Eternal Devil Emperor/C14 Underground Great City
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C14 Underground Great City
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C14 Underground Great City

No one had ever known where the tentacles of the Dark World extended to. There was a saying among the common people that during the day, the world would belong to the Great Qin Empire, and at night, the world would belong to darkness.

Naturally, the Great Qin felt very uncomfortable with such a force hiding in the darkness.

Every time the Great Qin Army obtained a clue and went into battle, they would try to completely destroy this Dark World, but they would always fail. Every few times, they would only be able to cut off a few small fish and small prawns.

The Great Qin was able to sweep through the six nations with ease, dominating the entire world. However, there was nothing he could do about the power hidden in the darkness. This made many of the survivors of the six nations and some of the foreign invaders who had always been enemies of the Great Qin Empire laugh.

Qin Ye clearly remembered that when the great calamity had befallen upon them in his previous life, after the destruction of the Great Wu, the world was thrown into chaos. The foreign tribes, survivors, rebels, refugees, and other forces all took action when they heard the news.

In this chaotic world, the Dark World did not cause any damage to one's bones, but instead, made one's life more comfortable. Their leader, the one called the Dark Emperor, became Qin Ye's father, after the Great Qin Emperor, the second person in the entire Eastern Lands to break through the shackles of martial arts, became the true number one expert.

Qin Ye even suspected that this person was behind the destruction of the Great Qin Empire.

In this place, only fists are the truth. As long as your strength is strong enough, you can obtain everything you want, and the weak ones have no right to live.

In fact, experts didn't need to pay any price in order to kill the weak. Everyone believed that it was a matter of course.

This was a world that was even more bloody than the law of the jungle. Here, the law of darkness was followed. This was hell, and this was also heaven!

In comparison to this place, in the Great Qin Empire, there were rules. Even if one's cultivation was high, they could not kill as they pleased. Moreover, if the rank of the opposing official was higher than yours, you would even have to lower your head to obey the orders.

This is the rule. Although there are times when the laws of the empire are useless before absolute power, at the very least, it is better than the bloody Law of Darkness.

"We're here." After walking for an unknown amount of time, the black-cloaked guide stopped and turned around to look at Qin Ye.

What appeared in front of Qin Ye was a huge underground city. Beneath the tall city gate, there was a stream of people, carriages, horses, and a great clamor. It was no different from the bustling cities of the Great Qin Empire.

"Such a huge city was probably built before the Great Qin Empire took over the world." Qin Ye sighed secretly. The Seven Nations had fought and fought for thousands of years, but none of the kings had ever noticed this dark force that quietly covered the entire East Continent. By the time they discovered any clues, it was already too late.

"Feng Ye, since you are clear about everything regarding the Dark World, I will bring you here." The guide stared at Qin Ye and stretched out his hand, rubbing it with his index finger.

"What do you mean?" Qin Ye frowned.

The guide was startled, and for the first time, intense emotions appeared in his eyes, as he said coldly: "The guide fee! You think I'm just bored and bored, that's why I'm telling you so much? "

"Oh, I remember that." Qin Ye smacked his head and suddenly came to a realization: "No wonder each and every one of you guides are so rich. Say it, how much is the tolling fee?"

The guide snorted and stretched out a finger.

"One tael of silver?" "It's nothing." Qin Ye smiled and took out a silver ingot from his pocket.

"Bullshit!" The guide was stunned for a moment before cursing loudly, completely devoid of manners: "Which eye of yours heard I said it was one tael of silver? "A low-grade true essence stone is not bad at all!"

Qin Ye's face froze and he said in disbelief: "What?" true essence stone?! "

"That's right!" "A low-grade true essence stone. Of course, you can also use a low-grade true essence stone to pay for it. But for the inferior ones, I want to take a hundred." The guide looked straight at Qin Ye.

Only by breaking through the Third Level of Martial Tao Stage could one be considered a true warrior. The energy that was condensed for the first time in a martial artist's dantian was known as martial arts true qi. As for true essence stones, they were naturally formed between the heaven and earth, rocks that contained energy.

At this time, if one could hold a true essence stone in one's hand and drive the true energy in the body of the martial artist to operate, then it would be able to build a solid foundation for the future of the martial artist.

True essence stones were divided into five grades: low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, and top-grade. A low-grade true essence stone was equal to 100 low-grade true essence stones, and a medium-grade true essence stone was equal to 100 low-grade true essence stones.

According to the rumors, on top of these top grade true essence stones, there was also an existence called true essence jade. But to most martial artists, this was just a noun that they would occasionally hear, something they had never seen before.

Within the Dark World, true essence stones were absolute hard currency. They could be used to pay for anything that could be bought.

In the Great Qin Nation's market, a low-grade true essence stone or 100 low-grade true essence stones were worth 100 silver taels, and they were priceless.

"You are only leading the way, yet you dare to ask for a low-grade true essence stone?" Robbery! " Qin Ye was stunned. All the silver taels he had were only around 70 to 80 taels, which was given to him by Chu Qiushuang before his departure.

The Skeleton Masked Man's eyes suddenly turned cold. He humphed and disdainfully said, "So you are a poor bastard. Since you don't have any true essence stones, you should use your life to pay for them!"

With that, he reached out a skinny hand from under the black robe towards Qin Ye.

"Wait, I indeed don't have any true essence stones, but I can give it a shot." Qin Ye didn't panic at all, nor did he dodge. Instead, he looked at the guide with an abnormally calm expression.

The guide was startled, his hands paused for a moment, and then suddenly laughed out loud. In the eyes of many warriors, when they saw the guide's attire, they immediately turned their heads, and did not dare to stay any longer. In the Dark World, other than the Dark Emperor's Underworld Guard, the people they should not offend, were the ones leading them.

"With just you? A mere peak First Level of Martial Tao Stage? "Ridiculous!" The guide stopped laughing and shouted angrily. He felt that his IQ had been humiliated by someone. Under his rage, he increased his strength and wanted to smack Qin Ye to death.

"A frog in the well." Qin Ye did not dodge. Instead, he sneered and shook his head. He stood still, but his eyes were full of ridicule.

When the withered hand was less than an inch away from Qin Ye's forehead, it stopped, bringing a breeze with it as it brushed against Qin Ye's hair.

"You have guts. I'm starting to get curious, on the path of no return, even the warriors of the Third Level of Martial Tao Stage can only protect themselves, what right do you have to say so arrogantly?" The guide looked at Qin Ye and regained his indifference.

"Based on this." Qin Ye smiled and took out the blood-red jade token. On it, there were two silver hook iron words painted in blood.

With that, Qin Ye shot a glance at him before walking away.

"Interesting, this is so interesting …" It's been a long time since I've met such an interesting little fellow. " The guide looked at Qin Ye's back and licked his lips. He let out a creepy and creepy smile and followed along.

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