Eternal Devil Emperor/C7 Someone from the Zong Residence
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C7 Someone from the Zong Residence
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C7 Someone from the Zong Residence

What appeared in front of Qin Ye and his mother were two burly men wearing black armors and carrying swords on their waists. They were taller than Qin Ye by two heads. Behind the two of them were over ten soldiers holding long spears.

"Guardian?" Qin Ye frowned.

"On the orders of the sect elder, I request that the Young Master come with us." One of them took out a black token with the word "Zong" written on it. The other took out a pair of shackles and cuffed Qin Ye's hands.

Qin Ye sneered as he stretched out his hands without the slightest resistance, allowing the shackles to lock them together. "Even clan elder stepped in? Qin Wenbin, you really have a lot of face. "

"We are only following orders. Young master, please." The two of them looked at each other. Their words were respectful and respectful, but there wasn't much respect in their eyes. On the contrary, there was only pity in their eyes.

Qin Ye shook his head and smiled. He turned around and said to Chu Qiushuang, "Mom, I want to eat your dumplings."

"Alright, alright. Mom will wrap the dumplings at home and wait for you to come back." Chu Qiushuang's eyes were slightly red as she nodded.

Chu Qiushuang frowned slightly as she watched Qin Ye's back gradually disappear from her sight. She sighed and her right hand trembled twice. After some hesitation, she reached into her sleeve …

After a few breaths, a figure appeared silently behind Chu Qiushuang. With both of his hands behind his back, he looked extremely powerful. He slowly turned around and stared at Chu Qiushuang's thin body with a complicated expression.

"It's been fifteen years. This is the first time you've asked me …"

Chu Qiushuang's body trembled slightly, but two streams of tears flowed down uncontrollably from her face. She did her best to hide the trembling in her voice and said softly, "Ye consumed the Qi Restoring Pill."

As soon as the voice fell, the gaze became sharp. A majestic and boundless aura filled the entire small courtyard, then suddenly disappeared.

The figure nodded and cast his gaze at Qin Yue, who was sleeping soundly. The sharpness in his eyes had turned into gentleness. After a moment of silence, he waved his hand and a dragon-shaped Spiritual Qi that emitted a freezing aura entered Qin Yue's body.

"If he wants our mountains, then come and get them." With that, he bent down and gently stroked Qin Yue's hair. With one step, he disappeared from the yard.

Chu Qiushuang's eyes were bloodshot. She seemed to have lost all her strength as she collapsed to the ground and started whimpering softly …

… ….

"Young master, please!"

Qin Ye, with his hands shackled, was escorted by two Guardian and more than a dozen soldiers into an empty dark room.

The four walls here were dark and damp, the ground was covered with straw, and from time to time there would be a few rats crawling about. On the walls hung more than ten types of torture instruments of unknown nature, and a strong stench of blood assaulted his nostrils.

There was an extremely narrow hole in the ceiling of the dark room. Light from the outside seeped in and cast a blinding light on the floor.


An iron door was slammed shut, and the air in the room became heavy.

"This is indeed a good place to cultivate." Qin Ye smiled. His face was very calm. He found a relatively dry place and sat down cross-legged, entering a meditative state.

At the same time, at a place that Qin Ye didn't know about, three pairs of eyes were staring at him, taking in everything that he did.

"My mental fortitude is superior. I just don't know how talented my martial arts are." An aged voice slowly said.

Another one said in a deep voice, "Talent can be left to one side, but he can cripple Qin Wenbin's cultivation for his own sister. It can be seen that he is loyal and cruel! It's a pity that he has someone else's blood in him … "

"From what I know, the person behind Qin Wenbin is Qin Xiangyang. He has a deep relationship with Qin Wenbin, and Qin Wenbin even saved his life. Now that Qin Wenbin is crippled, Qin Xiangyang will not let this go." Soon after, a soft sigh was heard.

"Among the top younger generation, Qin Xiangyang is ranked in the top hundred of the Outer Palace. At the age of sixteen, he already possesses a cultivation at the peak of the Fourth Level of Martial Tao Stage. It is said that once he enters the Inner Palace, he can enter under King Yan.

"What a pity, young people are hot-blooded and impulsive. It is not wise to cripple Qin Wenbin."

"Yan Zong of the Outer Mansion has always had a good impression of King Yan, and in the battle that year, one of his eyes was shot blind by the godly archer of the Chu Army. This time, this kid is in big trouble."

"Ai, what a waste of a good seedling …"

… ….

Qin Ye was completely unaware of all of this, he only knew that he had to make the best use of his time and improve his strength. In three months, the Zong Clan's yearly sacrifice would be held in three years, and that would be his only chance to redeem himself and his mother!

And with his current peak level of First Level of Martial Tao Stage, it was far from enough.

Among them, there were about ten thousand direct line clansmen of the Qin Clan, over a hundred thousand clansmen of the side branches, and there were also millions of bestowal clansmen. As well as a steady stream of geniuses who came from all over the world to join the Great Qin Manor, it could be said that there were a lot of talented people.

The Zong Residence was divided into the Outer Palace, Inner Palace, Upper Palace, Spirit Palace, and Heavenly Mansion.

In the Outer Palace, any warrior below the age of fifteen could join, but in the Inner Palace, the requirement was that the practitioner could reach the Sixth Level of Martial Tao Stage, and the age of the bones could not exceed twenty. In the Upper Palace, the requirement was that the warrior could reach the ninth stage of the Martial Dao, and the bone could not exceed the age of twenty-five.

In the Spirit Palace, only Spiritual Martial Stage experts whose skeletal age did not exceed thirty could join.

As for the Heaven Palace, it was the core of the entire Zong Palace, and could not be entered just because one had reached a cultivation level. It was prepared for the prince of the Great Qin Empire, the king of the royal families, as well as the princess of the pavilion. Of course, the prince and princess did not have the qualifications to enter the Heaven Palace, even if their cultivation did not reach the level of Spiritual Martial Stage.

When Sacrifice Ceremony s gathered, it would also be the biggest gathering in the Great Qin Empire. When millions of warriors were gathered together, it would be extremely difficult to break out of the encirclement!

Time passed minute after minute, and almost every two hours, the aura on Qin Ye's body became more serious, but he still hadn't broken through to the second level of the martial arts.


After an unknown period of time, a loud sound rang out. The metal door was pushed open by someone, and it smashed heavily into the wall.

Qin Ye took a deep breath and opened his eyes. There was dissatisfaction in his eyes.

"The clan elder has summoned us. Follow me." A man in heavy black armor, Guardian, walked in with an expressionless face. He looked down at Qin Ye and said coldly.

Qin Ye's expression became serious as he stood up and followed her out.

At the same time, a group of people gathered in a grand hall. An old man with a head full of white hair was sitting in the middle of the hall. His left eye was completely devoid of light.

In the center of the hall, Qin Wenbin was completely wrapped up in a white cloth. As he laid on the stretcher, fresh blood oozed out through the white cloth, which shocked everyone. His body twitched twice from time to time, while his eyes were filled with hatred and despair.

"My Wenbin has always been an honest man and has never done anything out of line, but he did not want to face such a disaster. I hope that Elder Yan Zong can uphold justice for Wenbin!" Next to Qin Wenbin, a middle-aged man and woman were kneeling on the ground, crying uncontrollably as they kowtowed to the old man in front of them.

"Ancestor, that little bastard is able to be so cruel to his own kind, you can see his wolf-like heart. I ask that the ancestor take action and put his name on the line for punishment, to inform the world!" Beside the middle-aged man and woman was a youth in embroidered clothes. His expression was grim and his eyes burned with rage.

"Brother Xiangyang is right, if this little bastard is not severely punished, then how would people of the world view my Qin Clan!"

"As far as I know, that little b * stard still has mixed blood of the Chu Clan on him!"

"So that's how it is. No wonder he could kill even his own kind. He has Chu Man's blood and bones."

"How could my Qin Clan have the existence of a member of Chu Man's bloodline?! expel him from the clan and he will be demoted to a slave!"

"That would be too easy on him. Not only must he be demoted to a slave, but he will also cripple his cultivation. Let him have a taste of his cultivation being wasted!"

At that moment, discussions filled the hall. The crowd's emotions surged, and they wished they could tear Qin Ye into pieces.

Hearing the words' Chu Man ', a flash of anger flashed across the elder's right eye as he snorted lightly.

"Leader, Qin Ye has arrived." A loud voice came from outside the hall and for a moment, the entire hall quieted down. Everyone looked outside.

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