Eternal God King/C7 It Turned out to be Picking His Leg up
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Eternal God King/C7 It Turned out to be Picking His Leg up
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C7 It Turned out to be Picking His Leg up

However, what Ye Feng didn't know was that this new residence of his was made up by Sima Zhaozhao herself. Sima Loongtian didn't even know that there was such an arrangement. If he knew the whole story, he would definitely cry out in regret. If he had a direct reaction with Sima Loongtian, he would naturally change his residence. Unfortunately, he didn't know, because he had thought that Sima family was deliberately doing this, in order to give him a try.

"That's good. If I win, I'm going to live in this building. "

"What?" "You …" "Miss!" Sima Zhaozhao's expression changed, and her temper flared. So, you, a lecher, are planning this? "

"What is it? Don't dare to? If you are afraid of losing, you can just refuse. " Ye Feng went all the way by retreating.

Sima Zhaozhao was so angry that her chest heaved up and down, waves surging. It made people salivate. Ye Feng was also unable to avoid the vulgar look in his eyes, causing his mouth to become dry. When Sima Zhaozhao saw this, she became angrier and shouted, "Fine, I'll promise you. If you have the ability to beat me, then I'll let you live in this building."

"And it was you who invited me in, you even want us to stay together? If you are afraid of losing, you will lose the might of your Sima family … "

"Alright!" Before Ye Feng could finish his sentence, Sima Zhaozhao's face had turned red from embarrassment and anger. If you can beat me, what would you say? "

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked away, heading straight to the training room. Ye Feng stood far away and did not move for a long time. He felt as though his mind was floating, and somewhere in his mind, he was ready to make a move. It was actually Sima Zhaozhao's words. The meaning of her words was too vague and unclear, making it easy for people to think about it.

"Still not going?" The maid saw that Ye Feng was not moving and thought that he would only talk big. Now that he was serious, she was afraid and warned him coldly. However, she knew the strength of the young mistress. Cultivators of the same rank, regardless of gender, were far more powerful than ordinary practitioners. And the difference between each grade was like heaven and earth. If he didn't have an extremely special method or insight, the disparity between him and them would be impossible to overcome. The challenges of the higher grade were mostly where there was no victory or defeat. As for Sima Zhaozhao, she was a second rank expert that no one else knew about. Therefore, Sima Zhaozhao's personal servant didn't believe that she would lose.

"Oh." Ye Feng agreed and quickly followed Sima Zhaozhao, following her at a few steps at a moderate pace. His gaze roamed around the area below his twisted waist. Wherever the long skirt went, the outline would be clear, and the beauty of her buttocks would be revealed. The swaying curves were like the rippling of water, attracting one's eyes. Just the scene that revealed itself was enough to make Ye Feng lose his mind.

The servant girl following closely behind saw Ye Feng's eyes accidentally taking advantage of the little miss. She was in charge of the little miss, so she quickly ran towards Sima Zhaozhao, passing by Ye Feng and snorting coldly. However, she didn't directly reprimand him, as this was related to the little miss's innocence.

He waited until he was beside Sima Zhaozhao before whispering, "Miss, pay attention to your … "Behind you, that thief is taking advantage of you."

Sima Zhaozhao blinked and immediately understood what was going on. She couldn't help but turn around and glare at him, but she saw Ye Feng walking with his head down. Sima Zhaozhao almost bumped into him when she stopped. Sima Zhaozhao screamed as she felt a man's unique aura rushing towards her. Her face flushed red, she retreated backwards. The number of times she had blushed in this day could be compared to the number of times she had blushed in the past few years. And it was all because of a single person, a single man, that made her even angrier.

Ye Feng lowered his head obediently as if he didn't look up at all. Sima Zhaozhao's chest heaved as she realized that the competition was going to start in a short while anyway. She could still vent her anger by ruthlessly punishing and humiliating him at that time. He didn't waste any more time as he turned around and left.

Sima Zhaozhao's training room was also in the backyard. After walking for two to three quarters of an hour, they had reached their destination. It was a row of bungalows, so one couldn't see much from the outside. When he entered, Ye Feng was surprised to find that the interior was quite spacious. There were swords, spears, swords, halberds and other weapons of all sorts neatly placed on the weapon rack. It could be seen that this room was specially made for training weapons and was more suited for duels.

"Come." Standing in the middle of the room, Sima Zhaozhao's hands were hanging lightly and her entire body was relaxed, but she exuded a noble aura, completely at odds with her previous impetuous mood. At this moment, she was a true martial practitioner.

Facing this change of hers, Ye Feng couldn't help but be shocked. This kind of person, regardless of gender, was a martial artist that couldn't be underestimated. As expected, a tiger father doesn't have a dog daughter. It seems that Sima Loongtian, this level of expert, has spent quite a bit of effort on his daughter and has taught her very diligently. Just from the imposing manner she exuded, one could tell that Sima Zhaozhao's strength should be pretty good. No wonder she had the confidence to participate in the competition herself.

"The wager from before?" Ye Feng asked again worriedly. After all, the person in front of him was a woman, and the biggest characteristic of a woman was that she liked to act shamelessly. If she lost and didn't admit it, then Ye Feng couldn't either. After all, he couldn't use torture to punish her, right?

Sima Zhaozhao raised her brows, and shouted in a clear and delicate voice: "Of course, you can rest assured on this point. My Sima family does not have a habit that does not count as speaking."

"That's for the best." Ye Feng smiled indifferently. His brows were calm and collected, and his bearing was elegant and graceful. Then, he could begin. Are you empty-handed or using a weapon? "

"Whatever." Sima Zhaozhao answered confidently. Her small head was raised high in the air, and her black hair was still at the back of her head. As she lightly swayed back and forth, she possessed a unique charm.

Ye Feng licked his dry lips as he tried his best to keep his eyes away from her. He gathered his thoughts and said, "Then let's fight. If I use a weapon and accidentally injure you, it would not be good. After all, I am a bodyguard and have come here to protect you. "If something happens..."

"Why do you talk so much nonsense?" Listening to Ye Feng's endless chatter, Sima Zhaozhao could not help but shout, "Do you want to fight? Just fight faster, I don't have time to clench my teeth with you. "

"Fine." Ye Feng nodded, indicating that he was no longer long-winded.

Sima Zhaozhao glanced at him and thought that she would teach him a lesson soon. She was quite pleased with herself, and her lips curved up in a beautiful smile. Ye Feng was about to get ready, but he suddenly saw this scene. His heart skipped a beat and his eyes were all focused on those alluring red lips. His throat moved and flames burned in his heart.

"Hah!" At this time, Sima Zhaozhao had already let out a delicate shout as she spread out her hands with her fingers spread out horizontally. The ten pairs of fingers began to glow with an orange light. The tip of his feet touched the ground, and with a flick of his feet, he closed in like a fish.

When the orange light flashed and entered Ye Feng's eyes, he couldn't help but be shocked. It turned out that Sima Zhaozhao's fearless battle was due to her tyrannical strength. Confidence came from strength.

Second grade!

Sima Zhaozhao was a second rank expert.

Ye Feng was still surprised that Sima Zhaozhao's attack was approaching. Accompanied by a sharp piercing sound, the orange light on the finger became even sharper, causing his skin to hurt.

Ye Feng didn't have time to think. He quickly took half a step back and moved to the side. He also used both of his hands to clap towards Sima Zhaozhao's wrist and grabbed towards her chest.

"Dirty!" With a low curse, Sima Zhaozhao had no choice but to retreat and dodge this vicious attack. Ye Zichen kicked out at the same time, towards the space between Ye Feng's legs. That was where the blood of men lay.

"Lift your legs!" It's actually picking up Yin Kicks! " Ye Feng exclaimed in his heart with an excited expression. "This is really surprising. Everyone, we're actually from the same sect …"

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