Eternal Martial Soul/C3 Full of eyes! Heart like a scorpion!
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Eternal Martial Soul/C3 Full of eyes! Heart like a scorpion!
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C3 Full of eyes! Heart like a scorpion!

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The air was moist, the summer was hot, and in the Forest of Death, even if it was night, the temperature would definitely not be low. A few miles away from the cave, on the shore of a small stream, a short sword was used to cut apart the rhinoceros' horned sheep.

As a secret service agent, Su Huai often had to stay in the Tropical Rain Forest to complete missions. Thus, lighting a fire and cooking, these basic skills were not a problem for him.

'Zizi 'sounds, the smell of roasted sheep, made people's appetite.

Su Huai was so hungry that his chest was sticking to his back, and regardless of whether or not there were any spices, after roasting it, he tore off a lamb leg. It was big and thick, and he wolfed it down.

"What a good Forest of Death. The weather is even hotter than the tropical rainforest. After you've eaten your fill, it's time to take a bath. It's cool and refreshing, and you can swim in the water for a bit ~ ~ ~ ~" Looking down at it, he saw it was his entire body that was in a sorry state. On his skin, there were quite a few impurities, filth, and a terrible stench from the blood pool that had washed away his hair and marrows, causing Su Huai to be unable to endure it any longer.

After he ate his fill, he quickly took off his clothes and dived into the stream. After he comfortably took a bath, Su Huai was in high spirits and started swimming happily in the stream. He also wanted to test his own ability to hold his breath, so he swam in the water without showing his head. Unknowingly, he had approached the other side.

Just as Su Huai was about to go back, suddenly, he heard light footsteps coming from a shrubbery on the other side. He was a warrior at the seventh level of the Postliminary Realm, with his sharp eyes and hearing, naturally he could hear it.

"Someone's here?" Su Huai's expression changed, subconsciously, he raised his head and looked.

A graceful figure with bright eyes and white teeth, about 18 or 19 years old, walked out from the bushes. She was about 1.7 meters tall, had a slim waist and a full chest. He muttered to himself, "Damn the weather, it's so hot!" After travelling for several days without taking a bath, I finally found a small stream. "

Obviously, she did not discover Su Huai, who was not far away from the bottom of the water.

Having not bathed for several days, she felt very uncomfortable. When she found a clear stream, she immediately felt happy. She quickly took off all her dresses, swung her pair of enchanting white legs, and went into the water.

The two white rabbits in front of his chest swayed as they walked. It was quite eye-catching.

, who was at the bottom of the lake, was first stunned before he immediately reacted. Breathing rapidly, his eyes wantonly scanned the snow-white parts of the woman's body, and he thought to himself, "I've just been reborn in this world, and I can't believe I have such a feast for my eyes! "Haha, this woman is really strong."

Su Huai was not a dignified person. Before he came to this continent, almost every time he completed a mission, he would look for a beauty and relax his mind.

Now, in the middle of the night, only a fool would take a bath when a beauty was not too far away from him!

Besides, it was not good for him to move around now, or else he would be discovered by women.

With an appreciative attitude, Su Huai's gaze gradually grew hotter. He subconsciously circulated the vitality in his body, allowing himself to hold his breath for even longer, hiding deeply in the water, not moving at all.

After a full half an hour, the woman wiped her body. She felt much better and in a good mood. Then, she turned around and walked to the other side.

"Pah!" The woman suddenly slapped the back of her hand on her butt, getting rid of the mosquitoes.

"Damn mosquitoes!" The woman whispered bitterly. Then, she went ashore and quickly put on her clothes, intending to leave.

However, underneath the water, Su Huai's eyes were blazing hot as he stared at her butt. He was in a daze for a moment, and then he opened his mouth to cough out a mouthful of water.

Furthermore, he had been holding his breath for a long time, so Su Huai was unable to persevere any longer. In an instant, he stood up in the water, revealing his body.

With a 'whoosh' sound, the beautiful woman on the other side who had just put on her clothes turned pale. She suddenly turned around, her eyes spitting fire as she stared straight at Su Huai: "You!"

"Ahem, I didn't peek on purpose. I really did come here before you to swim. It was you who came later ~ ~ ~" Knowing that he had been discovered, Su Huai shook his head and said.

"I came first." The beauty was stunned. She immediately gritted her teeth and asked with hatred, "Then you saw it all?" Su Huai could only nod her head, she was immediately trembling from head to toe.

"Does it look good?" The woman's face turned red, she took a deep breath and could not help but ask angrily.

"Ice skin and jade bones, indeed attractive." Su Huai gave her a high evaluation.

"Evil thief, you are courting death!" Xu Jianlan was startled, she felt like her lungs were about to explode, her straight chest was trembling, seeing Su Huai's burning gaze, which was still fixated on her pride, she was enraged, unable to hold herself back anymore, she shouted loudly and directly attacked.

"Thousand Snake Poison Palm ~ ~ ~" In her extreme rage, she used her thunder technique. Right after she finished speaking, the shadows of her palms flew, and on her white palms, Essence gushed out. That Essence surged, distorted, and became millions of spirit snakes.

"Bam!" Caught off guard, and without any time to dodge at all, Su Huai was struck in the face of the attack. His chest felt as if it had exploded, and a ferocious poisonous gas invaded his chest, wanting to destroy his internal organs.

His entire body was sent flying out of the water and landed on the other side.

"You want to kill me?" Upon reaching the shore, he staggered and spat out a mouthful of poisonous blood. Su Huai's expression turned cold, thinking that he was in the wrong with this matter, after all, he had peeked at the girl when she was bathing. However, if the opponent wanted his life, he absolutely could not sit still and wait for death.

It was his fault for not keeping his guard up just a moment ago. He didn't expect this woman to be so ruthless.

In his previous life, when he stole a glance at a woman bathing, he would at most be slapped a few times. Although he was a secret service agent, he would only kill enemies while on mission. He had only been in this world for a short while, and he had yet to fully adapt to everything that was happening here!

In Divine Broken Continent, the strong were respected, while the weak were ants!

And in the Forest of Death, everything followed the laws of the jungle, incomparably sinister.

Putting aside the fact that he had offended this woman, even if he hadn't, the other party wouldn't be pleased with him. There was a high possibility that he could kill her! This was not like his previous life. There was no morality, and there was no law.

Here, strong warriors could do whatever they wanted and kill as they pleased.

Su Huai was shocked! He suddenly woke up, but the poison qi in his chest had flared up. It was as if billions of ants and poisonous snakes had been devouring his internal organs. The situation had turned serious.

"If I don't kill you, would I leave you, a pervert?" I never imagined that after receiving my Thousand Snake Poison Palm, you would still be alive? Was he still a fighter? "However, with the cultivation of the Pre-Sky Realm and this bit of strength, it will not enter my eyes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Xu Jianlan was surprised to see that Su Huai had managed to barely stand up after falling to the other side. He did not die.

"Heart like a snake or a scorpion!" Su Huai's heart was filled with hatred, he endured the pain and said gloomily.

"Haha, just because your heart is like a snake or a scorpion, what can you do? I will let you experience the methods of Corpse Puppet Sect. " Xu Jianlan suddenly giggled, her flowers were trembling uncontrollably as she suddenly stepped forward. Like a bolt of lightning, she rushed forward and approached him, attacking him without the slightest hesitation.

"Releasing his Essence, Xiantian second stage!" Su Huai's face sank.

She was Upper Sky warrior and he, herself, was only at the seventh stage of the Postnatal Realm. Moreover, he was also injured, so she was definitely not a match for him.

Swiftly calming down, he stomped his feet and used the Dazzling Cloud Zong technique to swiftly flee.

"How can a mere Pre-Sky Realm warrior escape?" Xu Jianlan's eyes were fiendish as she chased after her.

The Upper Sky warrior was no small matter. The suppression of one's realm was not something that Su Huai could withstand. Furthermore, the opponent's martial skills were also extremely powerful, containing poisonous gases within them.

Although Di Yun Zong was a top grade martial art, he was still not faster than Upper Sky warrior.

"Take another palm from me, Yin Corpse Ghost Face!" Xu Jianlan's voice suddenly came from behind.

Su Huai's hair stood on end. In that moment of life and death, he displayed the calmness of a top secret service agent, he turned around fiercely, his eyes fierce, he did not retreat, but raised his left hand and struck 'Rising Cloud Palm' in defense.

"Dragon Claw Hands!" However, his right hand only sneered and his palm turned into a claw, grabbing fiercely at Xu Jianlan's chest that was tall and full. In that moment of desperation, he simply ignored everything else.

"Scoundrel!" Xu Jianlan scolded loudly in her rage. Although the Yin Cold Palm that contained the 'Corpse Qi' had broken a few of Su Huai's ribs, she was caught red-handed by Su Huai's dragon claws. The man was pinching his right chest so hard that it changed its shape. Tears flowed from her eyes …

"A good chance. "Pfft!" Su Huai's eyes became focused and he spat out blood. Suddenly, he pounced on Xu Jianlan's right chest and threw her down to the ground.

She pounced onto Xu Jianlan's body and pressed him down, making her unable to move. A fragrance wafted into her nose, intoxicating her.

"Scoundrel, let me go!" Xu Jianlan was already crying with resentment.

"Slut!" "You nearly caused my death, how can I let you off?" Su Huai's face turned sinister.

Not a great evil, but he was never a good man.

"Ahhhh, you still can't stop!"

I, Xu Jianlan, swear, I will not let you die so easily! I will refine you into my first 'corpse puppet'! Moreover, I will not erase everything about you. I will leave a trace of my consciousness in your body, making you wish you could die, wish you could die! "Become my golem, and I'll torture you …" Xu Jianlan was extremely embarrassed and suddenly, her body moved, releasing a terrifying poison aura.

"Not good, 'Poison King Martial Spirit'!" Su Huai's face was filled with fear, but he was too late.

He had been hit twice by Xu Jianlan's palm earlier, and there was strong poison in his body. Now, Xu Jianlan released all of his power and used his' Poison King Martial Spirit ', causing a large amount of poisonous gas to wrap around his body. It was like a small viper and entered his nose and mouth.

Some of the poisonous bugs even crawled into Su Huai's ears due to the change in poisonous gas.

Even if it wasn't a real poisonous insect, Su Huai still felt that his ear was painful and itchy?

His consciousness blurred for a moment, and even before Xu Jianlan could finish speaking, he had been heavily poisoned. He fainted, and fell head first into a soft mountain range, unconscious.

Xu Jianlan pushed Su Huai away in disgust, anger and hatred in her eyes as she stood up and kicked him twice, and said with hatred: "I hope that you can survive the 'Corpse Qi' corruption, and not die! I will turn you into a living corpse puppet! and then, torture you to the point where you have to endure incredible pain. "

He picked up Su Huai, rushed to the other side, tidied his clothes, and headed off into the distance.

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