Eternal Devil Emperor/C2 Ancient Devil Art
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C2 Ancient Devil Art
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C2 Ancient Devil Art

"Mother … "How do you know that ten years from now, there will be no such thing as a paradise after the great calamity …"

Qin Ye was almost certain that as long as he consumed it now, he would be able to immediately break through to the second stage of martial arts. There was even hope for him to break through to the Third Level of Martial Tao Stage and become a true warrior!

On this pellet, there was a faint Emperor's Qi. If it was anyone else, they would not even be able to detect it. However, Qin Ye was different. Under the Demon Emperor's gaze, this Emperor's Qi could not be hidden.

"Royal Father... Is that you? " At the same time, in the depths of the Nine Layer Imperial Palace, a domineering figure wearing a black dragon imperial robe opened his eyes at almost the same time. He cast his gaze in Qin Ye's direction, and after a moment, his eyelids slightly twitched as he closed his eyes.

"Since you've decided to enter the struggle for the throne, what is there to hesitate about?" Qin Ye's eyes were burning. He tilted his head and swallowed the pill.

The moment the pill entered Qin Ye's stomach, he felt a wave of hot air rise from his Dantian and cover his entire body. In just a few seconds, Qin Ye was drenched in sweat.

"It's time..." The two pitch black demonic flames in Qin Ye's eyes trembled, and slowly floated up from his pupils, turning into a giant demonic character. It stopped in front of Qin Ye, and then, this character suddenly turned into a ten feet tall gigantic flame, wrapping him up.

Since ancient times, Demonic Path had never been seen by anyone. Everyone talked about changing the color of their demon and feared them like tigers, but who would have known, that it was only a fake demon.

The real Demonic Path, can swallow the heavens and swallow the earth, proud and unyielding, can do as it pleases, freely and freely as it pleases! Those who committed evil, killed, drank blood, and slaughtered innocents, all wore the clothes of a Demonic Path, concealing the evil that was in their heart.

In his previous life, after Qin Ye killed the Nine Hell Heaven Lord, he didn't only get the reincarnation disk, but also this ancient demon character. This was an ancient character. It was unknown how much time had passed since then.

Legend has it that in the Ancient Desolation Era, there were Hundred Saints, and this word came from that distant time and place. The moment the Reincarnation Spell was destroyed, the endless power of reincarnation destroyed the word 'Demon', allowing Qin Ye to obtain its hidden secrets.

This demonic character had a cultivation method called "Ancient Desolation Devil Arts" recorded in it. And the thing that made Qin Ye most excited was that there was a method to become a saint within it.

Demonic Path Extreme, Flesh Sage, Indestructible, Indestructible!

Qin Ye couldn't help but think of the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord. If he guessed correctly, the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord planned to reap all life from the Heaven Realm the moment he couldn't withstand the tribulation, and use the power of countless lives to open the Samsara Plate, and then live another life to cultivate the « Ancient Devil Arts »?

However, it's a pity that a person's calculations are not as good as a god's plan. Everything that the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord had done was for Qin Ye to marry him.

Beads of sweat the size of beans constantly fell, but were evaporated instantly by the demonic flames surrounding Qin Ye's body. Qin Ye tightly clenched his teeth, enduring the pain of the demonic flames tempering his body.

At this moment, every inch of his skin, every inch of his skin, every inch of his bones, and every single part of his internal organs were all being roasted by this demonic flame.

"Boom —!"

Qin Ye only felt an explosive sound in his ears as a majestic flow of Qi rushed out of the mountain pass in his dantian and completed the first major circulation in his body.

This is a leap, a leap from ordinary people to martial artists!" From this moment onwards, Qin Ye set foot on a road full of blood, darkness and cruelty. Below his feet was a mountain of bones, with the end ending reaching the nine heavens!

The pain increased tenfold in that instant. Even Qin Ye's willpower felt his consciousness blur. His ears buzzed as if he had fallen into an Unbroken Purgatory!

His meridians were being pulled, his skin was being roasted, his bone marrow was boiling, and his blood energy was roaring. Even his soul was suffering from the roasting of the demonic flames.

However, Qin Ye was different. He clenched his teeth, and his face became as pale as a sheet, without uttering a single word. The hundred thousand years of Demonic Path cultivation, and the hundred thousand years of life and death experience, had long tempered his heart to the point that it was extremely tough, and could not be shaken by any pain anymore!

Ren Er was shocked by the billowing waves, but I remained motionless like a mountain!

"The First Level of Martial Tao Stage, let me see what other secrets are hidden within this devil word!" Even though Qin Ye's physical body was in pain, his consciousness was still conscious. His mind slightly stirred as he once again activated the Ancient Desolation Demonic Technique.

The ancient "demon" character completely shattered into a painting scroll and slowly unfurled in front of Qin Ye's eyes.

"The devil …"

An incredibly ancient sigh, as if it came from the billions of years of tribulation, reverberated in Qin Ye's mind and lingered on for a long time.

"This is …" Qin Ye's pupils contracted as the veins on the back of his hand bulged like a branch.

In a trance, Qin Ye felt as if he was right in front of him, and in front of him, a giant god with a godly body that was hundreds of millions of feet tall stood in the middle of the world. In a trance, Qin Ye felt as if he was right in front of him, in front of him, a giant god with a godly body that was hundreds of millions of feet tall stood in the middle of the world.

"Lord! And it's a Heavenly Monarch whose cultivation has surpassed the third level of tribulation! " Qin Ye was shocked, what kind of concept was tribulation's Heavenly Monarch? In the Heaven Realm, there were four words that were widely spread, "Saint of the Nine Tribulations"!

In Qin Ye's previous life, the Nine Hell Heavenly Lord that he killed was just a newly ascended Heavenly Lord that had only reached the Heavenly Lord Realm over a hundred thousand years ago. He hadn't even passed through a Heavenly Lord tribulation.

And there was only one Three Calamity Heavenly Lord in the entire Heaven Realm. As for the Sky Monarchs of the third tribulation and above, they had never appeared in the Heaven Realm before.

"That is …" Qin Ye's mind suddenly trembled. On the giant god's chest, there was a huge hole. He could vaguely see a few stars surrounded it. At the edge of the hole, there were a few faint traces of black demon aura.

'Just one attack was enough to kill a tribulation, or even an even stronger Celestial Monarch. Just what kind of person has such powerful strength? Could he be a legendary Saint? ' Qin Ye looked at the big hole and muttered to himself.

"This map has no name. From now on, I'll call you《 God Slaying Diagram》!" Qin Ye calmed his heart down, his heart was in the sky, his Qi was deep in his dantian, and he was holding his spirit as he stared at the painting.

The visualization of objects, the drawing of Qi to refine the body, this was a step that every martial artist had to go through, and Qin Ye's visualization of objects was this diagram.

The devil fire grilled every inch of Qin Ye's soul flesh and blood, plus the power of the second stage Qi Restoring Pill surged and attacked within his body. Under the combination of the two forces, it continuously refined Qin Ye's skin, bones, and even his soul, pushing his cultivation to an even higher realm!

"He's already at the peak of the First Level of Martial Tao Stage?" Qin Ye felt the change in his realm and frowned. Without hesitation, he forcefully suppressed his cultivation that was on the verge of a breakthrough. The Qi Restoring Pill carried a huge amount of Qi and blood and wanted to break through this suppression, but it was tightly suppressed.

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