Eternal Devil Emperor/C6 Strong Repression
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C6 Strong Repression
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C6 Strong Repression

He had never hated a person so much, never had he longed for power so much. If he was still as strong as he was in his previous life, he would have been able to kill Qin Wenbin in one breath. But now, he was just an insignificant peak First Level of Martial Tao Stage disciple, a disciple who could not even be considered a martial artist.

"What do you want …" Qin Ye gritted his teeth and squeezed out the words from his mouth.

"As long as you obediently cooperate, I can guarantee that your sister will be safe and sound." Qin Wenbin grinned. His eyes were full of malice and greed. He licked his lips and said, "I will let your sister go as long as you agree to three conditions."

Qin Ye glared at him without saying a word.

"The first condition, I want you to kneel down and cripple your own cultivation!" Qin Wenbin smiled sinisterly, pointed at the ground in front of Qin Ye and said, "Don't go near me, just kneel there and cripple your own cultivation."

Qin Yue sobbed anxiously, "Brother, don't listen to him. It took a lot of effort for you to regain your strength …"

"Shut up!" Qin Wenbin glared fiercely at her and pressed her mute acupoint. Then, he said to Wu Tie, "Now, you can kneel."

Qin Ye's heaving chest gradually calmed down. He looked at Qin Wenbin and suddenly sneered.

"You … What are you laughing for! " Qin Wenbin was stunned. Qin Ye's strange smile made him feel a chill on his back. He subconsciously moved his body backwards.

"Qin Wenbin, you are indeed despicable … but it's also very stupid. " Qin Ye sneered. His expression was extremely gloomy, and there was no trace of anger in his eyes.

"Pretending to be mysterious. No matter how flowery your words are, your little sister's life is in my hands." Qin Wenbin snorted coldly. He didn't seem to mind.

"You think that just because you kidnapped Yue Er, it would work?" Qin Ye had a cold expression on his face. He had completely recovered his composure as he said lightly: "If you want to kill her, then kill her. However, after you kill her, I will make you pay a hundred times the price to avenge Yue Er!"

Qin Yue was stunned. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

"Using Littlemoon to threaten me and make me avoid shooting at a mouse is a very smart and foolish idea!" There was no longer any emotion in Qin Ye's eyes. He was so indifferent that it made people feel scared: "Qin Wenbin, you really are a … "Idiot!"

"You … "Qin Ye, you're testing me. You don't dare to kill me, you're scared!" Qin Wenbin's expression was ferocious as he pinched Qin Yue's neck, causing her face to turn paler and paler.

"You can give it a try and see if I dare!" Qin Ye said calmly.

Qin Wenbin swallowed his saliva. He looked at Qin Ye and suddenly laughed sinisterly. He raised the poison needle in his right hand and was about to stab it.

Before Qin Wenbin could react, almost at the same time Qin Wenbin raised his hand, Qin Ye suddenly stomped his foot and his entire body turned into an illusory shadow. Qin Wenbin didn't even have the time to react, he only felt his vision go black as a sharp pain spread out from his eye sockets.


Qin Ye's eyes were bloodshot as he ruthlessly kicked Qin Wenbin to the ground. He stomped on Qin Wenbin's chest and exerted force. Immediately, a few bone cracking sounds rang out.

"Qin Ye... "You …" Qin Wenbin screamed miserably. He wanted to say something but was punched in the mouth by Qin Ye. A few front teeth flew out and the words that came out of his mouth were forcefully swallowed.

"I told you, you would pay the price!" Qin Ye was expressionless. He picked up his right hand and broke the needles into two. Then he broke his fingers one by one.


The crisp sound of the bone breaking sent shivers down everyone's spines.


As the saying goes, every single finger is linked to the heart. Qin Wenbin's screams became louder, until all of Qin Wenbin's fingers were cut off by Wu Dingsheng. He collapsed on the ground like a pile of mud.

"Weren't you going to cripple my cultivation just now?" Qin Ye's expression was cold as he kicked his lower abdomen, shattering his dantian.


Qin Wenbin's vision went black as he felt endless pain coming from his abdomen. His whole body bent like a large, curved prawn, and he let out a "Ho ho" sound. His hair was disheveled as he looked at Qin Ye with hatred in his eyes. His voice was filled with despair: "My Dantian!" Qin... Battle, you will regret it! "You will definitely regret it …"

"I will never give myself the chance to regret it!" Qin Ye sneered and raised his foot to break Qin Wenbin's heart, "Farewell, Qin Wenbin!"

"Ye, stop!"

However, at this moment, a clear shout rang out, causing Qin Ye's body to stiffen. He stopped what he was doing and turned around to look at the courtyard door. Unknowingly, Chu Qiushuang was standing in the middle of the yard and anxiously said, "Don't kill him. Ye, stop quickly."

"Mother?" Qin Ye stood up and looked at Chu Qiushuang in confusion.

Qin Yue threw herself into Chu Qiushuang's arms, tears streaming down her face as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Chu Qiushuang lovingly caressed Qin Yue's hair as she looked at the few finger marks on her neck with a pained expression. Sighing, she undid Qin Yue's mute acupoints and said with reddened eyes, "Yue Er, you have been wronged."

"Mother … Brother doesn't want me anymore... "Woo woo …" Qin Yue's first sentence made Qin Ye blush. He was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

Chu Qiushuang glared fiercely at Qin Ye. She patted Qin Yue's back gently and hugged her tightly. Then, she said to Qin Ye, "Ye, have you forgotten about the clan rules?"

"But …" Although Qin Wenbin's cultivation had been destroyed by him, Qin Ye was able to clearly see the hatred in Qin Wenbin's eyes. It was difficult for him to ensure that Qin Wenbin would not take revenge on Chu Qiushuang and Qin Yue in the future, so Qin Ye was well aware of how powerful the power of hatred was.

"No buts, let him go." Chu Qiushuang glanced at Qin Wenbin and said to Wu Tie.

"Qin Ye, I knew it. You wouldn't dare to kill me, hahahaha! You don't dare to kill me, you coward! " Qin Wenbin stared at Qin Ye. His hair was disheveled and he started to laugh like a mad demon.

After Chu Qiushuang and Qin Yue entered the room, Qin Ye picked up Qin Wenbin and walked towards the courtyard door.

"Qin Ye, don't think that your current strength is so amazing. The power behind me is not something you can imagine. You can't kill me, but I can take revenge on you, your mother and sister! Endless vengeance! " Qin Wenbin's face was covered in blood.

Qin Ye raised his hand and threw it out of the yard. He said lightly: "You should care more about yourself now. With your Dantian shattered, you will only be a piece of trash for the rest of your life."

Then, Qin Ye gathered the three warriors' bodies together and buried them in a remote place.

… ….

"Have you decided?" Watching Qin Ye walk in from outside the door, Chu Qiushuang patted the sleeping Chu Yue, tucked her in, and said softly.

"Yes." Qin Ye was silent for a moment before nodding.

Chu Qiushuang walked in front of Qin Ye and raised her head slightly. Qin Ye, who was fifteen years old, was already half a head taller than Chu Qiushuang, which made her sigh. "Ye, if you were in the civil society, at the age of fifteen, you would already be married and have a family. It's a pity that you were born in the royal family …"

"Mother, since the heavens allowed your child to be born in the imperial clan, wouldn't it be unbefitting of the Heavens if your son didn't fight for it?" Qin Ye smiled with determination in his eyes.

"That Qin Wenbin just now. Mother heard that he has King Yan's background behind his back. With how you humiliated him today, he will definitely not let you get away with it." Ye, are you prepared? " Chu Qiushuang's eyes were still filled with worry as she looked at Qin Ye.

He, Qin Wuyou, cultivation of the Spirit realm, the ruler of the Noble, will not have the face to personally deal with me. As long as he does not do anything, I have confidence in myself.

Chu Qiushuang pondered for a moment and just when she wanted to say something, there were a few messy footsteps outside the door followed by a loud voice.

"Order of the Ancestor! Where is Qin Ye!"

"He came so quickly …" The mother and son pair looked at each other with a serious expression.

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