Eternal Martial Soul/C11 A big battle! Such boldness! Attack! Grand General's Tomb, open!
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Eternal Martial Soul/C11 A big battle! Such boldness! Attack! Grand General's Tomb, open!
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C11 A big battle! Such boldness! Attack! Grand General's Tomb, open!

— —

At this moment, outside of the 'Mount of the Undead', everyone's attention was focused on the battle. Facing three enemies alone, Ying Dang's face did not have any fear, but his eyes also flashed a look of seriousness.

Among the three people opposite of him, Jian Wuleng, Duan Tianhun, Bai Wuchang and the expression on their faces were dark and gloomy.

"Humph? If the three of you still don't attack, then I won't be polite. " After a moment of confrontation, suddenly, Ying Dang glared and was about to attack. However, right at this moment, a pitch-black hand suddenly appeared beneath his feet.

The big hand was stiff, yet as fast as lightning, it directly grabbed towards Ying Dang's leg.

Caught off guard, Ying Dang did not even have the time to react. A single leg, was actually grabbed by that jet-black hand? He suddenly received a sneak attack, but was not afraid in the face of danger. He used all his strength to kick the black hand, the thing hiding underground was actually brought out by his immense strength and smashed towards Jian Wuleng.

"Scoundrel sneak attack?" "How bold, let's fight." Ying Dang shouted loudly, reaching the sky.

"What great strength. However, my corpse puppet is not limited to just this one." Bai Wuchang's expression did not change at all, his fingers moved, and the corpse puppet that was kicked away by Ying Dang roared, and with a face as sharp as fangs and eyes as red as blood, it pounced towards Ying Dang.

During their conversation, a living corpse had also appeared on Ying Dang's left side?

In just a blink of an eye, twelve living corpses had appeared. Each of them was actually above the fifth stage of the [Innate] realm, and with incomparable power, they pounced towards Ying Dang like wild beasts.

"We can't delay any longer. Let's attack immediately!" Heaven's Edge is destroyed! " Jian Wuleng took the chance and thrusted his sword.

"Nine Astral Souls!" The experts of the Sea of Broken Souls also attacked with solemn expressions.

"Yin Corpse Arts!" "Die!" Bai Wuchang did not give in, as he controlled the many live corpses with his mind and took out a white banner at the same time, which seemed to be an extremely powerful treasure.

"Humph!" So what if you three are? " There was no fear in Ying Dang's eyes, they were also slightly bloodshot as he emitted a strong fighting spirit.

When his words fell, outside the 'Mount of the Undead', in the area where they were battling. In the sky, the snow was pure white. In the midst of the snow and wind, far off in the distance, Ying Dang raised her longsword, released her vitality, and quickly froze. She turned into a huge, sword-shaped ice spike and fiercely stabbed at the living corpse in front of her. Bang! The living corpse's head immediately exploded.

With just a casual sword strike and the power of the ice thorns, he had actually killed a live corpse of a Nascent Realm warrior?

"Ice Martial Spirit!" Under the 'Mount of the Undead', someone exclaimed.

"What a powerful 'Ice Martial Spirit'. If I use it, my fighting strength will increase by more than two folds?" Many warriors without Martial Spirits had envious eyes.

That day, when Qin Huang and the Myriad Sword Sect's Great Clan Elder fought, the martial spirits of the Emperor Peak Realm Warriors were released. The snow flew all over the place and even the sky of tens of thousands of miles was frozen. "The great elders of the Myriad Sword Sect were frozen by the cold Qi and their tendons and veins, which resulted in their severe injuries." There were also a lot of Nascent Realm warriors who started to show off.

"Ying Dang, do you think you're the only one with a Martial Spirit? "Look at my Dark Lightning." At this time, the four experts had already started fighting, and seeing Ying Dang's display of power, Duan Tianhun's face became sinister.

"KILL KILL KILL!" "Sword Light Martial Spirit!" Jian Wuleng could not help but display his full strength.

"Ying Dang! Your Great Qin Empire has the guts to prepare for the promotion to the imperial court. "Today, I will definitely tear your corpse into a million pieces." Bai Wuchang's eyes flashed a few times, but he did not use his martial spirit.

"You want to kill me?!" I'm afraid it won't be that easy. Ying Dang roared again and again.

At the same time, there were wounds on his arms and legs, with a bit of blood, it had already seeped into his clothes, the pressure was not small when fighting one against three, the wounds were all from Bai Wuchang's live corpse, but he still relied on his bravery to kill many live corpses.

The great battle began. In the midst of the snow and wind, Ying Dang was not the slightest bit of a match.

However, the malevolence on his face grew more and more, and the more he fought, the more valiant he became.

"Puchi", a glacier the size of a small mountain tore through the ground, fiercely piercing through the body of a living corpse. Seeing this, Bai Wuchang cried out in anger, cursing out loud.

"He fought one against three, the consumption of his Essence is enormous! Moreover, he was also injured. Once he ran out of energy, he would be dead! Bai Wuchang, use your corpse puppet to defend, don't let him escape. " As the head disciple of a middle ranking sect and a Myriad Sword Sect, Jian Wuleng was very pleased with himself as he gave out his orders.

"Humph!" "Good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" There was a trace of gloominess in Bai Wuchang's eyes, but he still nodded his head, and let all the living corpses guard at a distance to prevent Ying Dang from escaping.

"Hiss!" These people are so powerful! " Outside, Bu Shaowuzhe's eyelids twitched violently.

They were also Nascent Realm warriors, but they knew they were no match for them.

There were also some Innate realm experts who shook their heads and sighed, "It's such a pity that even though this Ying Dang has the courage of ten thousand men, he won't be able to escape from his deadly hands today. Without Young Noble Ying Dang, Great Qin Empire was afraid that their morale would be down, and they would not be able to stop the various sects and clans from attacking them. Sadly, lamentable! "

"Hahahaha, if you want to kill me, you must pay the price." Time passed, and after an hour of fierce fighting, Ying Dang roared towards the sky with a face full of grief.

He understood that if he continued to be besieged, only death awaited him. He had to charge out.

"Heaven Severing Sword Art!"

His attacks were as fast as lightning, and the sword light was as sharp as lightning. At the edge of the sword, a living corpse was cut into two halves by him! Bai Wuchang was so angry that blood was dripping from his heart.

"Ying Dang, you think you can escape?" Bai Wuchang roared loudly.

"It's too late to leave now! "Leave your life behind." Jian Wuleng and Duan Tianhun, the two of them anxiously chased after them. The three great experts unleashed their killing blows, causing their auras to surge.

"Ice and Snow!" Ying Dang's face changed, his expression becoming sinister.

His feet did not stop moving as he charged straight towards the 'Mount of the Undead'. Suddenly, a glacier rose up from the ground behind him. It was like a mountain, and was like a gigantic shield that protected his back.

Crack crack. However, a full-powered attack from three experts was no small matter.

The vast amounts of elemental energy, and the martial spirit of the glacier, directly clashed, completely clashed with the ice, causing cracks to appear on the ice, and in an instant, it shattered. Jian Wuleng's sword, stabbed towards Ying Dang's back.

"Ahhh, fight!" Ying Dang felt that death was so close to him, and roared towards the sky.

After killing another living corpse, he quickly turned around and used all of his power to deal with the three experts. At this moment, a few living corpses came from behind him.

Life and death were at stake! Ying Dang could not hold on any longer?

"He can't be blamed for overestimating his own strength. In this period of time, if he doesn't stay in the Great Qin Empire properly, he'll definitely run over to the 'Mount of the Undead' to die. He's really stupid." Bu Shaowuzhe shook his head.

Now that the Great Qin Empire was besieged by various powers, they had already lost all of their power and influence. At this time, many people no longer cared about the status of being the young masters of the Qin family, and were talking nonstop.

— —

Not far from where the others were fighting, a group of people were attentively watching this battle.

These pale Corpse Puppet Sect disciples looked excited as they cheered.

One of the men at the fifth stage of the Innate realm laughed and said: "Big Brother is indeed powerful, he was actually able to temper every living corpse above the fifth stage of the Innate realm."

"That's right, eldest senior brother made a huge contribution by killing this Ying Dang. When we go back this time, the sect will reward us. Hahaha, hahaha." The other members of the First Sky Gate quickly echoed his words.

"Humph!" Jian Wuleng and Duan Tianhun are both powerful figures at the highest levels of the Innate Realm. If the three of them attack together, the one to kill Ying Dang might not be Bai Wuchang. " Hearing the discussions of the people in the sect, as well as fawning over Bai Wuchang, Xu Jianlan's expression became somewhat dark. She did not like such feeling and coldly shouted, "Shut up."

"First Miss, that person is the genius from the Sea of Broken Souls that you promised to marry." First Miss, that person is indeed a dragon and phoenix among men. Elder Tian, the old lady warned from the side.

"Duan Tianhun!" Xu Jianlan's face reddened. She glanced at Duan Tianhun, then looked at Bai Wuchang with her eyes. With countless of schemes and tricks in her mind, she slowly said: "This Duan Tianhun, you sure have some tricks up your sleeves! If you enter that 'Grand General's Tomb', there are many dangers. With him by my side and 'Su Huai' added on, it should be safer by quite a bit.

"Humph!" As this thought flashed through her mind, she pulled her hair up and raised a trace of pride.

In addition to her engagement with Duan Tianhun, she felt that she was completely confident that she could play with Duan Tianhun within her palm. Let this genius martial artist charge in on his own behalf.

"Wait until this living corpse of mine becomes stronger, then one day, I will refine you, Bai Wuchang, so that you can become my second corpse puppet." Xu Jianlan calculated in his mind.

"Ah ha-ha ha, Ying Dang, you're dead for sure." Suddenly, a wild laugh rang out.

In the distance, Ying Dang had reached his most dangerous moment.

"Roaaaaar!" Ying Dang let out a loud roar of unwillingness.

However, it was useless to be unresigned. With the three of them surrounding him, he was obviously no match for them. His face suddenly flushed red, and he was furious as he prepared to use all the methods he could muster.

At this moment, everyone present seemed to have foreseen Ying Dang's fate!

"Stupid fellow!" Xu Jianlan was no exception. She looked down on brave men like Ying Dang, but Ying Dang's resolute eyes made her feel a sense of familiarity.

She frowned and thought for a bit. She remembered now, it was Su Huai, that little thief?

Back then, this little thief had also stared at him with such a ruthless gaze.

That time, he was almost scared to the point of peeing his pants.

The expression in that little thief Su Huai's eyes was almost exactly the same as Ying Dang's expression now.

"Hmph, all of these people deserve to die." Xu Jianlan laughed coldly in her heart.

Just as this thought rose in his mind, Xu Jianlan felt a cold aura envelop his entire body. Su Huai, who was about ten meters behind him, had suddenly moved as he was released to guard against the enemy's' live corpse ', Su Huai?

Green light flashed wildly. Over a hundred arborvitae radix s appeared on both his arms, engulfing everything in an instant like lightning.

Xu Jianlan's mind raced as she tried her best to escape from the arborvitae radix's embrace. She even more so, could not understand why Su Huai, the living corpse, would suddenly attack? However, she did not have the time to think about it. In the next moment, he was tied up like a dumpling and flew towards Su Huai.

"What?" "Eldest Miss." Elder Tian's face changed drastically, he did not even have time to save his.

"AHH —" Xu Jianlan cried out in grief, her face full of fear.

"Haha, Xu Jianlan! Do you still remember what I said? There will be a day when I will become stronger than you. " A hoarse and ice-cold laugh came out of Su Huai's mouth.

Towards Xu Jianlan, the woman who almost lost her life, Su Huai did not have any hesitation. He seized the opportunity and attacked fiercely, capturing her in an instant.

"Bai Wuchang! Duan Tianhun! Quick, save the young miss! " Elder Tian screamed shrilly.

"Boom!" It was at this exact moment that the 'Mount of the Undead', the region around the center, suddenly surged with corpse aura that shot into the sky. Su Huai felt an intense desire from within the black iron ring. Without saying a word, Su Huai picked up Xu Jianlan and rushed straight to the 'Mount of the Undead'. At this moment, cracks appeared on the formless and transparent barrier.

More and more! At the most crucial moment, the 'Grand General's Tomb' had actually appeared.

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