Eternal God King/C3 Origin of Leaf Wind
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Eternal God King/C3 Origin of Leaf Wind
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C3 Origin of Leaf Wind

Wang Shen's big head instantly exploded. Blood and brain matter, red and white, mixed as they sprayed into the air.


The headless body fell, kicking up a cloud of dust.

"Ah!" The spectators all cried out in surprise. The match was something to watch, but it would not look good if there were casualties. With today's result, the Wang family and Wu family had probably formed a huge enmity. In the future, the Dragon City would surely cause a wave of bloodshed. Therefore, everyone immediately scattered in order to avoid bringing about any unexpected calamity.

Ye Feng, who had squeezed into the crowd, saw two guys who had messed with him. One of them collapsed to the ground, while the other died on the spot. The moment the crowd dispersed, he turned around and fled. When he wanted to meet Sima Zhaozhao again, the figure on the tree was already gone. Helpless, he could only turn around and leave.

Ye Feng's temporary residence was on the outskirts of the city. This place was rather remote. Most of them were commoners, so very few people paid attention to them. Although the environment wasn't clean enough, Ye Feng liked it a lot.

Because, because of this, very few people paid attention to him.

Because, he couldn't reveal too much of his identity.

He was a bodyguard, and also — a killer.

In a normal mud house, there were furniture everywhere, not a single piece of furniture. The only thing he had was a wooden bed.

This was Ye Feng's temporary residence. He was usually free, and other than wandering and hunting for girls, he was resting here.

Standing in front of the door, Ye Feng carefully looked at the silk thread in the gap between the door and door. Seeing that it was still where he left it, Ye Feng pushed the door open and entered. This was a habit, a habit of being a killer — even though he was a different kind of killer.

He closed the door and lay down on the bed. Ye Feng reached his hand gently to the top of the bed. Over there, there was a bulge that would be hard to find unless one looked closely. Then, his hand pressed down.

Without any sound, the bed suddenly sank and turned!

The other wooden bed was exactly the same as the previous one, replacing the previous one. No matter how you looked at it, the house looked exactly the same as it had before.

However, Ye Feng had actually already reached the bottom of the house. There, was a passageway.


Rocks rubbed against each other. Sparks flashed, torches burned, and the light flickered.

This was a special cave.

At the side of the cave, there was an iron box.

Ye Feng walked over to the box and took out the thin wire skillfully. He poked it into the hole on the side of the box and tapped it a few times.


The lid of the iron box suddenly flipped open.

Ye Feng glanced inside and saw that there was nothing inside, then closed the box again. Then, he took a step back. He stretched out his hand and pulled a rope that hung in the air. At the same time, his toes touched the ground and his body curled up like a swallow returning to its nest. He held the wooden bed upside down.

Without a sound, the wooden bed turned over once again.

In the darkness, he returned to the house.

The cave, the iron box, was where Ye Feng accepted missions. If the box was empty, it meant that it had become a task for the time being. It also indicated that he could continue to be carefree.

Smiling complacently, Ye Feng stuck out his tongue. In his mind, he started to think about how he was going to court Sima Zhaozhao, the girl that he fell in love with at first sight...

Under the bright sun, there was a steady flow of people.

At the entrance of the Guang Wu Institute, Ye Feng leaned on the gate in boredom, staring at the students that walked out of the school one by one, trying to find the figure of a girl that made him unable to sleep for the whole night. "It was a pity that even when no one was around, there was still no sign of him.

"Ai!" With a sigh, the listless Ye Feng stretched his body a few times and looked at the westering sun gloomily. Why didn't she come to the academy today? Or did I find the wrong place? But I clearly saw her here yesterday … 'Forget it. Perhaps she has something on, so I'll come back tomorrow … ' If he still couldn't find it, he could only use his final move... "I'll ask shamelessly …"

The day passed just like that.

Back at the house, he stood in front of the door and looked again at the small piece of hay between the tops of the doors. Yes, it's still there. That means there's no problem, everything is normal.


Ye Feng slowly opened the door and was about to enter. However, at that moment, he instinctively felt a sliver of danger!

His body quickly moved and the foot that he hadn't even stepped on immediately withdrew. The tip of his foot pushed as he floated backwards. At the same time, he waved both of his hands again and again. Countless rays of cold light flew out and flew into the door in a few strange arcs.

By the time he finished doing all this, he was already on the ground. All of this was a temporary reaction of his. He was confident that he had done well. However, what surprised him was that after those few chilling rays entered the house, there was not even the slightest sound.

Meeting an expert!

He wasn't someone that he could deal with at the moment!

Do you want to … Unseal himself and recover his true strength?

Just as Ye Feng thought this, he heard someone whisper in his ear, "Not bad, you didn't let the women of the brothel level your vigilance."

Upon hearing this voice, Ye Feng, who originally had doubts, immediately changed his face. With a wide smile, he strode forward and pushed open the door.

When he closed the door, Ye Feng looked up and saw a middle-aged man sitting on a lonely wooden bed.

"Master, why are you here?" Ye Feng asked happily. The person in front of him was his master. Even though the other party had wanted him to call him foster father and he wanted to call him that, he just didn't call him that.

Ye Feng was a killer.

There were countless killers in this world. But the most famous place, was only one place, and that was Hidden Sword Valley!

The reason Hidden Sword Valley was so famous, besides its highest success rate in completing missions, there was another difference. Others' possessions were all assassinations. Other than the assassination, there was also another assassination system in Hidden Sword Valley, known as the Ming Sha family.

Just as the name implied, assassination was to use any means to ambush and ambush from behind. Ming Sha was facing the same opponent head on.

In the Ming Sha faction, every expert that came from here was a true expert. They were all ranked. Because they didn't have any quality goods, they couldn't enter the Ming Sha family.

Ye Feng was from Mingxiu. And the master he spoke of was Ming Sha's commander — Soul Splitting, a fifth level expert.

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