Eternal Devil Emperor/C16 Special Tasks
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C16 Special Tasks
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C16 Special Tasks

This was not Qin Ye's first time in Heaven's End City. In his previous life, when he turned into a devil, he had already wandered around the city for a while and even stepped on the road of no return.

But this time, before the world descended into chaos, he came to this huge city where Dark World played an important role. Compared to the previous world, even though the number of experts in the current Heaven's End City was many, there weren't as many as the experts in this chaotic world.

"In this chaotic world, no one can avoid …" Qin Ye muttered to himself as he looked at the warriors walking on the street and the tall buildings.

"What did you say?" The guide was stunned.

"It's nothing. Take me to the Tribute Building. I want to take on a mission." Qin Ye shook his head and said to the guide.

"Accept the mission?" With your cultivation? " The guide was stunned again. Then, he recalled Qin Ye boasting about how he was going to fight his way back. He couldn't help but snort coldly: "Didn't you say you were going to fight his way back?"

"It's my business when you enter. Since you're the guide, you should do what you should and bring me to the bounty house."

"You …" Qin Ye's tone made the passersby a little mad. They couldn't help but want to throw a tantrum, but when they thought about the rule of not taking the initiative to attack, they still endured it and sneered: "If you dare to go back on your word, then don't blame me for being ruthless."

Saying that, he snorted and walked forward with large strides. He purposefully quickened his pace so as to embarrass Qin Ye.

Qin Ye didn't say a word. The faster the guide moved, the faster he moved. Qin Ye didn't say a word.

"This kid's physical strength is so strong." The guide turned around and glanced at Qin Ye. He was slightly surprised, but he was also determined to win. He spread out his legs and rushed forward with all his strength.

With this burst of power, the difference in cultivation appeared. Even though Qin Ye's physical strength was stronger than ordinary people, his physical strength was still enough to close the gap in cultivation. Gradually, he was left behind by the guide.

Seeing the figure of the guide disappearing in front of him and unable to catch up, Qin Ye slowed down his pace and admired the Heaven's End City, which was very different from the chaotic world.

After half an incense's time, Qin Ye finally saw the guide.

"You're walking too slowly." The guide smiled mockingly.

In front of him was a huge pavilion, and on the plaque in front of the pavilion, there were two large dancing words written in Loong Fei's handwriting: Reward, there are three blurry words written at the bottom. Qin Ye looked at them with all his might, but it was impossible for him to see them clearly, and after working hard for a while, he finally gave up.

"These two big words are the words written by the King of Heavenly End." The guide saw Qin Ye staring at the plaque and coldly snorted: "Brat, don't be rude to Pluto's work."

Qin Ye smiled. Just as he was about to enter, he was stopped by two guards at the door.

"I almost forgot." Qin Ye was suddenly enlightened. He took out a blood badge and waved it in front of the two guards.

"You can go in now." The two guards looked at each other, no longer stopping them. After the two entered, one of them sneered: "A mere First Level of Martial Tao Stage dares to come and accept missions, you are really reckless."

"He wants to die, what can you do about it?" The other person sneered and glanced at Qin Ye's back.

The Extreme Heaven City's Tribute Building had a total of thirteen floors. One to nine of them corresponded to different amounts of missions, and the four floors above were not open to the public.

All the missions from the first to the ninth are divided into four parts, and each one is divided into the upper, middle, and lower difficulty levels. With your cultivation, you can only take the lower level missions from the first level. The guide explained to Qin Ye.

The first floor of the bounty building was divided into five huge mission receiving areas. Each area represented the four level missions in heaven and earth, the Sky and Profound level and yellow level missions had very few warriors. In the black and yellow level mission areas, many warriors were crowded and very lively.

"There are special missions there. Warriors of any cultivation can accept them. Moreover, you can accept at least two of them at the same time." The guide saw Qin Ye looking at the fifth tunnel and sneered: "You want to take the mission there? Brat, I'm not the one who attacked you. Do you know why there's no one there? Because the missions that are posted there are either too difficult or too dangerous. With your cultivation … "Hehe."

"Let's go take a look." Qin Ye nodded and walked towards the special task area.

The guide shook his head and followed.

In the special mission area, there were only a few martial artists. Some of the martial artists only came to take a look out of curiosity, and after seeing the mission requirements, they all left without a word.

The girl who sat behind the counter in the task contact area was bored to death. She laid on the counter with a helpless look on her face. When she saw Qin Ye coming over, she only raised her eyelids and stopped paying attention to him.

"To step onto the road of no return, and to break through at least a distance of three hundred meters, one must not have a cultivation higher than the Sixth Level of Martial Tao Stage, and one must not be more than twenty years old in terms of bones. "Mission reward, one medium-grade true essence stone."

"The death match of the Heaven's End Death Arena, one hundred consecutive victories. "Completing the mission will reward you with 100 low-grade true essence stones."

"Pill Cauldron Pavilion's pill refiners have announced that they will be looking for martial artists with the ability to repair pill furnaces, and that they will be rewarded with a heaven-step VIP card. In the future, they will be able to purchase pills and medicines at a 30% discount, and be awarded with 100 low-grade true essence stones."

If the formation can be restored to normal, the reward will be a Treasure House level VIP card. In the future, I will discount the price of the treasure by three times and hire him as a guest cultivator of the formation, giving him a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Divine Weapon, a time limit of two days!

… ….

"There are only these few missions?" Qin Ye took a look. Unlike the other regions, there were only four missions here. Furthermore, the rewards for each mission were not small, making him salivate.

"You think it's not enough? Do you dare to take one? If you cannot complete the mission, you will have to pay a price. If you are not careful, your life will be lost, otherwise, why do you think that no one would dare to accept such generous rewards? " The guide laughed mockingly and said to Qin Ye, "Come with me to the yellow level mission area."

Qin Ye pondered for a moment, with his current bottleneck, if he were to train by himself, it would probably take him half a year, or even longer, to break through. However, by that time, the yellow flower had already turned cold, and the Sacrifice Ceremony had started after three months.

And if he had these true essence stones as support in his cultivation, he would definitely be able to increase his strength as fast as possible before the Sacrifice Ceremony.

"I will take all four missions!" Qin Ye hit the counter and stunned the woman. He raised his head as if he was still in a deep sleep and muttered, "What?"

Qin Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He could only repeat: "I said, I will accept all four of these missions!"

"What!?" "You …" The girl finally woke up and looked at Qin Ye in disbelief.

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