Eternal Devil Emperor/C3 Qin's Moon
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C3 Qin's Moon
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C3 Qin's Moon

"If I were to break through now, it would indeed be possible for me to break through the Third Level of Martial Tao Stage. The quality of this Qi Restoring Pill that Mother gave me is too good. However, that is not what I want. No matter how high my cultivation is, if my foundation is not solid, then it will just be like floating clouds. "

Qin Ye was well aware of how important a martial arts foundation was. One of the reasons why he was unable to break through to the Heavenly Monarch realm in his previous life, was because his foundation had improved too quickly.

In just two hours, Qin Ye had suppressed a total of nine breakthroughs and firmly held his cultivation at the peak of the First Level of Martial Tao Stage, infinitely nearing the second stage of the Martial Dao.

"Phew —" At this moment, the devilish flames surrounding Qin Ye gradually dissipated, and the Qi Restoring Pill in his body had been exhausted. Everything returned to normal.

"God Slaying Diagram" turned into a ray of dim light and rushed into Qin Ye's chest. Qin Ye felt his heart heat up. He looked down and saw a pitch black Black Dragon with five claws flying in the air. It was coiled on his chest, looking very lifelike.

Qin Ye raised his head and looked outside the window. The sky had already turned white, and a hint of red appeared in the sky. The current Qin Ye was completely naked, and his clothes were all turned into ashes by the demonic flame.

After changing into a new set of clothes, Qin Ye got off the bed, opened the door and stepped into the yard.

"Boom!" Standing in the yard, Qin Ye suddenly punched to the side. A fist imprint appeared on a tree ten steps away.

"Peak of First Level of Martial Tao Stage, strength, two hundred and twenty catties, strength, two qilins!" "His actual combat strength is equivalent to a late stage of the second stage of martial arts." In the instant Qin Ye was about to punch, he knew his current strength, a look of determination flashed past his eyes: "Peak of First Level of Martial Tao Stage can unleash the Ten Stage God Fist, it's not bad, but, it's still not enough, my goal is to reach the peak of the First Level of Martial Tao Stage and release the Hundred Stage God Fist!"

Suddenly, a voice as clear as an oriole came from outside the courtyard. Qin Ye's body was trembling and his eyes were filled with excitement.


The two wooden doors were gently pushed open. A girl wearing a goose-yellow dress stood in front of Qin Ye. Her eyes were locked onto Qin Ye's body and suddenly turned red.

"Brother … …"

The voice that carried a weeping tone made Qin Ye's heart tremble. The girl hugged Qin Ye like a baby bird, and her tears dripped down along her delicate and pretty pale face to the ground, as if they had dripped into Qin Ye's heart.

"Yue Er …" Qin Ye called out softly and fondly caressed Qin Yue's hair. Who knew how much pressure this skinny young girl had to bear? Even so, she had never cried out before.

"I'm sorry." Qin Ye muttered to himself. Cultivators of the demonic world were people with hearts as firm as iron and a heavy heart, but at this moment, they felt very gentle.

"Pa Pa Pa!"

A clear and melodious clapping sound suddenly rang out, and immediately after, a discordant voice rang out in this small courtyard: "What a deep brotherly love."

Qin Ye frowned slightly. He pulled Qin Yue behind him and looked outside the door. He saw a pale youth waving a folding fan. Three warriors were standing in the yard with him.

The young man looked Qin Yue up and down, licking his lips as he sneered.

"Qin Wenbin, it's you!" Seeing the young man in front of him, Qin Ye immediately thought of something. A wave of rage suddenly ignited in his chest as he clenched his fists.

If one were to talk about the person Qin Ye hated the most, Qin Wenbin was definitely one of them.

In his previous life, Qin Ye had accidentally overheard Qin Wenbin being rude to his mother, which was why he had started a conflict with him. Qin Ye was angry, and went to the Zong Residence to severely punish Qin Wenbin, but Qin Wenbin beat him to it.

Even Qin Ye suspected that the death of his sister in his previous life was related to Qin Wenbin!

"What are you doing here? You're not welcome here, get lost!" Qin Yue frowned as she shouted in anger. She was also extremely disgusted by this young man, not to mention that he had hurt her brother.

"Why does my clan sister have to be so distant? I am here for no other reason other than to ask for Qin cripple's help … Cough, Qin Ye, can you lend me something? As long as it is in my hand, I will leave immediately. "

Qin Wenbin curled his lips into a smile and ignored Qin Ye from beginning to end. He said to Qin Yue with a smile, "I am from the same clan as my sister. I believe my sister will not reject a mere piece of trash. You and I must get closer in the future."

Qin Ye's gaze turned cold. He had already made some guesses in his heart. However, Qin Yue ignored the frivolity in Qin Wenbin's words and said coldly, "What is it?"

"I heard that Young Hall Master took down three Qi Restoring Pill a few days ago, and one of them was taken by your mother. I presume it is in Young Hall Brother's hands right now." Only then did Qin Wenbin glance at Qin Ye and extended his hand as if it was a matter of course. He smiled and said, "Please hand it over, Young Cousin. Just like before, hand the pill over and I will leave immediately."

"On what basis! It was given to my mother by the Young Manor, and you want me to take it away as you please?! "Impossible." Before Qin Ye could open his mouth to speak, Qin Yue was already fuming with rage. She stood in front of Qin Ye, glaring angrily at Qin Wenbin with eyes full of deep disgust.

The smile on Qin Wenbin's face gradually turned cold. He put away the fan in his hand and said: "You can't put it like that, my younger brother is already 15 years old, right? Fifteen years old without even breaking through the First Level of Martial Tao Stage, Qi Restoring Pill in your hands would only be a waste of a natural resource. It's best to hand it over as soon as possible, so as to avoid wasting this precious medicinal pellet. Furthermore, if I were to borrow the strength of medicinal pellets to break through the Third Level of Martial Tao Stage, I can also look after you three, mother and son, right? "

"And if I say no." Qin Ye looked at Qin Wenbin and said coldly.

"Oh?" Qin Wenbin raised his eyebrows and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. He then sneered: "Does Young Cousin intend to refuse a toast and drink a forfeit?"

"I don't care about your toasts. Penalty wine, you can keep it for yourself to eat, little sister, see the guest out! " Qin Ye was expressionless, and his face showed no fear.

This made Qin Wenbin even more surprised. He felt that Qin Ye seemed to have changed a lot compared to before. With a cold snort, he said, "It's only been a few days. I have a whole new level of respect for my younger brother."

As soon as he finished his sentence, a warrior behind Qin Wenbin suddenly moved. He stepped forward and threw a punch towards Qin Ye.

"Brother, be careful!" Qin Yue exclaimed and subconsciously stood in front of Qin Ye.


With a muffled bang, the fist smashed into Qin Yue's abdomen. Qin Yue's face suddenly flushed red, and she spit out a mouthful of blood, staining the ground red.

"Yue Er!" Qin Ye took a step forward and held Qin Yue. Looking at the bright red blood on the ground, an uncontrollable murderous intent surged up in his heart.

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