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Eternal Devil Emperor/C5 Despicable Person
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C5 Despicable Person

"You … "You …" The warrior looked down at his abdomen where the head had pierced and spat out a large mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with fear, unwillingness, and disbelief. He would never have thought that he would die in such a manner.

Wu Tie was expressionless as he said coldly, "I hope that you will have a good memory in your next life." After saying that, Qin Ye cast his gaze towards Qin Wenbin who was standing on the side. That was the true culprit.

"It's been a day since we last met. My younger brother has been reborn, congratulations on that." Qin Wenbin looked at Qin Ye with a serious expression. At this moment, he had truly regarded Qin Ye as his opponent. He did not dare to underestimate him anymore and laughed, "What a pity, tsk tsk, what a pity …"

Qin Ye didn't say a word. He looked at Qin Wenbin calmly and muttered to himself, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

"It's a pity that the quality of that Qi Restoring Pill is so high. What's even more a pity is that even if you consumed the Qi Restoring Pill, you still wouldn't be my match!" The smile on Qin Wenbin's face suddenly disappeared as he said coldly: "Young Cousin, I will give you a chance. If you submit to me, I will guarantee your success in the future and inexhaustible wealth and glory!"

"Submit to you? Be your dog like them? " Qin Ye sneered as he stood on the corpse.

Qin Wenbin shook his head, and said: "They are merely servants with surnames, just like ants, who will die if they die. Young Cousin, it is different, you are my Qin Clan bloodline, although you have some Chu mixed blood, but as long as you submit to me, all of this will no longer be a problem!"

Qin Ye looked at him and did not say a word. Qin Wenbin was elated, thinking that Qin Ye was moved, so he hurriedly struck the iron while it was hot and said, "Young brother, do you know who is behind me? Qin Xiangyang has heard of it before, right? Brother Xiangyang is one of the top hundred geniuses in the Outer Palace, and he is highly valued by His Highness King Yan. As long as you submit to me, in the future, King Yan will ascend to the throne.

Qin Ye thought for a moment and said lightly, "King Yan? Qin Wuyou? "

"How dare you! Don't call him by his full name!" Qin Wenbin shouted angrily, and then seemed to realize that he had lost his composure and said coldly: "That's right, it's His Highness King Yan! What does younger brother think? "


Qin Ye's face was calm and emotionless.

"You … Good! I will cripple your cultivation and then take you to the clan mansion. I will accuse you, a servant who killed a slave without permission, of disrespecting the sect's laws, just you wait to be stripped of your clan record! " Qin Wenbin's face was flushed red. He was so angry that smoke was coming out of his seven orifices. With a shake of his fan, five bright needles appeared on the surface of the fan. The needles emitted a dark green luster.

"Truly a villain. Even their weapons are so sinister." Qin Ye sneered.

Qin Wenbin sneered and said, "So what if it's poisonous? Don't worry, I won't kill you. I will just cripple your cultivation." As he finished speaking, he pointed his feet forward and waved the fan in his hand towards Qin Ye.

Qin Ye was still standing at the same place without any movement. The calmness on his face was almost strange.

"Deliberately mystifying …" Qin Wenbin narrowed his eyes and increased his strength. Seeing that the poison needle in his hand was about to land on Qin Ye's body, even he felt a little puzzled. Could it be that Qin Ye knew he was no match and gave up resisting?

"No …" Impossible … No one would be that stupid. " Qin Wenbin shook his head in his heart. However, the truth was out of his expectations. Five poisonous needles pierced Qin Ye's skin one after another. From beginning to end, Qin Ye didn't resist at all and just stood there quietly.

Qin Wenbin was shocked and a drop of cold sweat unconsciously dripped from his forehead. He looked up in disbelief and met with Qin Ye's mocking gaze, which made him at a loss. He licked his dry lips and said with difficulty, "You … "You …"

"Is it very strange? "This poison of yours is indeed interesting." A few traces of black smoke came out of Qin Ye's face, but quickly faded away: "What a pity … "It's not working on me."

"Impossible!" This is a unique poison that I requested a famous poison master in the capital to concoct. Even if the Sixth Level of Martial Tao Stage's martial arts master were to be poisoned by my poison, he would immediately go limp on the ground and his cultivation would be crippled, unless it's a Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator … You. "That's impossible!" Qin Wenbin mumbled to himself. His eyes were glazed and confused.

Qin Ye grabbed the folding fan in his hand and pulled out the needles one by one. Then, he crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it on the ground. He sneered and said, "The world is big. There are countless things that you think are impossible."

"Even if you truly possess a body immune to poisons, so what? "Go to hell." All of a sudden, Qin Wenbin laughed out loud and sent a palm strike towards Qin Ye. The palm strike contained a chilling force.

"Martial Skill!" Qin Ye frowned. His feet lightly tapped on the ground and he retreated, avoiding the palm.

"Not bad, this is a grade two martial skill!" Qin Ye, I've changed my mind. Not only will I cripple you, I'll also torture you and torture you! A piece of trash, a trash who has been silent for fifteen years, cannot be reborn overnight, or even be immune to poisons, even Qi Restoring Pill s would not have such an effect. You must have obtained some sort of fortuitous encounter, hand it over! " Qin Wenbin laughed out loud. With a wave of his palm, all paths of retreat for Qin Ye were sealed.

"Rank 2 martial skill?" Qin Ye saw that his retreat route was blocked, and stopped in his tracks. He shook his head, and looked at the three corpses on the ground: "Qin Wenbin, I thought you were a clever little villain, but who would've thought, you were a complete idiot! Just like them. I can't believe I got mad at a fool like you … "

"Qin Ye, you're still being stubborn even when you're about to die, you are only at the peak of the First Level of Martial Tao Stage, let's see how you can break my technique!" Qin Wenbin's eyes were filled with deep disdain. From his point of view, the appearance of the martial skill had already confirmed his victory.

"I still have the confidence to talk to you right now. Why do you think that?" The moment he finished speaking, he threw out a heavy punch across the air.


The palm power met with a loud explosive sound. Qin Wenbin surprisingly found that after his palm power came into contact with the fist power, it melted away like white snow under the sunlight. The fist power melted away the palm power without slowing down, and it attacked fiercely towards Qin Wenbin.

"Hundred stages god fist?!" Qin Wenbin's face turned pale with fright, as if he had seen a monster, he put his hands in front of him and punched him hard. Qin Wenbin's entire body knelt on the ground and his body trembled, he spat out a large mouthful of blood and looked up at Qin Ye in disbelief, saying with difficulty, "That's not right... You. Your power... "

"No matter how profound a martial skill is, it is unable to withstand a single blow when faced with absolute power." Qin Ye sneered as he walked towards Qin Wenbin step by step, "This is it, a single strength defeats ten!"


Suddenly, with a wave of Qin Wenbin's hand, Qin Ye's body became sluggish, and he only felt a vast expanse of whiteness before his eyes. After a moment, a wave of exclamations rang out, causing Qin Ye's heart to clench.

"I never thought that I would be defeated by a trash that has been quiet for 15 years. Qin Ye, I have to admit that you are stronger than me, but your biggest mistake is that your sister shouldn't be allowed to appear here …"

Qin Ye suddenly turned around. The white light that blocked his sight had disappeared, but what he saw made Qin Ye's eyes crack.

Unknowingly, a dark green poisonous needle appeared in Qin Wenbin's hand, which he used to hold Qin Yue's white neck. He smiled with a face full of pride, "Qin Ye, you can resist my poisonous needle, but I don't know if your sister can resist the same poison needle as you. "Look at this pretty face. It would be such a pity if he were to just die …"

"Qin Wenbin!" Qin Ye was enraged, and the killing intent in his chest could barely be contained as it wanted to break through his chest.

"Aiyo, don't scare me like that. I'm timid. If I shake my hand, your sister will …" Qin Wenbin laughed proudly as the poison needle in his hand continued to move around Qin Yue's neck.

"Brother … …" Qin Yue's body trembled slightly. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Two streams of clear tears flowed down her face.

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