Eternal Martial Soul/C2 Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic! He had been reborn!
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Eternal Martial Soul/C2 Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic! He had been reborn!
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C2 Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic! He had been reborn!

— —

Su Huai fell into the pool of blood. Luckily, the black iron ring in his hands released a black divine dragon, coiled around his body, and acted as if it was protecting him. However, the divine dragon was powerful, and the strange blood pool was no small matter.

The boiling, dark red blood that stood in the blood pool reached his chest, and after the bubbles of blood in his surroundings popped open, they seemed to have turned into a devil or demon, shrieking mournfully as they drilled into Su Huai's body in an incomparably crazed manner, stimulating his nerves.

Vicious, murderous, bloodthirsty, all sorts of negative emotions arose from the bottom of his heart. Su Huai's face changed, but he gritted his teeth and persevered, instantly calming down. He soon discovered that the divine black dragon was circling around him, swimming freely in the blood.

On the other hand, the blood was also being swiftly subdued by the black 'Divine Dragon of China'. It quickly surrounded Su Huai's body, forming a blood colored cyclone, and after a bit of the resentment, death aura, madness, and bloodlust had been removed, the pure and warm energy entered his body, spreading throughout his organs and infecting his internal organs.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH …" The pain spread throughout his body, as though his body was undergoing evolution, cell mutation and continuous splitting. Su Huai's face twisted, he could not hold on any longer and cried out in pain.

On one hand, it was a tearing pain that was worse than death. However, at the same time, he also had to endure the mental entanglement of the 'Demon and Devil' grudges.

The pain grew stronger and stronger, and subconsciously, Su Huai splashed about in the water.

"Buzz!" Just as Su Huai's willpower could not hold on any longer and was about to be tortured to the point of going crazy, a light suddenly flashed on his right hand and a cultivation method suddenly flowed into his mind. Su Huai's entire body shook.

"Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic!" He focused his gaze and suddenly, fortune struck his mind. He immediately started cultivating in accordance to this technique.

The original owner of this body didn't have much talent, so he didn't have much strength to begin with.

Right now, when the Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic was activated, the originally weak Essence inside the Dantian was immediately dispersed. A black hurricane was born within Su Huai's Dantian, giving off an extremely strong suction force. The energy of the blood pool passed through his pores and through his eight extraordinary meridians, flowing in and filling up the black whirlwind, becoming faster and faster.

Su Huai who was in a muddled state suddenly regained consciousness, and was immediately pleasantly surprised: "Turns out that not only was this brat unable to awaken his Martial Spirit, his meridians were also blocked, making him a complete piece of trash. He was not a martial cultivating material, and only reached the third level of the Postnatal realm at the age of seventeen. I didn't expect that not only would the blood pool help me wash my hair and wash my marrow, it would also cause my cultivation to soar. "

"Also, what exactly is this ring?" You actually allowed me to obtain such a strange cultivation technique, 'Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic', a Chinese martial art? " While he was speaking, Su Huai's eyes flashed, revealing a hint of confidence.

Blessed by misfortune, the opportunity must not be lost, never come again! He gathered his thoughts and continued cultivating.

Wu wu wu, wu wu, the strange blood pool, boiling blood water, terrifying evil spirits and demons surrounding it, a pitch-black, incomparably lofty divine dragon of China with scales. As it swam, it seemed to control the amount of 'blood water', and without allowing the 'power of blood pool' to be excessive, it madly rushed towards Su Huai together, allowing the 'power of blood pool' to slowly, bit by bit, merge.

Su Huai's cultivation of Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic had advanced by leaps and bounds.

His will was tormented by the death aura and resentment generated by the blood pool, becoming even more tenacious.

Although he still felt pain in his head, it was not unbearable. Su Huai suddenly became excited, he was extremely excited: "Houtian fourth, fifth, sixth …"

"Hahaha, this pool of blood is indeed a good thing! Inhale, absorb it for me!" His laughter grew louder and louder, almost to the point of insanity.

On this continent, Su Huai understood the importance of strength.

Through his body's original owner's memories, Su Huai also understood that above Divine Broken Continent, martial artists could be divided into six great realms: Elementary, Nascent, Jindan, Huangji, Dianji, and celestial pole. Each realm had eight stages! The Pre-Sky Realm was relatively easy, but the Upper Sky Realm was a huge threshold! On the continent, how many warriors had stopped below the Innate Realm?

Among the one hundred people, there was one person who could break through to the Xiantian realm!

However, for those above the Innate Realm, it would be even more difficult to transform their dantian into an Aurous Core. Even a thousand Upper Sky warrior s might not be able to form a core successfully.

Breaking through the Huangji Realm had a high chance of survival. Many of the Golden Core Realm martial artists were afraid of the "great calamity of life and death" that would break the Golden Core, so they didn't dare to attempt it. Their realms were stagnant and they couldn't break through.

Once one had passed the 'great calamity of life and death' and became a Huangji Realm, then one would truly be able to roam the seas and the sky.

"Only in the continent can Huangji Realm be considered as truly strong. As for the Dianji realms and Extreme Heaven Realm above Huangji Realm, there isn't any in the memories. Presumably, with the identity of a useless prince, it's impossible for you to know such a high level of mystery. " Su Huai thought.

He was training hard, and his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds!

Inside his dantian, the black tornado was injected with the 'power of the blood pool'. It grew bigger and bigger, and after it grew bigger, it produced countless energies similar to the 'inner strength' of Hua Xia. These were the 'vitality' of the Divine Broken Continent. The source of strength for a martial artist was their origin energy!

Not only that, but during this process, with the nourishment of the power of the blood pool, his eight extraordinary meridians quickly became wider and larger. It was three times larger than before, and this represented that his natural talent improved greatly after he washed his hair and washed his marrow.

"I can't believe I got such a chance, haha." Su Huai was pleasantly surprised.

After three hours, it was already dark. The pool of blood reaching his chest had already reached his feet. The black dragon let out a dragon's roar.

"Ang —" As if completing its mission, it entered the black iron ring.

"This pool of blood has been completely refined. It actually allowed me to cultivate to the peak of Houtian seventh stage. I'm only one step away from breaking through to the Houtian eighth stage." After absorbing the last drop of blood, Su Huai felt comfortable throughout his body. With a slight movement, the 'vital energy' in his dantian started flowing around his body, as if it was under his control.

"In my current condition, I will soon break through to the Houtian eighth stage!" When I advance to the Upper Sky, I will be able to release my Essence outside my body! "Just like a Chinese Upper Sky Grandmaster, he released his inner strength and struck out with his palm. His strength could topple mountains and overturn the seas, killing enemies through the air." Su Huai's eyes shone brightly and he could not help but become excited.

As a secret service agent, he had a deep understanding of ancient martial arts in China.

Ancient martial arts cultivation was getting more and more difficult. In his previous life, Su Huai made it so that when he fought alone, he was simply invincible on Earth. Without a mission, he wouldn't be able to complete it.

It was because of this that he was so highly valued!

He also understood that China was a land of wealth and wealth, and deep in the mountains and forests, there might be a Grandmaster of the Innate Realm. Unfortunately, Hou was too busy at that time, and there was no chance of meeting him.

"On this continent, there are many martial artists. A Xiantian master can't be considered to be at the top and I have an abundant amount of origin energy. If I want to break through to the Xiantian realm, it will be much easier." Su Huai made a decision, and made his decision: "Forest of Death is extremely dangerous! This cave should be relatively hidden. I might as well hide here and cultivate for ten to fifteen days before coming out of the 'Forest of Death' after advancing to the Innate Realm. I will make other plans. "

"black iron ring, allowing me to obtain the Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic is no small matter, but this is only an inner force cultivation method, it can allow me to increase my 'Essence'! "Before I get the corresponding martial arts manual, I can only use some of the skills I learnt in my previous life. How powerful is the Chinese martial arts in here?" Su Huai pondered, his eyes suddenly became sharp, both of his hands formed claws, grabbing fiercely at the stone wall, on his hands, instantly releasing a sharp Qi.

"Bam!" The cave shook as a deep claw mark appeared on the wall.

"Dragon Claw Hands!" Su Huai stared at the claw marks on the wall, his expression moving: "It's actually stronger than my previous life, looks like, it's most likely due to this world's abundant in vitality, or something like that."

In his previous life, Su Huai did not come from an ancient martial arts sect, his knowledge was mixed, he had only learnt a part of the Shaolin martial arts like the Dragon Claw Hand.

"I wonder what level of martial arts is the equivalent of in this world?" What is the category of "Sky, Earth, Profound, Yellow"? " Su Huai frowned, his heart analyzing his' Dragon Claw Hands'. What level of martial skill could it be considered to be?

The Divine Broken Continent's martial skills were divided into four levels, 'Heaven and Earth Profound Yellow'. The Yellow Rank was the lowest, and the Heaven Realm was the highest from the bottom! Of course, the higher the grade of a martial skill, the harder it was to cultivate.

"Compared to this guy's memories, the power of my Dragon Claw Hand is actually only comparable to a Profound Rank martial skill from this world!" Su Huai suddenly frowned.

As a Chinese, almost instinctively, he believed that Chinese martial arts was stronger than this world. However, the power of the Dragon Claw Hand was only at the Black Level?

"That's right, my dragon claw is not complete!" If it's the complete set of 'Shaolin Dragon Claw Hands', when used, it should have a slightly higher level. " Su Huai could only helplessly accept.

At the same time, he became more cautious about the warriors in this world.

"Gulp!" Just as he was deep in his thoughts, suddenly, his stomach made a noise in protest, causing Su Huai's face to turn bitter, this was the sign of hunger.

"I've finished all the food. It seems I have to hunt in Forest of Death and find a way to fill my stomach." Su Huai suddenly felt that his appetite was limitless, he could eat an entire cow.

Refining the Qi into one's body and having a large amount of food for a martial artist were both normal and not surprising.

With sufficient meat and abundant nutrition, it was also a decisive factor in a martial practitioner's training speed.

Su Huai jumped out of the pit of blood, grabbed a short sword, and walked out of the cave in the dark.

In the darkness of the night, the silhouette of the youth concealed himself within the great forest.

knew that his own strength at the seventh level of the Postnatal Realm was not enough to do whatever he wanted. Therefore, he carefully searched for prey that could fill his stomach without any threats.

This was a Rank 1 Demonic Beast from the outskirts of Forest of Death, and was much bigger than a goat. Its size was comparable to an adult zebra, and on the top of its head grew a rhinoceros like horn, it was extremely sharp.

This kind of Level 1 Demonic Beast, its strength was equivalent to a human Pre-Sky Realm warrior. In a group, Su Huai did not dare to provoke it, but if it was alone, it would have no power.

The rhinoceros' horn was a vegetarian, so it had a weak attack power.

Su Huai stepped forward silently, launching a fatal attack.

"Bam!" This was the sound of a heavy object landing on the ground. The Rhinoceros Horned Sheep had been killed by Su Huai.

"My luck is good. Tonight, I can eat the whole roasted lamb." Su Huai laughed in satisfaction, dragging the 'Rhinoceros Horned Sheep', and rushed towards a nearby river in his memory.

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