Eternal Devil Emperor/C1 Past and Present Life
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C1 Past and Present Life
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C1 Past and Present Life

"Today is … Sixteen years of the Grand Qin Heavenly Awakening? A whole hundred thousand years, and I'm back! "

Qin Ye, who was on the bed, had a weak body. His face was as pale as paper and every part of his body was covered with terrifying bruises and whipping scars. He looked extremely weak. However, under the cover of her disheveled hair, her eyes suddenly bloomed with two pitch black, strange devil flames, which then transformed into endless desolation and memories.

Qin Ye from 100,000 years ago was originally the Great Qin Empire's royal family, the son of the Human Emperor.

Due to the Chu State in his body, Qin Ye had been rejected and humiliated by the royal family ever since he was young. Adding on his sister Qin Yue's death, it made him lose the motivation to practice martial arts.

However, an earth-shaking calamity had suddenly struck, and engulfed the entire East Continent.

On the seventh day of the eighth month of the year, the year 26 of Qin Tianqi, Qin Ye would never forget. On the seventh day of the eighth month of the year 26 of Qin Tianqi, the year of Qin Ye, the year of the Saint King, the year of the Saint King would fall.

At the same time, the remnants of the six nations held an event in the Nine Prefectures. The Alien Clans that was normally intimidated by the Great Qin Sacred Emperor had almost simultaneously brought its iron hooves into the Eastern Lands to slaughter the people of the Qin.

It had only been four short years, but Big Qin Emperorguo, whose name could shake the world, was completely destroyed!

When Qin Ye personally saw his mother commit suicide in front of the Royal Tomb, he suddenly realized. Unfortunately, it was already too late …

In just one night, Qin Ye's family was destroyed!


At that moment, Qin Ye's heart overflowed with hatred and anger. He was lured into the Demonic Path, and only the blood of foreign races could wash away the soaring hatred!

Hundreds of thousands of years later, a devil cultivator called Blood Slaughter appeared. One man, one spear, slaughtering millions of foreign invaders, slaughtering them all within a hundred thousand miles, exterminating almost all of their Alien Clans and fleeing from them in panic.

However, Qin Ye was not satisfied. He wanted to revive his mother and sister, which was his eternal wish. In just two thousand years, Qin Ye had turned into a demon, with his own body and Demonic Path, he broke through the spatial barrier and stepped into the Heaven Realm Demon Region.

In the Demon Area, Qin Ye found out about a saint dao treasure, the Samsara Grinders, that allowed one to travel back time and space and live another life. And this treasure was in the hands of one of the Five Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm, the Heavenly Master of the Nine Hell Region.

What is a Heavenly Monarch? The Sovereign of Heaven, also known as the semi-sage realm! After so many trials and tribulations, the sage realm had been severed, and no one could continue on. If a Saint didn't show himself, then the Heavenly Monarch would become the true peak of all dao. Below the Heavenly Monarch, no matter if it was the Immortal Emperor or Demon Emperor, they would all be ants!

During this period of time, he was being hunted down countless times, and countless life or death situations occurred. He changed to the Immortal Region, God Realm, Buddha Land, Demon Desolate, and even entered the Heaven Realm's Burial Ground alone to gain experience.

After many life and death battles, Qin Ye's cultivation had become increasingly strong. 30,000 years later, he would become a Demon Emperor, known as the Blood Slaughter Demon Emperor.

On that day, Qin Ye shot towards the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord's Devil Palace alone. No one thought highly of him, because in the eyes of the onlookers, the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord's finger could crush Qin Ye into dust!

However, Qin Ye's self-destruct of the Demonic Path became a draw by relying on the obsession that he had for a hundred thousand years. He was at a disadvantage. In that battle, the heavens collapsed and the earth shattered as tens of thousands of screams filled the air. The land of the Infernal domain was shattered into seven pieces, and the two of them fought from the Infernal domain to the Celestial domain.

Ten days later, Qin Ye walked out of the forbidden area with his broken body covered in blood and the head of the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord in his hand.

Countless people were shocked by this scene. At the same time, many forces that had a blood feud with Qin Ye took action. They surrounded Qin Ye who was on his last breath after the battle and wanted to kill him thoroughly, destroying his soul.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, did not fear at all. He fought with his life on the line, and under the encirclement of countless experts, he killed for seven days and seven nights.

A huge wheel covered the entire Heaven Realm, absorbing the corpses and blood of countless strong warriors, turning them into nourishment. Qin Ye did not hesitate as he took a step forward and threw himself into the wheel as well.

He was betting that he would be eternally trapped in the cycle of reincarnation and would never be able to recover from it. Luckily, Qin Ye succeeded.


Qin Ye was jolted out of his reminiscence. He looked up and saw a beautiful woman in her forties, wearing a coarse cloth skirt and a bamboo hairpin, leaning against the door frame and looking at him. Her eyes were slightly red and her face was haggard.

Qin Ye was stunned. Looking at the beautiful woman's haggard face, he could only feel a pinch on his nose as his lips trembled. Without any hesitation, he got down from the bed and kneeled down as if he was pushing a mountain of gold.


A hundred thousand years! This voice contained Qin Ye's hundred thousand years of obsession. At this moment, the obsession melted away and his thoughts became clear, turning into a deep belief. There was no second sage treasure that could allow him to live another life, so in this life, he would never allow tragedy to happen again!

The only way to become stronger was to be strong enough to protect his mother and sister from wind and rain!

Chu Qiushuang was startled for a moment. All this time, she had always felt a deep sense of guilt towards Qin Ye and his sister. She was originally the princess of Chu State, but Qin Chu was her mortal enemy.

She had seen Qin Ye's depression and inferiority complex, but there was nothing she could do. At this moment, her instincts as a mother made her acutely aware that Qin Ye seemed to be slightly different.

"Ye …" Sighing lightly, Chu Qiushuang stretched out her hands and helped Qin Ye up, giving Wu Tie a light hug as she shook her head, "You shouldn't have gone to the Zong Clan to seek justice for your mother. Mother has been here for so many years, and now that you've gotten used to it, you've actually received thirty lashes from the Zong Clan."

Qin Ye shook his head, feeling the burning pain from the whip marks on his body, killing intent flashed in his eyes, and then he said in a low voice: "Your son is useless, they are speaking ill of you behind your back, but I have no other choice, the Zong Residence and those people are like a small mountain between a mountain and a small lake! Mother, from today onwards, your son swears that he won't let you and Yue Er suffer even the slightest bit! I want to practice martial arts! "

Chu Qiushuang was stunned, as if she couldn't believe it.

"In the past few days, this child has understood a principle. Martial arts are revered!" If I am still muddleheaded and unambitious, I will always be inferior to others! Mother, your son wants … "Seize the throne!" As Qin Ye said the word 'direct', a wisp of black devilish fire flashed across his eyes and he licked his chapped lips.

"What?!" Chu Qiushuang covered her mouth with her hands. Her eyes were filled with extreme shock. She looked at Qin Ye and was speechless for a long time.

After a long while, Chu Qiushuang finally came back to her senses. She looked a little hesitant and then said to Qin Ye, "Mother is asking you. Do you know what the word 'direct' means?"

"I understand, but for you and Yue'er, I vow to fight for them!" Qin Ye and Chu Qiushuang looked at each other with determination.

"Mother originally only wanted to let you two siblings live a peaceful life, and then Mother would be satisfied." Chu Qiushuang stared into Qin Ye's eyes and shook her head with a sigh. She took out a pill from her chest and handed it over to Qin Ye.

"Second Rank Qi Restoring Pill?! Mother … "This is …" Qin Ye looked at the pill in surprise. He wanted to ask something, but was interrupted by Chu Qiushuang.

"Mom originally thought that I might never be able to use this pill for the rest of my life." Chu Qiushuang pulled up the hair by her ear with a complicated expression on her face, and said to Wu Tie: "Ye, eating this means that you have decided to step into the direct competition. If you don't eat it, Mother will bring you two siblings out of the Qin Clan, out of the Great Qin Nation! Find a paradise and live a peaceful life. "

Chu Qiushuang looked at Qin Ye with eyes full of love, "No matter what choice you make, Mother will always support you! Tomorrow morning, Mother will come to see you. "

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