Eternal Martial Soul/C14 Small world! Black Mountain Village, met with bandits!?
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Eternal Martial Soul/C14 Small world! Black Mountain Village, met with bandits!?
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C14 Small world! Black Mountain Village, met with bandits!?

— —

"Ka", a living corpse of the Pre-Sky Realm warrior died in the crack in the space.

Everyone was shocked. A tall and thin martial artist, who looked like a lackey, yelled out with a pale face, "Not good! There's a space crack in front, let's go to the other side!"

"Big Senior, this is not the way to go on, although our Corpse Puppet Sect has living corpses, it is not without its uses. If there are always these cracks in this space, the road ahead, what should we do?" Some of the warriors started to complain.

"Bai Wuchang, the young miss is in Su Huai's hands, he's in danger! You must think of a way to save them, otherwise, when you return to the sect, you will not be able to explain yourself. " Elder Tian said.

"Humph!" Alright, stop panicking. Be careful, all of you. Let the living corpses grab onto weapons and branches to find the way. This will reduce the damage to the living corpses. In addition, according to the information gathered by the sect, the Grand General's Tomb was similar to a small space. It was only the outer regions that had the space cracks. At least you don't have to be so worried after you pass this stage and enter the inner circle. " Bai Wuchang's face was gloomy.

"Then, what about Eldest Miss? Bai Wuchang, you! " Elder Tian continued to ask.

"Once we get to the inner perimeter, we'll come up with a plan if there aren't any spatial rifts." Bai Wuchang shot a glance at Elder Tian, a little displeased in his heart, and indifferently said with an unsightly expression on his face.

"With the young miss in the hands of that dirty thief, it will only take a little more time for her to become even more dangerous. I must find that boy as soon as possible." Elder Tian's face was ferocious, his eyes sinister.

"Why, Elder Tian, are you dissatisfied with my decision? You must understand that I am doing this for the good of all. It's not that I don't want to save my Junior Sister, but at the very least, I need to get out of danger before I go and save her. " Bai Wuchang coldly replied.

Elder Tian, if you can't wait, then quickly leave. Go find your own junior sister, we will listen to our senior brother. All the Upper Sky warrior immediately supported him.

"You, Bai Wuchang! I hope you can make sense of the situation with Sect Master. " Elder Tian was ignored like this, but for the first time, his body trembled a few times in anger, and he stopped talking.

Leaving her alone to find Su Huai was simply suicide.

She was also helpless, but compared to her own little life, Xu Jianlan was still more important. Bai Wuchang scoffed, his face was gloomy as he continued to walk forward.

He was surrounded by a gray fog, which looked like a dead body surrounded by a deathly aura.

Under the protection of the Upper Sky warrior s, Duan Tianhun's face turned green, and the veins on his forehead popped out. One of his trusted aides, seeing the situation, could only try his best to comfort him, "Senior Brother, isn't it just a woman? With your identity, what kind of woman would you like? "Besides, even if our reputation is ruined, we can still kill that kid and establish our might. This will let the entire northern region understand that our eldest senior brother cannot afford to offend us."

"What do you understand? Xu Jianlan is not an ordinary woman, she's a 'Poison Spirit Dao Body'! If I combine with her and seize the vital yin, not only would it help me in my cultivation, but I would also be able to borrow the strength of her 'Ten Thousand Poisons Martial Spirit' to make me immune to all poisons. Furthermore, you should understand that a woman with a Dao Body is incredibly rare, and isn't someone you can casually meet. " However, Duan Tianhun's face distorted and he said sinisterly: "It's best that you still haven't broken her body. Otherwise, I'll make you suffer an inconceivable pain.

"Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is right. This kind of person is tired of living." All the disciples cried out.

"Humph!" Once we enter the inner circle, we will need to be even more careful. This' Grand General's Tomb 'is very dangerous outside, we don't even know what's going on inside. " Duan Tianhun instructed.

"Yes, Eldest Martial Brother." The people from the Sea of Broken Souls all nodded in agreement.

At the same time, on the other side of the Myriad Sword Sect, people carrying swords on their backs were surrounding Jian Wuleng as they started praising him: "Big Senior, although that lowly brat had spoilt our plan this time, Ying Dang has already stepped into the 'Grand General's Tomb', and can't escape."

"With my Myriad Sword Sect's rallying power, he should be able to gather a large number of warriors and find a place to kill this person. The Martial Spirit Inheritance under the 'General's Tomb' would only belong to us ~ ~ ~ ~ Big Senior."

"Haha, then Bai Wuchang, Duan Tianhun, Ying Dang, in front of Big Senior, are just bigger ants." Amidst the flattery of the crowd, a smug look flashed across Jian Wuleng's eyes, but he still pretended to be light and collected as he laughed: "Amongst this' Grand General's Tomb ', there are many opportunities. I am only interested in the' Martial Spirit Inheritance ', and there are other benefits. The important thing is unity. "

"Yes, eldest senior brother." All of the disciples shouted in unison. Suddenly, a robust, short, fat man, whose eyes twitched, and suddenly reminded him: "Big Senior, I've seen a sect's ancient book, and it says that in my Myriad Sword Sect, many years ago, a senior stepped into the Grand General's Tomb. Although he didn't receive any benefits, he did come out. This senior said that there are aboriginals living in the Grand General's Tomb, big and small, many tribes. "

"That senior guessed that it might be the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the great general that year that combined with some girls to give birth to a descendant. After all, according to the legends, the expert who created the 'Grand General's Tomb' back then used a huge technique to completely refine the Great Wu Empire and a piece of land within the city. This tomb could be said to be a small world. If we want to find this' general ', I'm afraid we'll have to rely on these aboriginals for a proper burial ground. "Just …"

"But what?" Jian Wuleng who was immersed in listening frowned as he asked.

"Junior apprentice-brother, I am worried. How strong are those natives?" After all, before entering, there were very few people who would be able to walk out of the 'Grand General's Tomb'. " The short and fat martial artist cautiously said.

"Hm!" "Your warning is very reasonable. Go into the inner circle and investigate the situation first." Jian Wuleng's face changed, he was not an idiot and immediately ordered.

Hearing this, all the Myriad Sword Sect disciples nodded their heads and answered repeatedly, "Yes, Senior Brother."

Carefully and cautiously, after travelling for three days, Su Huai felt that he had finally walked out of the area where space cracks existed.

He took a deep breath and felt refreshed. Looking into the distance, he saw the clear water of the Pill Mountain. It was as if he was in a paradise. "How is this possible?"

"How is that impossible? This is the strength of a Huangji Realm Ranker. This kind of existence is practically no longer an ordinary human, but an Earthly Immortal. To this kind of people, moving mountains and filling the seas is a piece of cake. " Suddenly, a woman's voice sounded from behind him.

"Humph!" Your Excellency has followed me the entire way, and it's time for you to reveal your identity? " Hearing this voice, Su Huai's eyes flashed with a cold light. As he spoke, he grabbed the arborvitae radix and whipped it behind him. This whip was very powerful and gave off the aura of someone kneeling in front of him with a single whip. Su Huai immediately followed up with a palm, causing his vitality to roil about. It was even more so with the power to kill everything in the universe and shatter them to pieces. This time, it was sharp.

"monkshood! Your performance really surprised me. Now that I look at it, everyone has underestimated you. " Suddenly, not far behind Su Huai, a black shadow flashed under the tree's shade. Following after, a woman in a black robe with a mask on her head actually appeared.

In response to Su Huai's attack, the woman's pupils contracted and he unleashed his Essence. A golden palm flew out from her palm and welcomed Su Huai's whip, grabbing it ruthlessly. In that moment, Su Huai's arborvitae radix moved as fast as lightning, cutting through the sky, while the woman in black's golden palm, held incomparable power.

Nascent Realm, eighth stage! He was one step away from opening the profound in martial arts and reaching the Golden Dan of the Dao.

Su Huai took a few steps back and said coldly, "Are you sure you can't kill me?"

"Perhaps. However, I do not plan to kill you either. Just by looking at this, you will understand." The black clothed female revealed a proud smile, took out a badge and threw it to Su Huai.

"Hm!" Black Ice Table! You were actually sent to protect me, not Ying Dang. Great Qin Empire, what happened? " Su Huai's expression changed as he asked calmly.

"You reacted fast? To tell you the truth, my mission was to rescue you in the first place. However, in Corpse Puppet Sect, I did not dare make a move, so I followed along, arriving at the 'Grand General's Tomb'! I didn't expect you to get out by yourself. Not simple. As for what happened to the 'Great Qin Empire', I cannot tell you now. After we return and meet with Qin Huang, you will naturally understand! "My Great Qin is in great danger this time."

"Alright, then follow me for the time being." Su Huai muttered to himself and finally nodded his head.

"Hm!" "A few kilometers ahead, there seems to be someone. Let's go take a look. There are aboriginals in this small space." When the black-clothed woman saw this, she smiled and nodded as she suggested.

Su Huai looked at her deeply, then grabbed and took Xu Jianlan's spatial ring. He forcefully opened it and took out a coffin. Xu Jianlan panicked, and was immediately locked up.

Towards this woman, Su Huai was somewhat fearful. He could tell that this girl's martial soul was hard to guard against, and it was stronger than his. Although he was confident in his rank 2 Discipline, he was not afraid of her. He would not act rashly.

His cultivation base was not high enough! After taking a deep breath, Su Huai retracted his spatial ring and walked forward.

The black clothed female's eyes also blinked as she examined Su Huai and followed behind.

The two of them did not converse much. Their steps were light and their bodies moved towards the location where someone was talking. To them, crossing a few miles was a piece of cake.

Standing on a small hill in the distance, he could see a small village.

"This aboriginal village seems to have met with trouble?" The lady in black said coldly.

"En!" Su Huai nodded and quickly headed towards the village.

— —

In front of the Black Mountain Village, Teng Shan's eyes were filled with anger as he looked at the dozens of men riding horses with different weapons. He was holding onto a hunting rifle, and was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

If not for the elderly village chief holding him back, he would have already rushed forward to fight with his life on the line!

Even though he knew that he was unable to defeat the other party! However, they would rather die than fight to the death.

"bull chief! Our Black Mountain Village is willing to give you another thirty antelope and two cows. " The old elder looked helpless as he gritted his teeth. It seemed as if he had made a huge decision as he respectfully said this to the group of bandits in front of him.

However, the leader, a man around two meters tall with a knife scar on his face and arms thicker than an average person's leg, patted his head and viciously said: "Hahahaha, old man, you are still quite familiar with the rules. However, these thirty antelopes and two oxen are nothing in the eyes of our Ox-Head Village. "

Including the thirty antelopes and two oxen that you mentioned, pick ten more for me. For the young and beautiful women, your Black Mountain Village can consider them as having just barely passed this year. "How about it?"

The village chief's face stiffened. This group of people were bandits of the 'Ox-Head Mountain Village'. He clearly knew what would happen to the woman they had taken away.

Hearing bull chief's words, for a moment, all the people of Black Mountain Village had expressions of berserk anger on their faces. A young man in his twenties could not help but shout angrily: "Village head, this group of bandits, they are insatiable, they want food, they want cattle and sheep, our Black Mountain Village can bear with it. "However, we absolutely cannot tolerate them wanting someone. We must go all out."

"That's right, Village Head, they are pushing it even further!" Just give it your all! " All of the young and able-bodied men shouted out loudly.

Just give it your all! The old elder's body trembled a few times. These three words were as heavy as a mountain.

"Kill!" "I cannot allow them to bully me like this. If I die, it will be even better than living a useless life like this ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Hot blood immediately caused the young hunters' faces to turn red. They tightly gripped the knives and forks in their hands, ready to fight for their lives.

"bull chief! "We can add another cow, but, this woman …" The Village Chief's face was also flushed and his eyes were bloodshot. Although he was old, he was also hot-blooded.

However, he was the village chief, and was responsible for everyone in the Black Mountain Village. He had to think about the big picture.

"Hahahaha, fight it out with us? Laughable, young man. You truly do not know the limits of heaven and earth. If anyone wants to put their life on the line, feel free to come up. " The man laughed madly. As he spoke, he suddenly raised the long sword in his hand and viciously swung down on the young man.

"Swish!" The flash of the blade was quick. In an instant, the youth fell to the ground dead.

Upper Sky warrior Realm, First Sky! This was the strength of the Ox-Head Mountains' chief.

"Hu Zi" The village chief and the villagers cried out in alarm, but they couldn't save him in time. The warriors at the Nascent Realm were not people they could fight against.

The head of this young man who had just been hooting and burning his blood, ready to risk his life, fell down. 'Bang!'. His body fell to the ground. Blood flowed, and his heart gradually became cold.

"Hahahaha, the chief is mighty ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The people of the Ox-Head Mountain Village brazenly roared and roared at the same time. Their roars were so loud that it shook the heavens and earth.

"How is it? "Kid!" The Ox-head Stronghold Chief laughed coldly as he stared at Teng Shan and the other young hunter, and said ferociously, "You guys are going to fight with me, what are you going to fight with? Hahaha, I am a Upper Sky warrior, stronger than you all, stronger than your fists. "

"You don't have the right to fight with laozi. All you can do is sacrifice your cattle, your most beautiful women, and ask them to obediently follow their brothers and be cheated by them!"

"Old man, I'll give you fifteen minutes. If you don't pick out ten, no, twenty women that I'm satisfied with, Black Mountain Village doesn't need to exist anymore."

"Slaughter the village!" "Kill, kill, kill, kill!" "Kill them all!" The bandits behind bull chief laughed wildly towards the sky without restraint, their lustful eyes sweeping over the women.

The old elder staggered a bit. Everyone in the village had a pained and sorrowful expression on their faces.

Teng Shan was trembling from anger. The other hunters were so angry that their faces were flushed red, but they had no choice but to lower their heads. They were unwilling. They were angry, and they wanted to fight with their lives on the line. They wanted revenge!

However, everyone knew that the Ox-head Tribe's chief was the Upper Sky warrior!

Going all out? His family would be killed, and he would be able to slaughter the entire village. He was a bunch of animals that could do whatever he wanted.

"You're not allowed to resist. Go lead the oxen and sheep away first." The Old Village Chief's expression was sorrowful as he glanced at everyone in Black Mountain Village and said those words while gritting his teeth.

When these words came out, everyone's expressions dimmed. The youth Teng Shan was also silent.

He felt that it wasn't fair, but he felt helpless. There was nothing he could do.

Damn it! This group of beasts all deserved to die, but they were unable to defeat Upper Sky warrior.

"Village Head, I'll go! I'll go with them to Ox-Head Mountain!" Suddenly, a firm and pleasant voice rang out from the crowd. A young girl walked out.

"Bai Ling" Teng Shan's expression changed as a surge of hot blood rushed to his head uncontrollably. This girl was the prettiest girl in the village, and also the one that he liked the most.

He was ready to ignore everything, but he was held back by the village chief's big hand.

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