Eternal Devil Emperor/C20 Ahead of the Road of No Return
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C20 Ahead of the Road of No Return
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C20 Ahead of the Road of No Return

"I can temporarily put aside the two missions of the Pill Cauldron Pavilion and Treasure House. I must break through to the second stage of the Martial Dao as soon as possible." Qin Ye was very clear about his future plans: "The path of no return is indeed a good place to break through."

"Wait, boy, wait for me."

The guide's voice came from behind Qin Ye. Qin Ye turned a deaf ear to it and continued to walk forward. He even quickened his pace.

"Brat, I told you to wait, are you deaf!?" The guide let out a cold snort and walked in front of Qin Ye, blocking Qin Ye's path.

"Didn't you leave? "Why did you come with me?" Qin Ye stopped and looked at him coldly.

"Cough cough …" "I …" The guide was surprised for a moment and smiled in embarrassment. He wanted to explain something, but Qin Ye sneered and went around him, continuing to walk forward.

The guide only felt a burning expression on his face. He was embarrassed and angrily said, "Don't forget, you still owe me three low-grade true essence stones!"

Qin Ye stopped walking and said indifferently: "I will definitely pay you back for what I owe you. You don't have to worry about that. However, you don't have to lead me on this road. I can't afford it." With that said, he took large strides and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

"This kid is not going back?" The guide looked at the direction Qin Ye left in and frowned. He snorted and followed Qin Ye.

The path of no return was a path, but in reality, it was a terrifying sword mark. It was unknown which supreme expert's sword attack was so powerful that it seemed as though it had ripped a huge gash in the ground.

This path was filled with an incomparably sharp sword aura. Anyone who stepped on this path would be minced by the sword aura that filled the sky if they were to be careless for a moment. As a result, they were known as the "home" path.

Although it was very dangerous, there were countless martial artists coming after them at every moment. It wasn't that they didn't know of the dangers, but there was an irresistible temptation.

One had to know that if one could withstand the sword energy that filled the sky, then they could use sword energy to temper their body. Moreover, on this road, every 500 feet, countless sword energies would gather together and form five or six drops of sword energy liquid. The effects of tempering one's body with this sort of liquid were even better than the body tempering pills that were used to temper one's body.

It was precisely because he occupied this enormous treasury that Heavenly End City became an existence that was second only to Dark Imperial City in Dark World, firmly being the first of the four main cities, and Heavenly End King himself sitting firmly in the position of the strongest expert under the Emperor of the Underworld.

The entire Heaven's End City was located in a huge barrier underground and the barrier itself was broken. The path of no return extended outwards from the boundary, and no one knew where the end of the barrier ended.

No one knew how long the path of no return was. It was said that the Dark Emperor had once walked on the road of no return, walked for more than 90,000 feet, and was no longer able to explore. When he returned, he was heavily injured and vomited blood.

Countless warriors were gathered at the edge of the barrier around the Heaven's End City. Qin Ye was mixed in with the crowd, and even though they were several hundred zhang away, they could still feel the sharp sword qi coming at them.

"This is a sword mark made by a martial artist who has broken through the limits of martial arts, broken through the shackles of the Heavenly Dao, and stepped out of the true Sword Truth. But, why is this sword qi so powerful?" The Sword Qi of the Road of No Return, in my impression, does not even have a tenth of the power in front of me... " Qin Ye muttered as he felt the sword aura stabbing into his face.

The Road of No Return had been recorded for thousands of years as having evidence to prove it. In that era, there were no seven countries, only a strong dynasty called the Great Zhou.

The few remaining ancient books had recorded this era where the martial way was incomparably prosperous. The Great Zhou Empire wielded all the power in the four seas, dominating all directions, and submitting to the foreign forces.

Zhou Tianzi was even more so split up into the world, and it was rumored that there were more than eight hundred dukes.

In that era, only peerless experts who had broken through the limits of their martial arts and stepped onto the true Great Dao could hold the position of a marquis. This sword mark was the best proof of that.

Now, thousands of years had passed and the world's spirit energy had dried up. In addition, the Seven Nations had fought with each other for thousands of years, causing some of the inheritances to be cut off. In the entire Eastern Lands, only the Nine Prefectures Martial Saint had managed to break through his shackles.

Just a single sword strike was able to break through the barrier of this Heaven's End City, leaving behind a sword scar that would last for thousands of years. I'm afraid he's almost an Immortal Deity. "

Several thousand years ago, there was no such thing as Heaven's End City, and this barrier is also an extraordinary thing. Back then, when the Great Emperor of the Underworld came to Heaven's End City, he was able to attack the barrier continuously for two hours without stopping.

"Hehe, this path of no return is not only as good as the liquid sword energy. According to rumours, at the end of the path of no return, there is also the inheritance of this supreme expert. This path of no return is only an old man's test for us."

As soon as these words were spoken, the eyes of those warriors who saw the path of no return for the first time immediately lit up, and they swallowed their saliva. However, when they saw the sword beams filling the sky, many people unhappily sighed.

"A bunch of trash dares to even dream of inheriting the inheritance of a powerful person? If there really was any inheritance, they would have already been taken away by Qin Emperor. How would it still be your turn?" A cold laughter rang out from the crowd, drawing the attention of the crowd.

A youth dressed in white walked out of the crowd with a sword in his hand, not caring about the fact that he had offended many people with his words. His eyes were filled with a cold arrogance as he said coldly: "You don't even have a cultivation level of Fourth Level of Martial Tao Stage, what else could you be other than trash?"

The reputation of a warrior was very important. Being bullied into becoming trash made many people angry. Seven warriors stood out from the crowd and surrounded him, looking up and down at this person who spoke rudely with ill intentions.

"You killed him and now you dare to insult us? You are truly reckless!"

"So what if you have Fourth Level of Martial Tao Stage? I don't believe that he can beat so many of us. "

"A bunch of trash want to kill me?" Seeing that he was surrounded, the warrior with the sword looked around and his eyes became cold.


A clear sword hum resounded in everyone's ears, and immediately after, everyone only felt a cold light flash past their eyes, causing them to feel pain in their eyes. When their vision recovered and they looked back at the battlefield, the crowd was completely silent.

The young man was still standing there with the sword in his hands, his eyes filled with pride, as though he had never moved before.

As for the seven people who had surrounded the martial artist, without exception, they fell to the ground. There was a long trail of blood running down their necks, and the air was filled with the smell of blood.

"I... I remember, he seems to be. Arrogant... Pride Sword … "Su …" A martial artist's pupils constricted and he took half a step back. He looked at the young man holding the sword and said with a trembling voice.

He was only at the peak of the Sixth Level of Martial Tao Stage half a year ago. Judging from this sword strike, his cultivation must have made another breakthrough just now, and this person is from Jing Nan's Su Family. With his fast sword, he is able to look down on his peers, and it is difficult for him to meet his match.

"So it is Young Noble Su. We have eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai. We have offended Young Noble, please forgive us."

The group of warriors cupped their hands together, and the anger from before disappeared without a trace. Several female warriors in the crowd secretly sent them away, hoping to attract Su Mubai's attention.

"Hmph, trash is trash." Su Mubai had a cold expression on his face as he closed his eyes, completely ignoring the flattery.

"Demonic Young Lord —"

A loud voice broke the crowd's enthusiasm. With a team of Underworld Guards leading the way, the martial artists all opened up a wide space.

"Young Lord, this is the road of no return." Beside Demonic Young Lord, an old man with white hair and a beard had appeared. He was stroking his white beard as he laughed.

"What sharp sword Qis. I have long heard of the fame of the Road of No Return. Today, I finally see them again. They are indeed extraordinary." Demonic Young Lord's eyes were filled with emotions as he looked around. He suddenly smiled and said to the old man, "Uncle Li, I've met an interesting person. I'll introduce him to you later."

"Oh? "Interesting person?" The old man raised his eyebrows and smiled. "What kind of hero can enter the eyes of Young Lord?"

Demonic Young Lord smiled without replying and walked towards Su Mubai, who was dressed in white clothes.

"Demonic Young Lord is recruiting Su Mubai."

"Apart from that heavyweight from the Great Qin Empire, in the top ten sects of the Nine Prefectures, his Demonic Sect is ranked third among the top ten sects. If Demonic Young Lord were to personally recruit him, Su Mubai would definitely agree."

"That's right, although his Demonic Sect cannot compare up to that of the Zong Clan's, the members of the Zong Clan still have to swear their loyalty and swear their loyalty to the Qin Empire. For elites like Ao Jian, it's better to die rather than to be free. Demonic Sect is his best choice."

"This is really enviable. Many people trying to force their way into Demonic Sect cannot be obtained just by breaking their heads, but Su Mubai was personally recruited by Young Master Wu. This difference, tsk tsk …"

Even Su Mubai himself, had a hint of passion in his eyes. If Jing Nan's Su Family could reach the level of Demonic Sect, it could be said that he would have a huge backer for the family. For himself, in the future, he could have a very good bargaining chip.

Seeing Demonic Young Lord walk in front of him, Wu Tie lightly coughed. The cold arrogance on his face changed to a smile as he slightly bowed and said: "Jing Nan Su Family Su Mubai, see …."

Before he finished his sentence, Demonic Young Lord had already brushed past Su Mubai without even casting a glance at him.

"Gulp …" His face turned red, he swallowed his saliva and stood up straight. He was not able to keep bending over like this the entire time, it could be said that he was in a dilemma. At this moment, he wished he could faint on the spot.

The warriors looked at each other in confusion.

"After we parted at the Tribute Pavilion, we met again on the road of no return. Sir, it seems like fate has brought us together." Demonic Young Lord stood still with a smile on his face as he looked at Qin Ye, who was squeezed into the crowd.

"It can't be... One... First Level of Martial Tao Stage? "

"In Demonic Young Lord's eyes, Su Mubai is even inferior to a First Level of Martial Tao Stage?"

The warriors were dumbstruck. Countless eyes immediately focused on Qin Ye, making him the focal point of the entire road of no return.

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