Eternal God King/C5 I Chased Him to My House
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Eternal God King/C5 I Chased Him to My House
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C5 I Chased Him to My House

"You are..."

"I am Ye Feng, I am here to protect Miss."

"Oh." Sima Loongtian understood and confirmed that it was correct, then nodded: "Hidden Sword Valley?"

"That's right." Under the oppression of the aura that he had intentionally unleashed, Ye Feng did not reveal the slightest bit of fear or uneasiness as he replied calmly. When Sima Loongtian saw this scene, he couldn't help but nod to himself. With his fifth-grade strength, he was still able to remain neither humble nor arrogant. He was absolutely an expert with strength. Hidden Sword Valley, you truly are talented. While sighing, Sima Loongtian said from the side, "Please come in."

"Please, please."

"Alright." Sima Loongtian was in the lead, followed by Ye Feng, and they entered Sima family's residence. When they reached the living room, Sima Loongtian said after a simple round of pleasantries, "Do you know your mission now?"

"Yes, please rest assured, I will do my best."

"Mn, I still believe in the credibility of Hidden Sword Valley. I also believe that you won't destroy this golden signboard." Sima Loongtian then called for his underling and gave him some instructions. The servant then led Ye Feng straight towards the backyard. That was where the women rested and stayed.

There were only a few servants on this journey, so it was rather lonely. Ye Feng was surprised, so he didn't ask and just followed the mute. When they arrived in front of a three-storey building, the servant said, "This is the residence of my Miss."

"Oh, then I'll stay here as well?" As he asked, Ye Feng couldn't help but start imagining the fun it would be like living together with Sima Zhaozhao. However, that one sentence from the servant had completely shattered all the thoughts and thoughts that had just sprouted in his mind.

"No, you live in the next room."

Ye Feng followed the direction of the instruction and looked over. He could not help but feel depressed. Next to the three-storey building, tens of meters away was a relatively dilapidated house. Compared to the surrounding rooms, the trash was like a latrine.

Just as he was thinking this, he heard the servant say, "Please rest. "Wait for me to tell the young miss."

"Oh, okay." Ye Feng indicated that he would wait. The servant then ran towards the tower where the young miss was, and muttered softly. I really don't know what Miss is thinking. She actually asked everyone to change the latrine into a place to stay and even asked the new bodyguard to stay there … I really don't know how he got the taste... "

Ye Feng really hated himself at this moment. He hated how he was able to train a pair of sensitive ears. The servant spoke very softly, but he barely uttered a word. He heard everything clearly...

"Sima Zhaozhao, Sima Zhaozhao, why did you do this to me? Are you really looking down on me? What should I do in order to make you accept me and approach you … " Ye Feng thought about it randomly and felt a bit lost for a moment.

At this time, the servant had already approached the small building. He lightly tapped twice at the door, and then respectfully waited. Not long after, the door opened and a maidservant dressed in green walked out. She looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old, and her appearance was extremely bizarre. The moment the maidservant came out, she was naturally in place of the young miss to inquire about something. The servant then told Ye Feng about how he came to protect the little miss. In the end, he also said that he had arranged for Ye Feng to live in that newly renovated house. When the maidservant heard this, she nodded her head, indicating that she already knew, and went back into the house to report.

Seeing that there was nothing else to do, the servant left. When he passed by Ye Feng, he could faintly hear Ye Feng muttering: "Don't you like me?" That shouldn't be the case. No matter what, I am a person who is elegant, elegant, elegant, dignified and infatuated with hundreds of thousands of young ladies ….

"Tch!" The servant shook his head disdainfully and left. He had seen many infatuated women like her. They were all playboys that loved the young miss. Normally, he would have been directly sent away outside the mansion gates. If it wasn't for the old master personally instructing him to stay, how could he have entered the inner chamber?

"Um, you, come here …" "I'm calling you, why are you so silly?"

A string of clear sounds came from afar, startling Ye Feng awake. When he turned around, he saw a little girl dressed in green staring at him with her big watery eyes.

"Call me?" Ye Feng pointed at himself in confusion. The girl snorted and said, "Other than you, is there anyone else here?"

"Oh, there's no one else." Ye Feng looked around. Indeed, other than himself, there was only that girl in the backyard. You're looking for me, what's the matter? "

"Nonsense, if there's nothing else, why should I call you?" The little girl coldly said, "It's my Miss who wants to meet you. I heard that you're the new bodyguard?"

"Yes." Ye Feng answered honestly. Since this lady wanted to meet him, then he might as well do so first. At the very least, he had to solve the problem of his living quarters. That house, which was converted by the latrine, could never be lived in.

"Then hurry. Miss doesn't have much time for you. " With that, the servant girl turned and left, leaving an open door. Ye Feng touched his nose and was quite annoyed. No matter what, he was here to protect her. Why did he have such a vile attitude? It seemed that he hadn't provoked anyone, and he hadn't committed any grave mistakes.

He walked into the building and what entered his eyes was a patch of pink. Looks like this little house is Miss Sima family's boudoir. Smelling the fragrance in the air, it was very pleasing to the nose. It seemed that this lady was different from the ordinary girls in the brothels.

"What are you looking around for? Sneaking around, you don't look like a good person. " The servant girl behind Ye Feng taunted him with a disdainful attitude. Her large eyes were staring at Ye Feng as if she was afraid that he would steal something.

Ye Feng was unhappy and frowned, "What happened to you? It's not like I've offended you, so you don't have to be so presumptuous, right? No matter what, I was invited by your Master. "

"Humph!" The maid harrumphed and did not say anything else. She turned around and went to the staircase on the second floor. It was probably because Ye Feng mentioned Sima Loongtian, so the servant didn't dare to be too impudent. However, Ye Feng guessed that the servant girl must have obtained the approval of Young Miss Sima for her to do such a thing. Otherwise, with her status, there would be no reason for her to make things difficult for him.

"Miss, they've called us." The maid reported softly. "A girl's voice came from upstairs, sounding like the singing of an oriole, clear and melodious." "Yes, I understand. Tell him to wait."

When Ye Feng heard this voice, even though he had been nurtured carefully by the Hidden Sword Valley for many years, with his sharp and clear mind and years of wandering the flowers, he could still be called an experienced expert. The owner of this voice was Sima Zhaozhao, the person he had been desperately thinking about for the past few days.

"It's really her! It's really her! " Ye Feng repeated in a daze. He didn't even care about the servant girl's message and request for him to wait. Ye Feng turned around and looked at the sky outside. His eyes were filled with tears. "The heavens have been really nice to me, they finally gave me another chance …"

Time flew by while he was indulging in his thoughts. Seeing Ye Feng stand there in a daze, the maidservant stopped being on guard. She waited until the sound of light footsteps was heard coming down the stairs before she lowered her head and stepped back, allowing the young lady to pass through.

Ever since that day, Sima Zhaozhao had a young master from an influential family die because of her duel. Her father, Sima Loongtian, had told her not to go out, not even to go to the academy, so she was trapped in the pavilion. As a result, when he heard that his father had arranged for another bodyguard, his thoughts went awry. The arrival of Ye Feng naturally became the target of her and her father's venting after they had caught their breath. Today, after hearing that the bodyguard had arrived, he decided to put up a show of force. Thus, he waited for a while before coming downstairs. When they arrived at the lobby of the first floor, they saw a lanky man standing with his back to them. Under the rays of the sun, he looked tall and handsome.

Only after the servant girl at the side coughed lightly did Sima Zhaozhao recover her wits and softly shouted: "You, this bodyguard, are really rude. You didn't even show the least courtesy when you saw me coming?"

When Ye Feng heard this, he turned around with a faint smile and said, "Sima Zhaozhao, we meet again."

Hearing these strange words, Sima Zhaozhaowei was stunned. Looking carefully, she only felt that this man looked familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before. When Ye Feng heard this, he said, "I'm Ye Feng, I like you." Sima Zhaozhao finally understood.

"Isn't this person the one who was chased by me two days ago?" He has guts to come to our house? "

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