Eternal Martial Soul/C1 Su Huai! He had been reborn in another world!
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Eternal Martial Soul/C1 Su Huai! He had been reborn in another world!
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C1 Su Huai! He had been reborn in another world!

— —

Su Huai suddenly woke up with a splitting headache, he felt like stars were shining in his eyes, his four limbs were extremely heavy, as though they were filled with lead, he was unable to move at all.

It took more than ten minutes before he managed to sit up with great difficulty. His bloodshot eyes looked around, this was clearly a sinister cave, and from the light cast by the cave entrance, he could see that five or six corpses had fallen beside him, not rotting yet. It seemed as if they did not die long ago.

"I actually survived? "Where is this place?" Su Huai frowned.

As an outstanding agent, he had the task of stealing other countries' secrets, maintaining national security, and even dealing with all kinds of malignant and supernatural incidents. With his strong mental fortitude, he immediately calmed down and fell into deep thought.

Su Huai was not weak, and was one of the best among all the special agents!

As such, he had to carry out dangerous missions frequently. For example, this time, he received orders from his superiors to snatch the national treasure that the American Emperor had stolen from the Tomb of the First Emperor, at all costs.

It was said that this national treasure possessed a mysterious power. Once it landed in the enemy's hands, they would be able to uncover the secrets within. This would be a huge blow to China.

As a result, all the countries sent their secret agents to try to capture him. There were the Japanese ninja, the American Emperor Genetic Enhancer, the Anglo-Saxon Bloodline, and so on. In a battle to the death, Hua Xia suffered heavy losses but fortunately, Su Huai displayed his abilities and barely managed to win in the end.

When the enemies were all heavily injured and they lost all ability to fight, Su Huai was just about to bring the national treasure back to headquarters to report, but suddenly, the black iron ring that everyone was fighting for, which seemed to have rusted on the surface, suddenly released a storm and transformed into a vortex that engulfed Su Huai.

At that time, Su Huai struggled with all his might, but he was unable to do anything as he had experienced the great battle. His stamina and superpower was depleted, and the black storm was like a blade made of wind, tearing his flesh and blood from his bones.

Many times, death was also a new life!

— —

The messy thoughts gradually returned back to Su Huai as he laid limp in the cave. He started to observe his surroundings, but suddenly, there were some fragments of memories that appeared in his head. That was the other Su Huai's memories!

This guy had the same name as him, but he was only seventeen and much younger.

His identity was astonishing, and he turned out to be a prince? However, this identity didn't seem to be anything special.

Divine Broken Continent!

The northern region was vast, and there were all sorts of forces in the area. Fighters could be seen everywhere, fighting and fighting. Martial practitioners were rampant. The situation was complicated.

And the powers on the continent were divided into three levels, lower level, middle level, and upper level.

These three levels were extremely tight, with layers upon layers of suppression.

The original owner of this body, Su Huai, was the prince of the Great Qin Empire in the lower countries of the Northern Region!

Although it was only the Lower Empire, the Great Qin Empire was still vast, crowded with people and strong soldiers. All these years, under the leadership of Su Huai's wise father, they rose day by day, gradually rose up, and their powers increased.

However, it was because of this that they offended a middle ranking sect, Myriad Sword Sect!

Su Huang raised the strength of a nation, yet he was still not his match. He paid a huge price and retreated from the Myriad Sword Sect Elder, but he himself did not have much time to live, and was on the verge of death.

The princes had long hearts. They tried to rope in their courtiers and officials, openly and covertly contending with each other to form a private party. The battle for the direct line of descent was like a raging fire.

Although Su Huai was a prince, he was only given to him by the palace maids. He had no power, and due to his inability to awaken his martial spirit, his innate talent was not high.

The dispirited Su Huai, in order to protect himself, chose to stay far away from the temple, and came to the Forest of Death that had blocked the northern and central regions.

Naturally, the competitive princes wouldn't put him in their eyes. Seeing that he was sensible, they didn't send anyone to chase after him.

However, Su Huai, who had never left Great Qin Empire, had underestimated him.

This forest was no small matter. Mountains rose and fell, stretching for millions of miles and covering the entire continent.

Not only were there powerful demon beasts, there were also traps and remnants left behind by powerful warriors, which were extremely dangerous. The original owner of this body had overestimated himself and barged into this strange cave, only then did he die.

Su Huai's face was pale, he stood up while leaning on a long spear, carefully looking around, he calmed down and analyzed in a deep voice: "I actually reincarnated into a different person, a person called 'Su Huai', and a prince at that?"

"However, one's status as a prince has a great deal of water. One doesn't even have the right to talk about it. On the contrary, one is looked down upon for being born with a lowly background and insufficient talent in martial arts!" The reason that this fellow decided to enter the Forest of Death, other than staying away from the imperial court and avoiding trouble, is also because he wants to go to the Forest of Death and try his luck. Once he gets the chance, maybe he can awaken his martial spirit and increase his cultivation by leaps and bounds, becoming an extremely strong warrior who has control of his fate. " Su Huai's eyes suddenly shone with a bright star-like light. He recalled everything and could not help but gently shake his head, sighing for the original owner of his body. "What a pity …"

However, his regret did not last for long. He immediately felt that this vast and mystical continent was filled with the yearning of a world where warriors ran rampant and the strong were revered.

From the original owner's memories, he knew that many warriors on this' Divine Broken Continent 'possessed all sorts of incredible martial arts with tremendous power. Some practitioners were even able to display a talent that was far superior to others upon birth.

Some people were born with the ability to control fire and cultivate to a higher level, which was to burn mountains and boil seas. Some people could produce lightning, some could control plants and vegetation, some could fly in the sky and escape the earth. … … … … … ….

And the special talent shown on this kind of warrior's body is called 'Martial Spirit'!

Just like the Great Qin Empire or the people of the royal family, their bloodline had the ability to control the ice and snow, and that was called 'Ice Martial Spirit'! Of course, even within the imperial family, there were very few people who could awaken the Ice Martial Spirit.

Su Huai was only born from a palace maid, so his bloodline was thin.

Martial Spirits were almost all born, just like the Great Qin Empire and the royal family, passed down from generation to generation. Within the bloodline, there was a special talent that was inherited by the 'Power of Ice and Snow'.

Of course, there were also a very small number of practitioners who had either cultivated or received some fortuitous encounters to awaken their martial souls. However, the probability of this happening was extremely small and almost negligible.

Not only could it enhance one's fighting strength, it could also increase one's cultivation speed. This was not something trivial. This was also the reason why all martial artists yearned to awaken their martial spirits.

The power and utility of a Martial Spirit was unquestionable!

"This is interesting. Isn't the Martial Spirit of this world the same as my superpower?" I wonder if my superpower can be considered a Martial Spirit. In comparison, the two of them are much stronger. " Su Huai thought, he was completely awake.

Thinking about surviving in this dangerous world, Su Huai's blood boiled unavoidably. As if he had thought of something, he hurriedly lowered his head, rolled up his sleeves, and looked at the two vine like tattoos on his arms. He suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

"Are you okay? My superpower is preserved! This superpower of mine seems to have some similarities with the 'wood type' Martial Spirit on the continent. Perhaps, it is equivalent to a special kind of 'wood type Martial Spirit'! " Su Huai's pupils constricted as he thought to himself: "However, my superpower will be consumed greatly in this battle, and I'll probably need some time before it can be revived again ~ ~ ~ ~" While he was speaking, Su Huai's face darkened.

His superpower had yet to be awakened. It was extremely dangerous for him to be alone in Forest of Death.

Suddenly, the sound of ghosts crying and gods howling spread out, and a dangerous aura suddenly appeared. Su Huai was terrified, he anxiously retreated a few steps, and looked at the center of the cave, where a pool of blood had appeared. This was the blood pool!

The blood pool was located at the center of the cave, and was a total of fifteen square meters. The pool was filled with a dark red liquid, and when Su Huai looked over, it suddenly boiled and bubbled.

There was a bloody rain falling from the sky, and the land was covered with wounds. It was as if demons and devils had fallen during the battle with the gods. A small amount of essence had been condensed together, turning into a pool of blood over time.

Although Su Huai was brave, he would not show off.

When he saw the change in the blood pool, he immediately retreated and prepared to leave the cave. He planned to wait at the 'Forest of Death' for a while to recuperate and train his martial arts diligently. After advancing by leaps and bounds, he would come back to check on it again!

Su Huai was of course curious about the blood pool that caused the death of the original owner of this body and the few personal bodyguards. However, he was extremely careful and wouldn't act rashly.

A strange pool of blood! It was so eerie and terrifying that it seemed to be filled with the unknown!

"Perhaps, the reason I came to this world after my rebirth is because of this blood pool! "In the future, when you become strong, you must investigate more thoroughly." Su Huai's expression was heavy, but his eyes flashed with determination, as he did not dare move too much, as he was afraid of causing even more changes in the 'blood pool'. It was as if within that 'phenomenon', the resentment generated after demons and devils had fallen, and the wraiths and demons had transformed into something that could come back to life at any time, and tear himself apart.

"We need to leave the cave first! I have to make another plan! " Su Huai clenched his teeth, made up his mind, and dragged his tired body out of the cave.

However, there were some matters that could not be decided by his will.

Suddenly, the blood pool boiled and a wave rose. In the air, it turned into a dark 'blood-colored ghost face'. It opened its mouth and sucked.

"This is bad!" Su Huai's face changed.

However, he couldn't control his body. It was as if he was being torn apart by a huge force. He staggered and rushed towards the Blood Demon.

This feeling of helplessness again? Damn it!

Back in China, he was sucked into the whirlpool by China's national treasure, the Black Iron Ring. He had been reborn after he died, yet he didn't have the time to show off his power. To think that he would encounter the same situation again?

Su Huai was aggrieved to the extreme, his face turned sinister as he struggled, but to no avail.

The suction force of the Blood Lake Ghost Face was not something he could resist!

Crack! Crack!

Beside the pool of blood, there were many human bones that were broken in an instant under his feet. Clearly, Su Huai was not the only one who had come to the cave and explored the pool of blood.

There were also many bold people who were swallowed up by the blood pool, becoming a part of it.

This was also the reason why Su Huai didn't dare to rashly approach the blood pool before.

A cold wind blew across his face. It was fierce and whistling like a steel knife or a sword. It fiercely stimulated his nerves. The aura of death seemed to cover the sky and the earth. This pool of blood had swallowed countless powerful beings. It seemed to represent slaughter and insanity.

"This won't do. If this goes on, I will die for sure!" "Dammit, my Discipline hasn't recovered yet. What should I do? Am I going to die again?" Su Huai roared in unwillingness.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! It was as if he could feel the struggle and unyielding nature in Su Huai's mind. When he was close to death, he was immediately devoured by the "Blood Demon Face." At that critical moment, a black iron ring suddenly appeared on the middle finger of Su Huai's right hand.

This ring was extremely simple! "A black divine dragon, similar to a Chinese divine dragon, emerged from the inside, coiling around the body of the dragon. Its horn was towering, its head was raised, and it looked like a roaring dragon." "Aouuu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!"

The Chinese Divine Dragon surrounded Su Huai's body like a protector. It did not retreat but chose to advance instead, rushing towards Su Huai. The blood red face let out a scream, it was terrified, but it was unable to dodge as it was torn apart by the Divine Dragon.

"Hua!" Under the protection of the divine dragon of China, Su Huai fell into the pool of blood.

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