “Remind me where I saw you?”

His jaw tightened. He scoffed. “You really need my help to make you remember what we used to do together in the past?”

I opened my mouth to talk but the words died in my mouth when Malcolm returned to our table.

I could no hide the growing uneasiness in me. Thankfully, Ian resumed his own act, and pretended like we did not just have that conversation. The conversation that made me so sure he knows me, in fact.

Despite that, I continued to act like I have no idea what he was talking about. And just like him, act like nothing had happened.

As soon as Malcolm sat down, I told him that I was not feeling well. “I think I need to go home.”

“Are you okay?” Malcolm worriedly asked.

I glanced at Ian, who was now looking dubiously at me. “I’m sorry, Ian. I’m not feeling well. We can continue this next time?”

Ian smiled. “Sure, that’s alright.” He placed his napkin on the table and stood. “I’m feeling a little jet lag from my flight and I think I need to rest, too.”

Malcolm threw his gaze back and forth to me and Ian. He sighed. “Alright. I guess, we can just re-schedule this.”

I DECIDED to spend the night in Malcolm’s pad. I was looking outside the nightscape view from the glass wall of his living room, he was sitting on the couch, pouring champagne on two flutes. We were both silent. I could tell that he was trying to guess what I was thinking, but I won’t let him have a clue. For now, I’m just glad that Ian has not yet told his dad that we used to have a relationship before. If he was doing it on purpose because he is planning to use it to blackmail me in the future, I don’t care for now. I will worry about it when the time finally comes.

“You’re not with me, Vicki. What’s on your mind?” Malcolm asked.

I glanced at him over my shoulder and smiled sweetly. “Nothing.” I walked toward him and sat on the couch opposite him. I sipped from the champagne he offered me and carefully set the glass on the glass table. “You don’t always talk about Ian. Is it because he did not grow up around you so you are not close?”

Malcolm nodded. “That’s partially true. He was closer to his mom. And he grew up in Cebu so we never had plenty of time to bond. But, I let my son do whatever he likes. As long as he stays out of trouble, I won’t be nosing around in his life too much.”

“Well, but does he plan to stay here for a long time?”

“Who knows?” Malcolm shook his head. He stood and came close to me, pressing one knee on the couch, his large hand groping the roundness of my left breast. I could feel the warmth of his skin through the fabric of my dark red silk robes. I bit my lower lip, pecking a kiss on his lips.

“You don’t find my son too charming, do you Vicki? You seem too interested with him. I’m starting to feel jealous. I might just send him back to Cebu to his mom.”

I nervously laughed. “Malcolm!” I hooked my arms on his shoulders. “I don’t find anyone else charming than you, I’m just curious about your son.”

“Is that true?”

I decided not to answer anymore, afraid that I may say something that would make him more suspicious. I just crossed the distance between our faces and passionately claimed his mouth. I opened my mouth and allowed him to deepen the kiss. Our tongues crossed and Malcolm teased my lips with a bite. I screamed when he carried me in arms and took me to his room. We continued kissing until he put me down the bed.

Malcolm’s mouth traveled from my lips down to my neck. His hands gently caressed the perfect size of my mounds, rolling each pinkish crown between his forefinger and thumb. A horny moan escaped my lips as he pressed the hardness of his manhood below my belly.

He undid he knot of my robes and pushed them to the side of my waist, exposing my creamy nakedness. He planted wet sucking kisses on my guts, down my belly button before pushing my legs up and kissing the thing between my legs.

I moaned loudly when I felt Malcolm’s wet tongue grazing against my womanhood. I clutched his hair as he continued eating me out—sucking, kissing, and licking the delicate flesh of my womanhood, teasing my clit and tracing circles on my vagina.

“Malcolm!” My eyes rolled in so much pleasure, my hips bucked and lifts from the bed toward his face every time his mouth makes me feel glorious ecstasy. Until I whimpered and convulsed and released an orgasm with a shudder. “Ah, fuck!”

Malcolm hastily undressed and pushed me face down the bed, slipping my robes off my arms and throwing it to the floor. Malcolm kissed my butt, tracing his tongue across my skin before biting it and slowly pushing his manhood inside my wet pussy.

“Ohh!” At first Malcolm was pushing his hard manhood inside me slowly, and deeply. He pulled my hair and cupped my face. I grabbed the headboard of the bed, tightly gripping the metal until my knuckles turned white.

“Look at me, baby,” he commanded. I grimaced and continued cursing while his pounding becomes faster, and deeper with every thrust inside me. I looked at him over my shoulder and called his name. He smirked and pulled my hair again, I moaned when he groped my butt cheeks until they turned red.

“Harder Malcolm! I’m coming!” I let go of the headboard and pressed my face against the pillow. I clutched the soft cushion and screamed a series of dirty word as I orgasm once again. “Oh my God!”

“Fuck me! Aah!” My moans became more frequent as our making love deepened even further. Malcolm pounded his shaft deeper and faster into my dripping pussy as I cried in pleasure.

Malcolm remained on top of me when the heat died down, and stared into my eyes. He dipped his head and kissed me. “No one else can take you from me, Vicki...” he whispered, sounding possessive than he usually do.

I tightly wrapped my arms around him as he continued to shower my neck and shoulders with kisses. I whispered ‘I love you’ in the most believable way possible. He said the words back. And we cuddled as we went to sleep.

New chapter is coming soon
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