Eternal Martial Soul/C13 Extremely dangerous, space storm!?
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Eternal Martial Soul/C13 Extremely dangerous, space storm!?
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C13 Extremely dangerous, space storm!?

— —

The sky shook and the ground shook. The four 'Mount of the Undead' seemed to have transformed into four giants, standing on their own feet as they held up the mushroom cloud in the sky. Corpse auras and death auras roiled into the sky, vast and boundless. Outside the mountain, the transparent enchantment twisted and distorted, ripping open many cracks, growing larger and larger! Without a doubt, it was the 'Grand General's Tomb'!

The warriors outside the Mount of the Undead were no longer able to hold it in, they looked like they were crazy. Their eyes were red, and they charged forward without caring about the possible danger.

After all, everyone knew that there must be a great opportunity within the Grand General's Tomb.

Even if he had a narrow escape from death, what if he was lucky? Many people had this thought, even Su Huai was no exception, he also wanted to go in.

And Su Huai did the same thing, but the only difference was that Su Huai was killed by someone, and he stepped into the 'Grand General's Tomb'.

Hu hu! Passing through a crack, Su Huai felt the astral winds around him howling, as a desolate and cold feeling assaulted his face. This was definitely not a good place!

"Kid, where are you going? If your Junior Sister is missing a single strand of hair, I will make you beg for death! " Just as Su Huai was about to investigate the situation within the 'Grand General's Tomb', a vast and mighty killing intent, that was like a raging tide, swept towards him. Bai Wuchang's eyes turned hazy as he waved the flag and controlled the live corpse to attack.

My name is Duan Tianhun! Who are you? "If you dare to have any ideas about my woman, no one in heaven or earth can save you!" Duan Tianhun also chased after him. As he spoke, a golden blade suddenly flew out towards Su Huai's head, ruthlessly slashing towards him.

"Humph!" Su Huai snorted coldly and waved both of his arms. A five foot long shield made from arborvitae radix appeared in front of him and with a 'ka' sound, the golden blade cut through the 'tree shield'. However, most of the power was consumed by Su Huai's superpower. was prepared for Bai Wuchang's powerful killing move, with his fierce eyes, he grabbed Xu Jianlan and blocked the attack in front of him. In Xu Jianlan's fear, her face darkened and she had no choice but to retract his attack.

But even so, Su Huai felt terrible, he spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression cold.

"Boy, you cannot escape!" Duan Tianhun proudly stood there and laughed coldly.

"You're right, but I didn't expect that you, a little corpse slave, would actually bite back?" However, you should understand the background of the Corpse Puppet Sect. The identity of your junior is even more so not something that a small figure like yourself could get involved with. If I am not wrong, you are only at the Second Sky of Nascent Realm? " Bai Wuchang stood still, his aura locking onto Su Huai, and not saying a word.

"What if I don't?" Su Huai suddenly laughed coldly, and said.

"Brat, you have to let him go even if you don't want to!" Elder Tian's face was ferocious, his expression gloomy.

"Who are you? Don't you know that you have already committed a monstrous sin by ruining the great matter of my Myriad Sword Sect! Now I will give you a chance. Kneel. " At this time, the head disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect let out a long roar, and rushed in through a crack. He also saw the pale-faced Su Huai, whose clothes were tattered, standing at a high place, there was no doubt about it.

"Who exactly is this kid?" A corpse slave actually dared to devour its master, but that Ying Dang was still not a match for the three of them. He is merely at the second stage of Upper Sky warrior, a mantis trying to block a chariot, overestimating himself. " Bu Shaowuzhe began to discuss with each other.

Su Huai did not speak, but only looked coldly at the three young experts in front of him.

"Jian Wuleng! You want me to kneel down, is that possible? " Su Huai retorted coldly.

Jian Wuleng hadn't even spoken, yet a trace of dissatisfaction had been birthed in his heart. He was the pride and pride of the heavens, and was aloof from the top down to today, and had always been favored by the surrounding people.

Now that he was being treated like a disobedient person by a mere Xiantian second stage martial artist, he immediately scolded him.

However, Bai Wuchang took the lead and sneered: "You lowly corpse slave, you should know, in front of our 'Corpse Puppet Sect', you are nothing but an ant. If you obediently hand over my junior sister today, you will be killed! If you don't hand it over, you won't be the only one! Your family, all your loved ones, are finished! Your friend will die a horrible death. "

"Not only must your family and friends suffer a fate worse than death, you must also take out your soul and throw it into the Soul Devouring Cave. This will allow you, little brat, to experience the pain of a thousand demons refining your heart." Duan Tianhun said.

Su Huai's expression did not change at all. He waited for Bai Wuchang and Duan Tianhun to gnash their teeth and finish speaking before he coldly said: "It's precisely because you two said all this that I've thought of a way to kill you two first while we're at the 'Grand General's Tomb'! With no chance of future troubles! "

"Do you think that you can control the life and death of others with the backing of a great power? Do you think that you can do as you please? Ha ha-ha, ha-ha, let me tell you this. Some people may shrink back, but there are some who only know how to resist! "

"The heavens want to pressure me! A hot-blooded person dares to cleanse the heavens!"

Su Huai's words weren't very loud, but they caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble.

Gently, he grabbed Xu Jianlan and looked ahead, his expression calm. At this moment, 'shua shua', at least a thousand pairs of eyes all landed on him.

There was mockery and mockery in their eyes, and there was even indifference, as if they were just watching a show.

Facing all these expressions, Su Huai only maintained a calm expression.

"He's hot-blooded and dares to wash the clear sky?" In the distance, a seventeen or eighteen year old girl seemed to have been touched by something. After a moment of silence, he turned to an older woman beside him.

The woman's eyes were ice-cold. She looked coldly at Su Huai, and did not say a word.

"Hahaha, Blood Cleansing the Azure Sky? What a boastful tone and how ignorant you are. Your words are full of pride, but you can only say it. How dare he use his blood to wash the blue sky? "How laughable, since you're unwilling, then, let's go on our way." Jian Wuleng laughed loudly.

With that, he formed a seal with his hand, causing the sword light to flash, and slashed towards Su Huai.

"Senior Sister!" He — " In the crowd far away, a young girl was hesitating.

"Junior Sister, there's no need to speak anymore. We came to the Grand General's Tomb with our own reasons, we can't let this kid ruin a great matter. Revealing his identity in advance was not a wise move! Moreover, we don't even know him. This sort of insignificant person isn't worth our care. " This senior sister had a cold expression as she shook her head and said indifferently.

The Junior Sister bit her lips in grievance, but could only nod and remain silent.

As for the other martial artists present, they only coldly watched, no one interfering.

To them, if Su Huai, this foreign youth, died, it would be the same as dying!

Moreover, within the Grand General's Tomb, it could be said that there was one less opponent, so why not?

Jian Wuleng's sword light had already appeared, locking on to his killing intent. No one thought that Su Huai could block this sword strike, because the difference in cultivation between the two sides was simply too great.

"Brat, I don't care who you are! Help me once, and I'll help you once! "GO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Suddenly, with a monstrous roar, the imposing Ying Dang appeared. He blocked in front of Su Huai, who was fifteen meters away, and directly made his move.

"What?" Ying Dang, you have recovered so much from your injuries? " Jian Wuleng was furious.

"We can't be threatened by him. Let's attack together." Duan Tianhun and Bai Wuchang also made their moves, the two of them rushed towards Su Huai and unleashed their respective Innate Skills and martial spirits.

At this moment, the positions of both sides were clear. There was nothing left to say.

Su Huai then sneered: "Then let's have a fight."

Just as Su Huai was about to unleash his full strength, fighting against Bai Wuchang and Duan Tianhun, the space in front of them suddenly trembled, and a dangerous aura surged.

What was going on? The warriors who were standing outside the space shivered in surprise.

"Not good, it's a spatial storm! "Run!" Suddenly, the junior sister among the two girls in the distance cried out in alarm. Her voice was filled with horror.

"Junior Sister, let's go." The senior sister let out a soft shout and formed a seal. A five-colored canopy suddenly flew out from her head and released rays of light to protect the two of them.

"Ahh, no ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Suddenly, a miserable cry sounded out from 1,000 feet away.

Su Huai's expression changed as he turned his head. He saw a tall and skinny man, who looked to be at least at the Fourth Sky of Nascent Realm, standing guard, he checked his surroundings. When he took a step forward, his head strangely dropped.

Spatial rift? Killing someone without being noticed was only one of the dangers of the Grand General's Tomb.

"Crap! Everyone, look at the sky!" The junior sister cried out in alarm.

Su Huai blocked Bai Wuchang and Duan Tianhun with much difficulty, and then raised his head to look at the sky, only to see that above everyone's head, there was a greyish white fog, like two surging tornadoes, they released a force that twisted the heavens and earth, rushing towards them. Su Huai sensed that in all directions, the space seemed to be split into countless pieces.


"Why is there a space storm right after entering?" Jian Wuleng's face turned green.


Su Huai's expression changed, he turned and looked, only to see that several tens of meters away, the body of a strong man had strangely split in half from midair.

It was as if an invisible blade had suddenly appeared in front of him and then slashed down. Blood was flowing, but amidst the despairing cries, the strong man fell to the ground without a sound.

Spatial rift! It was another terrifying crack. Su Huai did not know why he was in such danger, he only knew that just now, this sturdy man had a face full of excitement as he boasted to his comrade beside him that he had mastered an absolute art. Yet now, he had mysteriously died. Stunned, many of the people present turned pale.

"The space storm is coming!" Everyone run away quickly. Normally, this kind of storm would only last for a short while. Someone screamed.

At the entrance, over a thousand martial artists immediately scattered in all directions, fleeing in all directions.

At the same time, the strange hurricane descended from the sky above his head, ripping apart heaven and earth. Su Huai felt as if countless sharp spatial blades were slashing at all directions.

Facing such a world, everything was bloody! So strange!

Even if Su Huai wasn't a good person, his heart was as cold as ice. He could not help but feel a chill in his heart as he felt a sense of sadness.

Suddenly, his face turned slightly cold, and subconsciously, Su Huai took a step back. Su Huai's heart jumped, this spatial tear, was impossible to defend against! Xu Jianlan, who was tied to Su Huai's side, let out a terrified wail.

"Leave!" Suddenly, a cold female voice came from behind.

"Alright!" Su Huai immediately reacted, it was a terrifying emergency. If he did not leave, the moment he was hit by the spatial crack, he would die. Without a second word, he picked a path and instantly ran. During this process, one hand controlled Xu Jianlan while the other hand released a burst of green light. Numerous arborvitae radix s, like silver snakes, coiled around her entire body, like thousands of tentacles, and spread outwards in all directions.

Su Huai's face turned pale white, he anxiously ran towards the left. Behind him, the arborvitae radix suddenly started to crack, obviously showing that a spatial rift had appeared. Su Huai cursed in his heart and immediately increased his speed.

"Disciple of the Corpse Puppet Sect, use the corpse puppet to explore the way ~ ~ ~" Bai Wuchang roared.

At this time, no one could care about the pain in their hearts, their hands formed hand seals, releasing low leveled corpse puppets one after another, causing space cracks to appear. Although there were many cracks in space, they were still enough to scare him, but even so, his heart was beating faster, he carefully led his group of Corpse Puppet Sect disciples to escape in another direction. Duan Tianhun's face darkened as he dodged continuously. In the middle of a gigantic spatial rift that was about to devour him, he sweated profusely from fright. Just as he was about to lose his life, a ray of light suddenly flew out from his body, transforming into a green mist.

"The protection of a The Realm of Golden Elixir martial artist's vital energy? A method to save her life?" Jian Wuleng was surprised.

But his reaction was not slow either, he could not deal with Ying Dang, so he quickly used his life saving technique and chose a direction to escape.

Ying Dang was the same. It was obvious that he did not expect that after entering the 'Grand General's Tomb', he would actually encounter such a great danger and escape quickly.

In less than a quarter of an hour, over a thousand warriors in the outer perimeter of the vast world had been killed. Blood flowed everywhere, and many people died a horrible death.

After a long while, this spatial hurricane dispersed, but no one returned here. Many of the companions who came with them also dispersed, and Bai Wuchang, Duan Tianhun, and the others temporarily lost their target, Su Huai. He began to observe his surroundings.

On this small path, Su Huai turned into a tentacle monster, with many arborvitae radix surrounding him, constantly probing the cracks in the surrounding space. At the same time, he was also on guard, not daring to relax.

"Wuwuwu" At this time, Xu Jianlan's eyes were filled with horror.

"Before, in order to get past it, I had left behind a large amount of corpse aura and death aura in my body, urging my body to display the characteristics of a living corpse. This' Grand General's Tomb 'is way too dangerous, I have to first find a place, train for a while, and use a secret technique to transfer the' Corpse Qi 'and' Death Qi 'into the' black iron ring ', so it will return to normal. " Su Huai did not have the time to bother with Xu Jianlan at the moment.

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