Eternal Martial Soul/C17 Building a team, militarizing training! Small space situation?
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Eternal Martial Soul/C17 Building a team, militarizing training! Small space situation?
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C17 Building a team, militarizing training! Small space situation?

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Black Mountain Village was a small mountain village. In the small space, it was far from being comparable to those large tribes. Otherwise, it wouldn't have endured the oppressiveness of a small Ox-Head Mountains bandit.

After the call, a hundred robust men gathered in the village. They were all between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five, making them the more outstanding hunters among the Black Mountain Village.

To rely on the mountains, to rely on the water! In the Black Mountain Village, other than farming food, most people lived their lives hunting, and among them, the young Teng Shan was the most outstanding hunter.

"I've already heard that since you want to train and practice martial arts with me, then from now on, you must obey my orders completely. My training method might not be the same as other training methods, but the suffering I have to endure will be more. " Su Huai reprimanded.

"Brother Su, as long as you are willing to accept it, we are willing to accept any kind of suffering. We also want to kill bandits, but we don't want to see the villagers again. As the strongest of the bunch, Teng Shan immediately stood up and was the first one to yell.

"That's right. No matter how tired we are, we're not afraid. We just need to become stronger." The crowd roared.

The gazes of over a hundred people landed on Su Huai, and were filled with yearning and reverence.

"Very good. Since that's the case, from today onwards, you are all my soldiers. I am the commander!" Teng Shan, you are the Vice Commander! In the future, when you receive an improvement during training and pass my examination and receive my acknowledgement, I will impart to you all the battle techniques. I hope that one day, you will all become powerful warriors. " Su Huai said in a serious tone.

"Commander!" Long live the Great Commander! Teng Shan was the first to shout out.

Immediately after, in all of Black Mountain Village, all of the youths, and the hundred odd people, shouted loudly. Seeing these hot-blooded youths, a trace of reminiscence flashed across Su Huai's eyes.

This feeling was similar to that of his previous life, that of living in the army. In his previous life, he was also a soldier. Later on, because of the awakening of his special ability, he rose above the masses and passed through layers of screening to become a special forces soldier until he was transferred to the security department.

He became an agent that protected his family and country while walking in the dark! After seeing Teng Shan and the others, Su Huai could not help but recall those days when he was in the army.

"Alright, from today onwards, everyone will train with me." Su Huai shouted loudly.

"Yes, Commander!" Teng Shan and the rest completely followed his orders.

From this day onwards, the Black Mountain Village's training never stopped. The sun rose and set in the blink of an eye, a month's time passed. During this month, Teng Shan and the others carried out their devilish training under Su Huai's lead. It was not about imparting martial arts, but military training.

He began to carry the weight every day, running around the Black Mountain Village. Then, he started to do the jogging, push-ups, frog jumps, and so on. After that, he would run and train again. He would repeat the cycle and persevere until he was exhausted. In the beginning, not only did Teng Shan and the villagers not understand, even the black clad woman who was hiding in the darkness did not understand.

To the black clothed female, she was a Qin, a 'Black Ice Table'! He naturally had some understanding of the training methods of the army, but he had never seen Su Huai's method of training.

However, Su Huai used this kind of training method to train Teng Shan and the others ruthlessly.

Actually, Su Huai understood that there was a limit to a person's stamina. The special forces' training method was to continuously train and exercise to extract all their stamina and push themselves to the limit. When he felt exhausted and moved, taking a step forward was like falling into hell, he had to force himself to go again.

In Su Huai's opinion, this was a contest of willpower and body. When willpower was inferior to the body, every step he took, he would be tired to the point of fainting. When willpower triumphed over one's body, taking that small step would be a type of breakthrough, breaking past the limits.

After the limit was broken, the next training session would definitely go even further.

Not everyone had superpowers and martial spirits, but most of the ordinary people still had them! Therefore, the special forces training method was suitable for Teng Shan and the others.

After the second month passed, most of the more than a hundred people under Su Huai's command broke through the limits of their own bodies five or six times. And after breaking through the limits, they also realized, it seemed that every time their bodies broke through, their strength, speed, jumping ability, hearing, and sight would all improve.

Since he could use this kind of method to train himself to be stronger, Teng Shan and the others would naturally use their 'not afraid of hard work, not afraid of fatigue' mental strength to crazily train.

"Haaaaaargh!" "All of them, turn around, and start moving ~ ~ ~ ~" Noon, Black Mountain Village. On a training plaza, Teng Shan was leading everyone and walking forward.

Because it was a modern training, walking in a phalanx, standing on two legs, standing in a military stance, taking a horse stance, and taking a horse stance … these basic projects were all indispensable. After two months, he had gained quite a lot.

Putting aside how much each person's strength had increased, just their mental state would be greatly different from before. The young people were sweating, while Teng Shan shouted out his order loudly.

"Even my Great Qin Army doesn't stand. It's so neat. Is this spirit really different?" "However, how much combat power would such an army have?" Under a large tree, the Black Ice Table woman, who was in his Shadowshape state, frowned.

"monkshood, you really gave me a lot of surprises?" The woman said to herself.

As he spoke, he couldn't help but turn his head towards a nearby tree.

Su Huai was sitting on a stone chair, his eyes were squinted slightly, as if he was about to fall asleep. The young girl, Bai Ling, was standing by his side, checking his sweat and fanning him. As for the young miss of the Corpse Puppet Sect, Xu Jianlan, she sat on another stone stool and let Su Huai's feet rest on her well-proportioned thigh.

This is what Su Huai wanted from Xu Jianlan, what's called 'foot massage'? Xu Jianlan felt that she had been humiliated, but she could not do anything as the situation was better than the person.

In these two months, she was really like a slave who was being ordered around by Su Huai.

But what could she do? It would be impossible to kill Su Huai. Escaping, under the situation where his Dantian was sealed and he was unable to use his Essence, was also just a pipe dream.

She could only pretend to be friendly with Su Huai and carefully wait on him.

"Brother Su!" I heard from a few hunters in the village that although the remaining people in the Ox-Head Village don't dare to come and seek revenge on you, they have already sided with another bandit camp called 'Black Wind Stronghold'! The leader of this mountain village was extremely powerful and was not any weaker than the Ox-Head Mountain Village. Moreover, he was currently taking in the small mountain village within a few hundred miles. My father is worried that if all the bandits gather together, one day, they will make a move against our Black Mountain Village! Several nearby villages had been robbed and some had even been destroyed. There are a lot of people who escaped from their neighboring villages to the Black Mountain Village. " The girl behind Bai Ling suddenly said.

"Black Wind Stronghold!" Su Huai's pupils constricted. In the past two months, he had long understood that this location was the northern part of the small dimension.

There were many small villages here, just like the Black Mountain Village. Of course, there were also vicious bandits on the mountains, occupying the mountains as kings, and bullying these simple villagers.

Because there were no large tribes in the northern mountains, the villages had always been the ones fighting against the bandits. They were at a disadvantage and were not the opponents of the bandits.

Thinking about the situation in the northern region, Su Huai did not panic. Instead, he sneered: "Black Wind Stronghold? "Bandit ~ ~ ~ Rest assured, there's no need for them to come and find me. I'll bring some people to find them ~ ~ ~"

"Brother Su, are you really bringing Teng Shan and the others to exterminate the bandits?" Bai Ling could not help but worry.

"Of course, when did I ever lie?" Su Huai took it for granted, and indifferently nodded. He had already planned everything beforehand. Only by exterminating the bandits would he be able to strengthen his army, otherwise, it would be difficult for the young and strong Black Mountain Village to have such a good climate.

"Yes, I believe that Brother Su will be able to do it." Bai Ling worshipped him.

Su Huai laughed, and did not say anything. After two months, his body, as well as his dantian, were brimming with vitality, but using the pellets and resources in his' Xu Jianlan's' spatial ring, in addition to his own hard work, had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Nascent Realm, Fourth Sky! Although there was still quite a large gap between him and the fifth level, the gap was gradually shrinking. His power was increasing.

In these two months, Su Huai was like a hidden expert.

The appearance of foreign warriors had completely broken the tranquility of this place. On the west side, Bai Wuchang was the leader, the Corpse Puppet Sect was in the lead, slaughtering many tribes of varying sizes one after another. In these two months, on the side of the Corpse Puppet Sect, their strength had greatly increased, and groups of living corpses were being trained here.

Bai Wuchang and the rest of the people in the west side of the tribe were completely deranged and terrifying criminals. The ones who could not win against them were the survivors, as well as some tribes and villages that could not be destroyed in time. They gathered together and formed an alliance.

And the leader of this alliance, was actually the Great Qin Young Master, Ying Dang!

Some of the rogue cultivators moved closer to the great powers, while others began searching everywhere.

To the south of the small dimension, the people of Sea of Broken Souls, led by Duan Tianhun, had begun a war with the Mang Shan Tribe as the starting point and forcefully subdued the surrounding aboriginal tribes.

In just a few months, the Mang Shan Tribe had grown stronger and stronger, to the point where there were actually twenty to thirty thousand teams.

Of course, there were also news of Bu Shaowuzhe joining the Sea of Broken Souls. Duan Tianhun had ordered the local people of the tribe and the army to find 'Grand General's Tomb', as well as Su Huai.

As for the east side, it was occupied by the Myriad Sword Sect s, just that, unlike the other two places, when Jian Wuleng brought his men in, he actually encountered trouble? Not only did he fail to show off his might, he was tricked by someone else instead. It turned out that in the east side of the small dimension, within a tribe, there was a strong Ranker called Jian Shang! He was one of the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect from many years ago, who stepped into the Grand General's Tomb and was fortunate enough to not die.

This guy was a senior from the Myriad Sword Sect. After fighting with Jian Wuleng, Jian Wuleng had lost, and even though he hated Jian Wuleng to death in his heart, he had no choice but to pretend to be friendly with him.

And this time, the leader of the Myriad Sword Sect had become Jian Shang.

Knowing that the Grand General's Tomb was about to fully activate and cause a huge change, Jian Shang also understood that this place would definitely not be a paradise in the future and decided to return to the Myriad Sword Sect.

Jian Wuleng promised. Jian Shang then ordered his own tribe to start a war with the various tribes in the east, preparing to unify it. Afterwards, his army would engulf the entire small dimension. Unknowingly, the warriors who had entered this small space seemed to be developing their military strength, as if they were going to compete for hegemony.

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