Eternal Devil Emperor/C8 The Aspect Launched an Attack
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Eternal Devil Emperor/C8 The Aspect Launched an Attack
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C8 The Aspect Launched an Attack

"The Heart Hall. Heh." Lifting his head and looking at the plaque in front of the hall, Qin Ye pursed his lips, held the shackles in his hands and walked in.

For a moment, the gazes of everyone in the great hall gathered onto him. There was curiosity, disdain, sympathy, and fury in their gazes. Of course, the most obvious gaze was still filled with naked killing intent.

For example, the old man sitting at the head seat. From the moment Qin Ye entered, his gaze was filled with disgust, rejection, and even a hint of hidden killing intent.

Qin Ye was keenly aware of all of this, but his expression remained the same as he stood in the middle of the hall without the slightest hint of panic.

"Kneel!" Qin Ye turned his head to see a young man who was about his own age staring at him with eyes like a venomous snake ready to swallow a person up.

"Who are you?" Qin Ye sneered. His heart was filled with anger. He wanted to kneel down on his own without saying anything. Did he really think he could be bullied?

"You don't deserve to know my name." The eyes of the youth were filled with deep contempt. He clasped his hands at the old man as he coldly stated, "The clan elder actually dares to not kneel in front of me. This is the crime of disrespect!"

"Patriarch? You mean him? " Qin Ye pouted at the old man, then laughed as he shook his head, "If you want to kneel, then kneel. Why do you want to drag me to kneel? Could it be that you have a strange personality, your bones are soft, and you like to kneel whenever you see someone? "

"You … "How dare you!" A few loud shouts came at the same time. The young man's face was flushed red. He was so angry that smoke was coming out from his seven orifices. He roared and was about to kick Qin Ye's knee.

"Noon, step back!" Sitting upright and not saying a word, Yan Zong opened his mouth, his voice thick and unquestionable.

"I... "It's …" Qin Xiangyang didn't dare to disobey the sect elder's words. He could only glare hatefully at Qin Ye and unwillingly step back to the side.

Yan Zong elder scanned Qin Ye with one eye. He carefully sized him up. Qin Ye sneered and said: "One-eyed old man, can you see clearly with one eye?"

Yan Zong Elder's body trembled slightly. He felt a burst of Qi and blood rush to his head, he almost could not hold it in, holding onto the Dragon Head Staff tightly, he took a few deep breaths, finally calming down, he snorted coldly and said: "You are Qin Ye?"

Qin Ye looked him in the eye and sneered without replying.

"Do you know the person below?" The dragon head turned around, pointed at Qin Wenbin and the middle-aged couple and said coldly.

Qin Ye glanced at him and coincidentally met Qin Wenbin's resentful gaze. The corner of his mouth raised into an arc as he said: "I know him, of course I know him. And his injury was caused by me, and his cultivation is also mine, how can I not recognize him?"

With that, everyone in the hall shot a weird look at Qin Ye. They thought Qin Ye was going to risk his life to deny it, but they didn't expect Qin Ye to admit everything so straightforwardly.

All of a sudden, whether it was hatred or hatred, everyone started to admire Qin Ye.

"Very good, you dare to take responsibility." Yan Zong nodded his head, and laughed out of extreme anger: "Then do you know what punishment people of the same race deserve?!"

"Please advise me." Qin Ye said calmly.

"Alright, let me tell you this. You have harmed your own kind, killed three people in a row, and you have gone insane. The clan law cannot tolerate this!" "Qin Ye, now that I have stripped your family tree of its status, demoted it to a slave, crippled your cultivation, and exiled you from this place, do you have anything to say?" Yan Zong suddenly stood up, his face as cold as steel, staring at Qin Ye.

When the disciples of Qin Clan heard the verdict, their faces were all happy. Qin Wenbin who was lying on the ground groaned, as if the pain on his body had healed a lot.

"Of course I have something to say!" Without any fear, Qin Ye suddenly shouted, "All these years, Qin Wenbin relied on his background, his identity, taking advantage of others and deceiving others, killing others and stealing their treasures, he has done so many things, even if he were to die ten times, it would not be enough! "May I ask Elder Zong, where were you when Qin Wenbin broke the Zong Clan's law and where were you?!"

"These are all just your words, there's no need to believe them! And what we are talking about now is the matter of you killing your own people. Qin Ye, admit it yourself. Yan Zong let out a cold snort.

"That's fine. You only know that I crippled Qin Wenbin's cultivation. Do you know why I crippled his cultivation?" Qin Ye sneered, and pointed at Qin Wenbin: "He tried to snatch the pill my mother gave me, but seeing that it was not enough, he decided to kill. Even after being taught a lesson, he did not restrain himself, and even threatened my sister.

"Qin Wenbin brought this upon himself. Those who kill will be killed by him! I am only crippling his cultivation and not taking his dog life. Since you are a clan elder, you must be fair in your conduct of things. Before dealing with me, I have to trouble clan elder to punish Qin Wenbin! " Qin Ye took in a deep breath and looked at the old man in front of him with a calm expression.

"Little bastard, I'll kill you!" A sudden roar was heard. The middle-aged man beside Qin Wenbin rushed towards Qin Ye without caring about anything else. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he was crazy.

Qin Ye's breath tightened. His intuition told him that this person was much stronger than him. If he were to forcefully take it, even if he didn't die, he would still be seriously injured.

Seeing Qin Ye about to be seriously injured or even killed in front of everyone, yet no one made a sound to stop him, the elder in charge sneered and closed his eyes, as if he didn't care.

Suddenly, Qin Ye felt the God Slaying Diagram in front of his chest getting a little hot.

His shout shook the middle-aged man to the point that his ears buzzed. He staggered a few times and stopped. An indescribable fear surged in his heart as if a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had appeared before him.

Everyone was confused. After Qin Ye shouted, the middle-aged man stopped and his body was still trembling. They could not help but look at each other in dismay.

"Trash." Yan Zong, who was at the top, sighed and said coldly: "Step down!"

Under the confused and disdainful gazes of the crowd, the middle-aged man came back to his senses. He embarrassedly retreated, but there was still some fear lingering in the corners of his eyes.

"Qin Ye, no matter how much you argue, it is the truth that you have violated the clan law! In Qin Wenbin's case, the witness and evidence were not enough, so I can't just listen to your side of the story. " Yan Zong elder's eyes were cold, he stared at Wu Tie and said, "I will first cripple your cultivation, then deal with you."

As soon as his voice fell, Yan Zong stretched out his right hand. A wave of pressure naturally spread out and then converged into a mountain, pressing down towards Qin Ye.

"This is …" Spiritual Martial Stage, spirit pressure … " Qin Ye's pupils shrank. The next moment, he staggered and felt like he was carrying a mountain that weighed millions of pounds, wanting to grind himself into mincemeat.

Under the terrifying pressure, Qin Ye's body gradually bent, and all the bones in his body emitted waves of cracking sounds.

"Hmm? Just a mere First Level of Martial Tao Stage, you dare to try and show off? " Yan Zong's eyes became serious, he sneered and suddenly increased his strength.

"Crack —!"

Qin Ye's right knee suddenly bent, but when it was only a few inches away from the ground, it abruptly stopped. He firmly clenched his teeth and a trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, dripping onto the ground.

"Demonic Path, eat the heavens and take the earth! Its bones are proud and strong, and it is mine alone! I am the only one who can do this!" In Qin Ye's heart, the God Slaying Diagram felt a slight warmth, and immediately after, a warm feeling spread throughout his body. At the same time, a lofty and vast voice sounded out in his mind; this was the Superclass of the Ancient Devil Arts.

"Qin Ye, this life, no! Kneel! Heavens! Earth! No! Kneel! Immortal! "God!" With every word he said, he raised his right leg a bit. After saying those words, Qin Ye stood up straight and looked at Yan Zong who was in charge. He spat fiercely: "I will not kneel to you, you one-eyed old beast!"

The entire palace was so quiet, one could hear a pin drop. It was a terrifying silence.

"Little bastard, you deserve to die!" The killing intent in Yan Zong's eyes was finally completely released. He no longer tried to hide it as he released his aura of the Spiritual Martial Force and charged towards Qin Ye.

"Could it be that we are really going to completely activate the God Slaying Diagram?" Qin Ye looked at the incoming surge of spirit energy and became indecisive. He was 100% confident that the God Slaying Diagram would be able to absorb all of this spirit energy and then use the Ancient Desolation Devil Arts to dissolve it for his own use.

But as a result, his identity as a demonic cultivator would be exposed, and by then, everything would be out of Qin Ye's control.

"Forget it..." Qin Ye let out a sigh with his eyes closed as he operated the Ancient Desolation Demonic Technique.


Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in front of Qin Ye. With a wave of his hand, the huge Spirit Pressure was completely eliminated.

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