Eternal Devil Emperor/C17 Hand-to-hand Infantry
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C17 Hand-to-hand Infantry
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C17 Hand-to-hand Infantry

The guide swallowed his saliva and pushed Qin Ye away: "Are you crazy? This is the Auction House, a colossus with Treasure House just like the Pill Cauldron Pavilion. If you want to court death, don't drag me down with you. "

Qin Ye was very clear-headed. Of course, he knew what these three forces meant. Eight words were enough to summarize the three families.

The Tribute Pavilion, the Pill Cauldron Pavilion and the Treasure House. These three forces had been rooted in the East Continent for thousands of years, and practically all the larger cities in the Nine Prefectures had branches of these three forces. Even outside the wastelands of the Nine Prefectures, the foreign races and Dark World all had traces of these three powers.

They never participated in any conflicts in the world and only did business. Furthermore, the three factions each had a large amount of tax flowing into the national treasury of the Great Qin. It was also because of this that the Seven Nations and the Great Qin did not take action against the three factions.

"I remember you saying that no matter how many missions I take, it won't be a problem." Qin Ye looked at him with a pair of calm eyes.

"I did. "But …" The guide was tongue-tied, but was interrupted by Qin Ye.

"Then it's over. Help me settle the formalities, thank you." Qin Ye turned his head and said to the woman behind the counter.

The lady behind the counter glanced at Qin Ye and took a deep breath. She waved her hand and said coldly, "You are going the wrong way. That is the yellow level mission receiving area."

"No, like I said, I want to take these four missions." Qin Ye shook his head and pointed at the mission board.

"If you make any more trouble, I'll get someone to kick you out." The girl behind the counter frowned and got angry. She was already depressed today, but now she met Qin Ye, who was making trouble for her. Anger instantly rose in her heart.

"Is this how your bounty house does business?" Qin Ye's eyes narrowed as his gaze gradually turned cold. At this moment, the guide quietly retreated to the side. He sneered and hid to the side to watch a good show. He did not want to cause a fire to burn inside of him.

"Guards! Where are the guards? Throw that troublesome fellow out!" The woman was so angry that she started laughing. She slammed the counter and shouted towards the door.

This commotion immediately attracted a lot of warriors to come and spectate. Everyone was discussing who was so daring to cause trouble in the Tribute Building. Could it be that they were going to lose their lives?

The originally quiet and special mission area was now crowded with many candidates, forming a circle and watching the scene with interest.

"Out of the way, all of you, get out of the way! Who dares to cause trouble here after eating a leopard's guts!" The guards at the door heard the commotion and rushed in. They pushed through the crowd and shouted.

"It's you?" When the two guards saw Qin Ye, they were stunned. One of them said coldly: "Are you the one causing trouble here?"

"That's right, he's the one causing trouble. Hurry up and chase him out." The woman behind the counter sneered and looked at Qin Ye with her arms crossed.

The two guards coldly snorted, walking forward, "Should we make a move, or should you climb out yourself?"

"As expected of the Bounty Hall. Your shop is bullying its customers. Is your reputation for the past thousand years already so cheap?" Qin Ye laughed in ridicule. Without even looking at the two guards, he said coldly, "If you want to make a move, then do it."

The two guards looked at each other. One of them grinned. "Good. You are courting death. You can't blame us."

As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them surrounded Qin Ye one after the other. They raised the pikes in their hands and one of them chose Qin Ye's back. The other one stabbed towards Qin Ye's Dantian.

It was a killing move. There was no leeway left!

"Two Third Level of Martial Tao Stage s, although I cannot win in a battle, I have more than enough strength to protect myself." In a moment of crisis, Qin Ye was even calmer. He secretly estimated the strength of both sides and then twisted his body, barely dodging the two blades of light.

"Hmm?" The two guards frowned. One of them said, "This kid is a bit lucky. Let's finish him quickly and kill him."

The duo bellowed as they swept the spears in their hands, causing the wind to howl, causing everyone's hearts to turn cold.

Qin Ye's face darkened. He stomped hard on the ground and activated the Ancient Devil Art in his dantian. Both of his hands shot out to grab the two spears.

"A kid from the First Level of Martial Tao Stage actually dared to grab a weapon from the Third Level of Martial Tao Stage with his bare hands, it's really funny!" The two guards let out a sneer at the same time and added some strength.

"This boy is too unwise. He knows that his cultivation is low, yet he still dares to speak words of provocation. He simply doesn't know death."

"Are you crazy? He actually used his hands to grab two spears!"

"To the left and right, there is only an ant from the First Level of Martial Tao Stage. Do you even know where we are?"

The surrounding fighters were all discussing and looking at Qin Ye with eyes full of disdain and ridicule.

"What a pity about my Body Refinement Ointment." The guide hid in the crowd and secretly shook his head. He turned around and was about to leave. He felt that Qin Ye was dead for sure, and the dead had no value at all.

"Bang Bang!"

Two muffled sounds rang in the crowd's ears at the same time. Qin Ye held onto a long spear with one hand and stood still. However, his face was slightly pale.

"What!" The two guards' eyes were filled with disbelief. The boy in front of them, was clearly only First Level of Martial Tao Stage.

"How is this possible? He actually caught it?"

"Hehe, the guards of the Hall of Alchemy are getting more and more trashy these years. As a Third Level of Martial Tao Stage Ranker, even a First Level of Martial Tao Stage Martial Disciple could receive their weapons with his bare hands."

"Just watch, this kid is dead. No one can save him!"

"This child can also be considered a genius. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what's good for him."

The two guards' faces turned red and white, they panted heavily, completely enraged by Qin Ye. If they couldn't even deal with a First Level of Martial Tao Stage's disciple, what face would they have to stay in the Tribute Pavilion?

The two of them looked at each other, then they let go of the spears in their hands. With a roar, they attacked Qin Ye. The two forces, one in front and one behind, didn't give Qin Ye any chance.

"Has he finally used his full strength?" Qin Ye licked his lips, a trace of killing intent also appeared in his eyes. The God Slaying Diagram in his chest was slightly burning, and a bloodthirsty thirst boiled in Qin Ye's bones.

"Go to hell!"

All of the surrounding martial artists widened their eyes, their faces full of excitement. They were about to see blood, they didn't want to miss a single scene, even though the big chance was that this reckless brat in front of them had died in the hands of the guards.

"The young master of Demonic Sect, Sect Master —"

A loud voice came from the door, making the surrounding martial artists dazed. Then, a team of 10 or so Dark Guards guarded the door of the bounty pavilion. A middle-aged man and a youth with a cold and arrogant face walked in.

"That is... Heaven's End City's Tribute Hall's Shopkeeper Liu. I never thought that Demonic Young Lord would have such a great reputation, to actually alarm him. "

"Nonsense, Shopkeeper Liu is just the shopkeeper of the building. The Sky Devil Sect Master is someone who is on par with the Head Shopkeeper of the Main Tower, and this Young Lord will be the successor of the Sky Devil Sect Master. Even if Shopkeeper Liu wants to hug someone, he can't reach him."

While the warriors were talking, they glanced at Qin Ye from time to time, wanting to know what the bounty keeper would do with it.

"Young Sect Master, I'm honored to be here. I'm honored to have you here. May I know why young Sect Master is here?"

"This young master only came here to issue a mission." Demonic Young Lord said plainly with his hands behind his back.

Shopkeeper Liu was a bit surprised and asked: "What kind of mission would require Young Sect Master to come personally?"

Demonic Young Lord glanced at him and said, "After I announce it, the shopkeeper will naturally know. If you are interested, you can also pick it up. Once it is completed, the reward will be great."

"Young Sect Master must be joking. These missions should still be done by these juniors." Manager Liu laughed and accompanied Demonic Young Lord to the special task area.

At this moment, the special mission area could be said to be extremely lively. Even Manager Liu was a bit dumbfounded as this was the first time he had seen so many martial artists gathered in the special mission. He couldn't help but feel curious.

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