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Ye Feng squeezed his way through the crowd, trying his best to find the figure of the girl he liked. When he was almost covered in sweat, he realized that Sima Zhaozhao was leisurely sitting on the branch of a big tree outside the crowd, enjoying the scene.

Seeing this, Ye Feng felt depressed. He spent a lot of effort before he finally squeezed out of the crowd and ran under the tree. He twisted his waist and rushed forward.

When Sima Zhaozhao saw Ye Feng stick to her side again, she couldn't help but frown and say unhappily, "Are you done yet?"

Ye Feng looked at Sima Zhaozhao with a wronged expression and replied listlessly, "I really like you. To be honest, ever since I saw you for the first time, I knew that I was in love with you. Although you are not the most beautiful and gentle of women, I still … "Aiyah..."

When Sima Zhaozhao heard that, she couldn't help but kick Ye Feng down from the tree. Ye Feng didn't react in time and only reacted when his head was about to hit the ground. He swung his legs in the air and folded his body. In an emergency, his feet were on the ground so that he wouldn't mess up. However, even so, it was still very embarrassing.

Seeing Ye Feng's expression, Sima Zhaozhao giggled happily and waved her fist in a threatening manner. Then, she stopped looking at him and turned her attention towards the high platform. She knew about the two martial artists on the high platform, and she had clearly heard their conversation just now. She knew that it was because they were chasing her that they had started a ruckus. These two people belonged to the group that she was sick of, so she treated them as entertainment. She even hoped that after both of them had fought to the point where both of them were severely injured, they would never bother her again in the future.

Ye Feng felt helpless as he was ignored. Originally, his intention was to say that even if Sima Zhaozhao didn't have the seductive charm of a brothel girl, even if she wasn't the most beautiful person in the world, even if he didn't know how to make a man fall in love with her, he still loved her to the point where he couldn't stop himself from falling in love. But before he could finish, he was kicked away. It really hurt his pride.

Just as she wanted to explain, she saw her gaze land on the stage. Ye Feng thought, "Could it be that she likes strong men and powerful warriors? Otherwise, why would he care so much about the competition? If that's the case, I want to attract her gaze and hunt for her heart.

Thinking about it this way, Ye Feng no longer had the cleverness that he used to have. He squeezed back into the crowd and leaned towards the high platform …

Without the disturbance from Ye Feng, Sima Zhaozhao once again enjoyed the cool breeze in the sky leisurely. She swayed her slender and sleek legs as she watched the competition on the high platform.

Crack, crack, crack, crack!

On the high platform, Wang Sheng's blade had forcibly broken through the wall of Wu Youdao's blade and left a hole in it. Then, he reached out his hand and passed the tip of the blade to Wu Youdao's chest.

Wu Youdao was calm in the face of danger. The scimitars in his hands intertwined with each other, forming the shape of a full moon. He danced along with the wind, like a spinning wind wheel.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The blade wind was cold.


The clashing of blades produced the sound of metal clashing against metal. Since Wang Sheng's attack was blocked, the blade could not be passed in. However, Wu Youdao was also affected by the backlash and was forced back three or four steps.

"Thunder from a clear sky!" Wang Sheng shouted. His whole body was full of energy. Then he poured it into the long saber. The tip of the blade immediately flashed with a trace of thunderbolt.

"Are you serious?" Wu Youdao felt the dangerous aura exuded by the saber in Wang Sheng's hand, and he couldn't help but get angry in his panic. Do you think I don't have the ability to watch over families? "

"Hah!" The veins on his forehead popped with this shout. The red-faced Wu Youdao was like a drunken man who had drunk too much, his eyes bulging out. He forcefully gathered the force around his body and poured it into the blade. There were two red dots on the tip of the scimitars. They looked like poisonous snakes. They were ready to attack at any moment.

A red blade-light!

Although it was still very difficult, he had indeed forced out the saber light!

The crowd burst into an uproar of exclamations.

There were countless martial artists in the world. The aristocratic families were as flourishing as the rivers of stars, and their factions were as numerous as the grains of sand. One couldn't be considered an expert unless he reached a certain level of mastery. Only those who could force out the "edge of the light" were truly strong. They were existences that separated themselves from the common martial practitioners.

With the so-called edge, it would be the first step to becoming a product, which was also the first barrier among powerhouses — the first rank. There was only one in a hundred for a cultivator with a rank in this world.

If he could reach the seventh level, then he would be a peerless expert in the martial way. Such a person was definitely not one in a million.

If one could break through the seventh rank, that meant one had entered the Divine level, becoming a Titled Martial God. One could become a supreme expert in the mortal world, eternal and eternal. Even if he commanded the world, no one would dare to go against him.

Of course, it was also extremely difficult to reach such a level. Without an unparalleled destiny or amazing talent, it was impossible to reach that level. In all the troubled times, there was not a single outstanding individual.

From this, it could be seen how difficult it was to achieve perfection. However, this was the lifelong goal of all practitioners. And one of the key factors in making it to this point was the quality!

Only by relying on one's own strength, one could condense the energy and force out the "edge light". Entering the first stage was the most important first step.

But now, Wu Youdao had actually succeeded in his attempt on the field of battle.

If anyone knew about this, they would definitely focus on cultivating Wu family. Wu Youdao's status would soon rise by a huge amount. It would be incomparable to what it used to be, one sky, one earth.

This product was a dividing line, a natural moat. It was a step that most martial artists might not be able to take in their entire lives.

Wang Sheng's heart suddenly tightened when he saw the two red lights. This unique symbol was a clear indication that the other party was already of high quality and would naturally be much stronger than him. He was probably no longer a match for the other party.

What should he do?

Should they continue to fight, or admit defeat and retreat?

Even if he admitted defeat, losing the qualifications to pursue the first flower, and losing the face of the Wang family, presumably because the other party was already a master of the rank, no one in the family would blame him.

Thinking of this, Wang Sheng had the intention to retreat.


Right at this time, Wu Youdao, who could not bear the heavy burden, suddenly shouted. His hands moved quickly, and the force danced wildly. With a shake of his curved blade, those two sharp lights shot towards Wang Sheng.

After the sharp light had shot out like a bolt of lightning, Wu Youdao immediately slumped to the ground, no longer able to move. It was just that the hard core of the weapon was ranked, and it had damaged the source of energy. However, as long as he was properly nurtured, he would become a true first rank expert. From then on, he would be like the ocean and the sky, and he would step into another world of cultivation. If he did not use these two powerful attacks, he would explode and die. Sending it out was the only way to survive. As for the consequences, it was not something he could care about.

"Ah!" Seeing the sharp edge coming at him at such a fast speed, Wang Sheng had no choice but to point his long sword at it and aim it at its tip. At the same time, he tried to move to the side, trying to avoid the attack.

Crack! Crack!

On the tip of the long blade, the flickering thunder and lightning fire on the surface of the blade was swaying crazily.


As soon as the tip of the blade came into contact with the Thunderbolt Blaze Flame, it made a loud bang as sparks flew in all directions. However, its sharpness was like cutting tofu. It pierced through the blade and struck Wang Sheng's cheek. It then flew away from the other side, leaving behind a bright red line...

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