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Eternal God King/C10 Commentary
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C10 Commentary

"Oh, right." Zi Yan suddenly thought of something and asked, "Brother Ye Feng, what rank are you now? I heard you say that you are very formidable, and you even defeated little... "In short, you're so powerful."

"Hur hur." Ye Feng patted on Zi Yan's thin shoulder in satisfaction and said, "Brother, I'm here now. How should I say it? It's fine to say it's a third rank, but also a fourth rank."

"That's not right." Zi Yan said, "I've usually heard that the grades are fixed. How can you say that it can fluctuate up and down? You can't be intentionally trying to fool me, right?"

"How could that be?" Ye Feng said, "Let me explain to you about the grade division. Then I'll explain to you my grade problem. "

At that moment, Ye Feng started to talk about the grade divisions of martial practitioners while the maid, Zi Yan, was listening attentively.

The world was a martial arts world, and the War God of the West, especially, valued martial arts to an absolute degree. However, there were very few fighters in the world that could reach the level. For most of their lives, they could only linger in ordinary martial arts. But once one entered the tier, it was like a carp leaping over the dragon gate. Not only could it pursue longevity, it could also comprehend higher levels of martial dao.

And the grade was divided into seven. They were red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. As a result, it was also known as the "Rainbow Realm", when one stepped into the realm of the strong.

The mark of the product was the so-called edge. Of course, this was just a general statement. It could be used as a symbol for those of the seventh rank. When it came to specific details, there were certain divisions as well.

Through hard work and cultivation, as well as a certain amount of luck, a martial practitioner could condense their inner strength into reality. This was the so-called edge. In other words, the tip of the blade was a highly compressed force. In terms of power, it was much stronger than ordinary force.

And a first rank was the dividing line between an ordinary martial artist and a first rank martial artist. This stage was the beginning of the gathering of their brilliance. The tip of the blade was a scarlet red, reflecting on the weapon. It was also known as the weapon tip. There weren't many first rank practitioners, but there weren't that few either. Most of them were the most outstanding among the younger generation, and they were carefully groomed by the various families and sects to become their future successors.

At the Second Rank, it would turn orange and could be gathered onto the ten fingers through the arm, also known as the finger light. With the light from his fingers, his hands were like divine weapons, unbreakable to external objects.

Rank 3. The color had changed to a yellow color and it was already able to cover his arms. That was why they were called arm glints, and they were like steel tendons and iron bones.

It was also a watershed between the third and fourth ranks. If one wanted to reach the fourth rank, the obvious sign was that the edge of the blade could envelop one's entire body and be called light. The color also changed to green. The martial artists that had received this blow were all incomparably flexible, and could no longer be harmed by external forces. Basically, it could sweep through the world and sweep through everything in its path.

If a person reached grade-4, as long as he worked hard enough and was willing to work hard, he would be able to reach grade-5. At this point, the tip of the blade would turn green. A Fifth Rank Warrior was at least a sect master in the martial arts world. They were the patriarch or the elder of an influential family, and their reputation was well-known everywhere. The appearance of the tip was called Emptiness of Impression, which meant that it could condense the tip of the blade into a weapon and use it to attack from the outside.

Of course, for the majority of fifth stage experts, if they wanted to break through to the Sixth-Grade, that would depend on their own fate, and they couldn't force it. There were only a few people who were lucky enough to have it.

The first Sixth-Grade, the color of its edge would turn blue, and its appearance, was known as Phantom Returning. An object that can be turned into an entity, as if it had existed or been worn for a long time as an external weapon.

Seventh level, sharp light was purple. It was also known as the supreme grade, and it was also known as the divine grade. It was said that at this level of cultivation, one could control everything in the world. If there was a martial artist who could break through to the seventh level, that was when they entered the Divine level, breaking through the shackles of life and walking down the path of longevity. If nothing unexpected happened, it would be eternally indestructible. The War God. The War God.

It could be seen that the biggest difference between a martial artist and an ordinary martial artist was their sharpness. With this sharpness, their attacks would have an innate advantage. It was incomparably sharp, and there was no need for external support.

Listening to Ye Feng recount things that Zi Yan had never experienced before, Zi Yan became exceptionally envious. Her worship of Ye Feng was like a torrential river that flowed endlessly. His two big eyes were also filled with little stars. When Ye Feng stopped, he still unwillingly asked: "Is it over?"

"It's over."

"Oh." With a single word, Zi Yan felt quite disappointed. He then remembered something and said excitedly, "What about you? Why do you say you're a third rank and a fourth rank? What's going on?"

"Me?" Ye Feng smiled and said, "According to the edge light, I should be a level 3 because what I can condense is a yellow edge light..."

"But I clearly saw that when you were competing with the young lady, it was the same orange. Didn't that mean you were a second rank?"

"This one." Ye Feng chuckled and explained, "The one I'm cultivating is a bit special. I can change the color of my blade between grades I've already reached."

"Wow, you're so awesome!" Zi Yan praised with a tone full of "deep affection".

"It's just a small trick, it doesn't have much practical use." Ye Feng continued, "However, I've said it before, a martial artist's strength is not something that can be judged purely by their rank. For example, I once learned the ultimate technique that my master taught me. Even a fourth rank practitioner might not be able to safely withstand this move. If he was serious, he would leave his life behind. Therefore, from the perspective of true strength, I can also be considered a Fourth Rank Warrior. "

"Oh, yes." Zi Yan said thoughtfully, "Doesn't that mean that even rank alone can't cover all the warriors? If there was someone who had mastered a powerful killing move, would that person have been unable to cross over the grade gap and killed him? "

"Of course." Ye Feng sighed and said, "This world is big. There are many hidden talents and there are many capable people. Even a martial artist without a rank was not a match for a martial artist with a lower cultivation level. Maybe one day, a warrior with no rank will suddenly appear and kill an expert with a fifth stage Sixth-Grade.

"Hehe, it's fine if I don't come to kill you anyway."

"You little girl." Ye Feng rubbed the top of Zi Yan's head and messed up her long hair like a crazy woman. Zi Yan had no other choice but to pout her lips and say in a dissatisfied tone, "You only know how to bully girls."

Ye Feng felt embarrassed and said, "You've seen who I'm bullying, so you can't speak carelessly."

"Hmph." Snorting, Zi Yan said, "The one you are bullying now is me and the one you were bullying earlier was Miss, do you dare to deny it? "Brother Ye Feng, your character isn't that good."


"There's nothing more to say." Zi Yan got rid of Ye Feng's hand and ran a few steps. When she reached the stairs on the second floor, she turned around and said, "Don't try to argue, I saw you bullying the little miss with my own eyes..."

"Stupid girl, you actually dare to speak ill of me? Watch how I'll fix you up!" Suddenly, a delicate shout came from the second floor. Sima Zhaozhao, whose face was completely red, rushed to Zi Yan's front and grabbed one of her ears before heading up to the second floor.

He could hear Zi Yan begging him for mercy, "Aiya, Miss, be gentle. It hurts. I was wrong. I won't ever say that you wet your skirt again …"

"Ah!" Sima Zhaozhao was probably infuriated to the point that she couldn't stand it anymore. She shouted loudly and the sound of her voice lingered on for a long time …

In the first floor, Ye Feng rubbed his nose and muttered to himself gloomily, "I didn't expect that the lecture I just gave her would give me a good evaluation right now …"

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