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Eternal Devil Emperor/C19 That's It
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C19 That's It

"He's dead for sure this time, he actually provoked a fellow with Fourth Level of Martial Tao Stage."

"That might not be the case. Didn't you see how scary that brat was just now? Killing people is like chopping vegetables. Not even blinking once. Laozi isn't even as calm as him when it comes to slaughtering chickens."

"Although Shopkeeper Liu is a merchant, his strength should be at the 5th level of the Martial Dao. Why didn't he personally take him down?"

"Manager Liu is a decent man, how could he possibly be involved in such matters? If he could use money, then it wouldn't be a problem."

Everyone looked at each other and began laughing in tacit understanding.

"I never thought that I would be so valuable. 50 low-grade true essence stones, even I want to kill myself." Qin Ye looked at Shopkeeper Liu with ridicule. He shook the spear in his hand and pointed it at the warrior in front of him: "Make your move."

"Humph!" The warrior grinned as he pulled out the big blade on his back. He shouted angrily and a white blade-light slowly appeared on the tip of the blade.

"Saber Qi! It's actually Saber Qi!" "Only by channeling zhen qi can he be released. It seems like this person's blade qi is already half an inch away. It seems like he has already reached the small success stage in his zhen qi cultivation. I wonder how many zhen qi he has."

"This kid finally met his opponent. The blade aura is not comparable to the Hundred stages Divine Fist. Its speed is extremely fast and can be said to be unavoidable. Now let's see what his movement technique can do."

Qin Ye was wearing a mask, so his expression couldn't be seen. His eyes were calm and expressionless.

"KILL —!"

The warrior roared and ruthlessly chopped out a blade attack. The blade attack was sharp enough to shatter the air and directly chopped towards Qin Ye.

Qin Ye stood still. The moment the blade was about to hit him, he stretched out his right fist and punched it!


As the two of them collided, there was a crisp sound of collision. Qin Ye's fist astonishingly revealed a deep bloody wound as blood kept dripping from it. However, the saber Qi had already disappeared without a trace.

"Is this your saber Qi? It's only so-so!" Even though it is fast and extremely sharp, it is a pity that it is too weak and can only harm my skin. " Qin Ye retracted his fist and lightly said, "That saber energy of yours was full of impurities, and it was extremely complex. I assume that you were training everyday and used a secondary grade true essence stone to nurture your true energy."

"What!?" This … "How is this possible!?"

"Was it my imagination? He's actually using his fists to automatically collide against saber Qi? "

"Damn, is this guy really not from a demon clan or Barbarian Clan?"

Everyone was taken aback by this scene. Even Manager Liu was no exception. He looked at Qin Ye in disbelief, his eyes full of horror.

"Go, investigate this person's background and background. Ben Young Lord is very interested in him." Demonic Young Lord said in a soft voice. The person behind him responded with a low voice, then quickly left.

"Now, it's my turn!" Qin Ye licked his lips and looked at the warrior in front of him.

The warrior was shocked. He had just reacted when he looked up and saw an extremely sharp beam of light rushing towards him. He felt an intense pain in his abdomen. The tremendous force carried his body and nailed him to the wall.

"Ah--!" The intense pain and fear of losing his life caused him to involuntarily cry out. His face was as pale as paper and sweat fell like rain onto the ground.

Your true qi may be mixed, but with the support of your true qi, your strength has far surpassed mine. If you were to engage in close combat with me, then perhaps I would have already died at this moment. You did not lose to me, but you lost to your caution, using your own weaknesses to attack my long blade.

As Qin Ye said this, he walked step by step to the side of that warrior and coldly said, "Seeing you in such pain, I will send you off. I hope you remember in your next life that even if the money is good, you still have to live to take it!"

"Hold on!" A voice sounded. It was Demonic Young Lord.

A huge stream of heat instantly spread throughout his body, and a breaking sound came from his body. Qin Ye clearly felt that the bottleneck that had trapped him for so many days had been completely broken at this moment. Right now, he had 100% confidence that he could use the Hundred stages Divine Fist.

The current him was no different from an ordinary Third Level of Martial Tao Stage. In fact, he might even surpass it.

"I told you to stop, why did you kill him!?" Demonic Young Lord gritted his teeth as he glared at Qin Ye.

"If you tell me to stop, then I'll stop. Wouldn't that be very embarrassing? What's more, since I promised to give this old friend a ride, why would young Sect Master stop me?" Qin Ye smiled, turned around and met Demonic Young Lord's gaze without the slightest fear.

Demonic Young Lord was surprised for a moment and then coldly said, "You're not afraid of me?"

"Looking at your cultivation, you definitely won't exceed Fourth Level of Martial Tao Stage. At such a close distance, as long as I don't hesitate to pay any price, I have complete confidence in killing you. Why should I be afraid of you?" Qin Ye smiled and said plainly.

"How dare you! How dare you be disrespectful to Young Master Wu!" Manager Liu scolded Qin Ye.

Qin Ye glanced at him, then retracted his smile, and coldly said: "When did Manager Liu leave the bounty pavilion and join Demonic Sect?"

"You …" Manager Liu's face turned red and he almost choked to death when he heard Qin Ye's words.

"Enough! "What's your name?" Demonic Young Lord waved and looked at Qin Ye.

Qin Ye looked at Demonic Young Lord and said lightly, "The name is just a code name, and the identity is also just a disguise. Young Sect Master, is what I said right?"

Demonic Young Lord was surprised for a moment, facing Qin Ye's eyes, he actually felt a bit guilty, and thought to himself: "Could it be that this person saw through it? Impossible! Aside from his father, no one could see that this child was only putting on an act.

Qin Ye turned around and smiled to the lady behind the counter, "Now, can I take on the task?"

"But... "Sure!" The woman behind the counter shivered all over, her teeth chattering non-stop. Thinking about how she had offended such a person who would kill without blinking an eye, she felt a chill in her heart and wished that she could escape from here.

The woman trembled as she completed the formalities for Qin Ye. Then, she handed the blood plate back to Qin Ye. Qin Ye smiled and said: "Thank you."

"You accepted a mission?" Demonic Young Lord asked.

"That's right, what else do you think I'm doing in this crappy place?" Qin Ye glanced at Manager Liu. The ridicule in his eyes was self-evident.

Demonic Young Lord nodded and suddenly said: "I also have an assignment I want to post. If you are interested, you can accept it as well."

"Oh? "Tell me about it." Qin Ye looked at him. Right now, as long as it was a task that he could earn expensive pills and ointments, he was willing to do it.

"The daughter of the Emperor of the Underworld, my fiancee, disappeared three days ago. I have come here to issue a special mission and whoever can provide any clues will be rewarded with 100 low-grade true essence stones. If you can find the princess, you will be rewarded with 5 medium-grade true essence stones and a Thousand Refined Divine Weapon.

"Fiancée?" Qin Ye looked at him strangely and smiled: "As expected of the Emperor of the Underworld, his moves are generous. I will accept this mission."

"I have the guts to ask young Sect Master. If I fail the mission, will there be a punishment?" A fighter in the crowd asked.

"There are no failures to this mission. However, once you find Her Highness the Princess, the mission will instantly fail. You can all try it." Demonic Young Lord glanced at him and said lightly.

Qin Ye successfully accepted the mission. As a result, he had five tasks in his hands, and once each task was completed, it would represent a large amount of resources for him.

"How many missions did he take?" Shopkeeper Liu's face was gloomy as he looked at the woman behind the counter.

The woman at the counter hesitated for a moment and weakly said, "All four missions were accepted by him …"

"What!" Shopkeeper Liu sucked in a breath of cold air, and then snorted: "Truly a madman, there's no need to care about him. He's dead for sure, and other than errors, Treasure House and Pill Cauldron Pavilion will not let him off!"

Demonic Young Lord, who was at the side, had a trace of brilliance in his eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking.

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