Eternal Martial Soul/C4 Corpse Puppet Sect!
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Eternal Martial Soul/C4 Corpse Puppet Sect!
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C4 Corpse Puppet Sect!

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In the Forest of Death, towering ancient trees rose up from the ground one after another. It was unknown what kind of trees they were, but they were probably tens of metres tall with luxuriant foliage that covered the sky.

A hidden path and a small caravan were parked beside the road.

Dozens of tall and skinny martial artists were eating and drinking. All of them had pale faces and vicious eyes, and didn't seem like they were good people. As they ate, they chatted and laughed loudly, discussing topics related to women that were inappropriate for children.

Not far away, on the branch of an ancient tree, there was an old woman. Her silver hair was dark, and her face was wrinkled; her skin was also pale, and she looked down on the people below. Her eyes were extremely gloomy.

The people in chains all squatted on the ground. Their faces were pale and their eyes were lifeless. When the old woman looked over, her expression changed immediately, and she looked terrified, shivering.

"Everyone, hurry up and eat. We still need to hurry on our way after resting." Xu Jianlan carried Su Huai and walked out from the bushes. Her face was gloomy and she was in a bad mood.

The expressions of all the warriors changed. They immediately stopped talking about women. They all stood up with respectful expressions and quickly said, "Yes, little miss. We will eat right away."

"Hurry up and fill your stomach. We have to leave before dawn." Xu Jianlan said.

"Sword Mist!" Where did this kid come from? How did he offend you, to actually make you use the 'Poison King's martial spirit', if you don't save him, I'm afraid he will die from the poison before tomorrow morning, without a doubt. " Suddenly, on the tall tree, the old granny jumped down, glanced at the unconscious Su Huai, and asked in shock.

"It's nothing!" It was a good thing that no one realized it in the dark of the night. Shaking her head, she sneered: "He's just a little thief, if he falls into my hands, he'll definitely suffer a fate worse than death."

"Recently, our Corpse Puppet Sect has been fighting with the Great Qin Empire, so the number of corpse slaves that our sect's disciples need for cultivation is increasing more and more, and it is simply unable to meet the demand. Since this brat is a warrior, Jian Lan, why don't you remove the poison from him and let him return with us to the Corpse Puppet Sect? Didn't we have another corpse puppet?! " The old lady's eyes were sinister and ruthless, she carefully checked on Su Huai and after finding no problems, she looked at Xu Jianlan and smiled sinisterly.

Xu Jianlan shook her head, gnashed her teeth, and said with hatred: "Elder Tian, I am not prepared to contribute this brat to the sect."

"Then?" The old lady was startled and looked at Xu Jianlan strangely.

"I have already cultivated to the second stage of the Innate realm. The first stage is already sufficient to refine corpse puppets! However, due to the fact that my 'Poison King's Martial Spirit' had been restless for some time and was going to evolve, I haven't set out to do it. I am going to turn him into my first corpse puppet! " Xu Jianlan glared at Su Huai hatefully.

"What?" Miss, don't you dare mess around. Although this boy is a warrior, he is only in the Pre-Sky Realm and is not worthy to be your corpse puppet. The sect head has already prepared a first level postcelestial corpse for you to refine. " The old woman's face sank.

"No, I feel that this kid is different from normal warriors! Furthermore, the resources that my Corpse Puppet Sect possesses, once we return, should be sufficient enough to nurture him to become a Upper Sky warrior, and then refine him. " Xu Jianlan firmly shook his head, not listening to the old lady's suggestion at all, he threw Su Huai to a big sized man and said: "Lu Xiong, feed this fellow some 'Antidote', don't let him die, but watch carefully, don't let him escape."

"Yes, young lady ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The big sized man called Lu Xiong, who was two metres tall and had a knife scar on his face, looked ferocious as he caught Su Huai and replied.

"En!" Xu Jianlan nodded, looked at Su Huai hatefully, and snorted as she walked away.

The old lady looked at Su Huai again, but did not find anything different.

After a while, they had eaten their fill. Xu Jianlan gave the order and continued on their journey.

When Su Huai woke up, it was already noon of the second day. It was precisely the moment where the sun was the most vicious.

His whole body felt sore and numb. He found himself lying on top of a carriage, unable to move due to the pricking pain in his muscles. A few warriors were talking and laughing vulgarly in his ears. In the front, Xu Jianlan was leading the riders on a black stallion. Behind the group was the pale old woman. His hands and feet were shackled, unable to escape.

"Aiyo!" "Brat, wake up. Let me tell you, when you land in the hands of our Corpse Puppet Sect, don't even think about escaping. Just behave yourself, otherwise, the whip in my hand will not let you go ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The man called Lu Feng, upon realising that Su Huai had opened his eyes, suddenly laughed coldly, and with a clap, the horsewhip landed on Su Huai's arm. High above him, he berated, "Since you're awake, don't pretend to be dead. Hurry up and eat your food and drink some medicine."

"Corpse Puppet Sect!" Su Huai's face changed, and he silently sat up.

He was very cooperative. He only glanced coldly at Lu Feng before grabbing a portion of food prepared by the other party and wolfing it down. There was even a pill that the other party took out. He swallowed it without thinking.

It wasn't that he was being manipulated, but he knew in his heart that there was no point in resisting in this situation. It would only bring pleasure to the other party by humiliating him.

Xu Jianlan was already at Upper Sky warrior, and the old granny at the back, in Su Huai's eyes, was even more unfathomable. It was likely that in the Upper Sky warrior, she was already a high ranked being.

With these two Upper Sky warrior s clamping him down one after the other, even if their injuries were to be completely healed, they would not be able to escape! There was no path to heaven, no door to hell!

There was nothing Su Huai could do at the moment, he could only stay silent and take the pill to check his body's condition. Time passed slowly. They were still on their way.

During this period, Su Huai secretly observed that there was no resistance, it made it difficult for Lu Feng to make a move if he wanted to find an opportunity to teach him a lesson.

In the evening, under the night sky, there were numerous stars.

Once again, the team stopped to rest. Lu Feng was not far away, eating, drinking, and chatting with a group of warriors. At the back of the team, the shackled corpse slaves looked pale and terrified.

"This woman's heart is truly like a scorpion's." Su Huai leaned his back against a tree and stared at the graceful back of Xu Jianlan, who was not far away, with a cold glint in her eyes.

"Xu Jianlan possesses the 'Poison King's martial spirit', her poison is no small matter. The 'antidote pill' that Lu Feng gave me can't completely cure it, it can only delay the release of the poison, at the same time, make me suffer the torture of the poison, it's a fate worse than death. "Such vicious thoughts." Su Huai secretly became ruthless, but under the current situation, he had nothing he could do.

Even if the poison was detoxified, he was not confident that he could escape from these people.

"This black iron ring helped me absorb the pool of blood, and after it was reborn, there was no more activity. It seemed impossible for it to escape. In this way, he could only cultivate diligently. However, the poison was still unraveled! Once I use the Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic and cultivate my Essence, the poison in my body will no longer be suppressed. So I have to use my Essence in combination with the 'detoxification pill' to suppress the poison! But if this goes on, it would be equivalent to sitting back and waiting for death. " Su Huai's face was filled with gloominess.

"Weng!" Crack, crack. "Just as Su Huai racked his brain, unable to think of anything else to do, suddenly, a cool feeling came from his arms. A familiar feeling appeared in his body. Su Huai's body trembled. His cells were all jumping around happily, but on the surface, they were still as calm as usual. He closed his eyes, concealing the surprise in them.

"Power, it's starting to recover!" "Hahaha, truly, the heavens will not leave no way out ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" In Su Huai's heart, he suddenly started to laugh maniacally.

His body didn't move. He was silently using his Discipline.

Hu hu! In the big forest, it seemed as if, all of a sudden, there was a breeze blowing. Ancient trees, shrubs, branches and so on, under the situation where Xu Jianlan, Lu Feng and even the old lady could not see them, a firefly sized invisible energy, that was transparent, came out from the flowers and trees, gathered at Su Huai's place and fused into his arms.

The vigorous life force entered his body and flowed through his veins, immediately making Su Huai feel an unprecedented feeling of comfort, as though the pain caused by the poison had decreased by a lot.

"My Discipline has just regained its power, and it hasn't shown it yet. However, it can help me communicate with the flowers and trees, absorb their essence, and use pure 'Life Qi'. With this energy, I can replace the Yuan Qi and suppress the poisonous gas." Su Huai thought.

"As long as I temporarily remove the poison in my body, I can cultivate the [Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic] and accumulate strength. In addition, I need to study this black iron ring. This was also a hope! Other than that, being brought to Corpse Puppet Sect by her, might also be a good choice. At the very least, they would not be affected by Great Qin Empire's full power struggle. " Su Huai was still analyzing.

He was a prince of the Great Qin Empire and had some understanding of the latter.

Just like the Great Qin Empire, the Corpse Puppet belonged to a lower sect and belonged to a middle sect called 'Myriad Sword Sect'.

Therefore, even if he were to reveal his identity as a prince, it would be useless. He might even be further humiliated by Xu Jianlan.

Furthermore, Su Huai knew that the Corpse Puppet Sect was an evil sect in the Northern Region. It was by absorbing the corpse aura that the Yuan Qi in his body would be able to fuse with it, thus improving the quality of his Yuan Qi. All kinds of battle techniques were incomparably sinister and capable of displaying an even greater destructive might.

Not only that, the people from the Corpse Puppet Sect had their own special secret methods! They threw the living into the 'corpse nest', and a small number of them did not die, producing a corpse transformation, transforming into a living corpse! He would be refined into a puppet! This kind of existence was called 'Corpse Puppet'!

This was the origin of the sect's name.

Therefore, the strength of a Corpse Puppet Sect could not only depend on one person, but also on how strong the enemy's corpse puppet was.

"This sect really is evil!" Remembering the information the original owner of the body had regarding the Corpse Puppet Sect, Su Huai's heart sank as he operated his superpower.

"Evil thief, in another day, we will be able to leave the Forest of Death. Don't even think about escaping, once we reach the Corpse Puppet Sect, you will be obediently refined by me into a corpse puppet." Xu Jianlan's resentful voice came out.

"I would like to try what it feels like to undergo Corpse Transformation." Su Huai sarcastically replied.

"I promise you that you will kneel and beg for mercy at my feet." Xu Jianlan's beautiful eyes were filled with anger.

Glaring hatefully at Su Huai, she turned around again and called for everyone to move out.

His power had not been cultivated back yet, so Su Huai was left with nothing to do. He could only endure and wait for the right time. From the bottom of his heart, he hated the Corpse Puppet Sect, this evil sect, to the bone.

"Hehe!" Xu Jianlan, don't let me have you. " Looking at Xu Jianlan's beautiful back, especially at her round bottom, Su Huai's eyes revealed a sinister look.

Endure the humiliation, pretend to be weak! He was secretly training to restore his superpower!

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