Eternal Martial Soul/C6 Grand General's Tomb! To attack the Xiantian realm!
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Eternal Martial Soul/C6 Grand General's Tomb! To attack the Xiantian realm!
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C6 Grand General's Tomb! To attack the Xiantian realm!

— —

The Corpse Puppet Sect was very powerful, there were many warriors, only at the Innate realm, they were all inner disciples! There were also tens of thousands of outer sect disciples and Pre-Sky Realm martial artists who controlled hundreds of the surrounding cities. They were not a nation, but they needed the people in those cities to contribute their wealth.

In addition, in each city, warriors with high talent would also be brought to the Corpse Puppet Sect to be nurtured. Only by doing this would they be able to guarantee a steady flow of fresh blood in the sect. As such, as a Corpse Puppet Sect of a lower sect, its influence was extremely huge.

The headquarters was located not far away from Forest of Death, in a place deep in the mountains.

It was said that this place was a huge corpse nest in the first place. The great elders of the Corpse Puppet Sect had spent a lot of effort to make the corpse dens underground split into many branches that spread throughout the mountain gate, forming small corpse nests for the disciples to cultivate in.

"Ah, no, all the demons in your bodies, I don't want to become a monster. Wuuuuu, I must escape. I'll kill all of you!" At the back of the line, a crazed shout suddenly sounded out.

It was a corpse slave. It could no longer bear the torture from the Corpse Puppet Sect and went completely crazy.

"Another one who couldn't withstand the pressure and went crazy." Su Huai thought.

"Ga Ga!" Once you reach my Corpse Puppet Sect, where do you think you can run to? " A pale-faced warrior with a skinny figure suddenly laughed sinisterly and quickly chased after that person.

It was a tall young man. Seeing that someone was chasing after him, he shouted crazily and fled in a flustered manner, not choosing a path at all. He simply treated the Corpse Puppet Sect as a torrential flood and fierce beast.

"Ah, no, spare me!" Soon, he let out a desperate scream.

With a "peng" sound, the young man was beheaded by the warriors. The rest of the warriors continued to move forward. On the way, there were more than two people who could not withstand the psychological pressure and were tortured and driven mad by the Corpse Puppet Sect warriors.

Su Huai understood, these corpse slaves, other than him secretly training, and observing Xu Jianlan, the old granny had been trying to find the weakness of the two Upper Sky warrior s, and waiting for the right opportunity to make her move.

Although the harvest wasn't too big, he didn't have any communication with the group of corpse slaves and didn't have any feelings, so after they died, he didn't have any sad thoughts.

After all, he was not a good person. What if he himself entered the Corpse Puppet Sect and was unable to protect himself?

"Another coward has died, hmph!" Xu Jianlan sneered as she looked at the corpse of the corpse slave. She called over the scar-faced warrior and ordered: "Lu Feng, go and bring this guy to my cultivation grounds! Give him the Origin Increasing Pills and provide him the best meat. No matter the cost, I want him to cultivate to become the Upper Sky warrior in the shortest amount of time possible! Also, prepare a corpse nest for me. At that time, this brat will have a breakthrough and throw him into it. I want to personally witness a Corpse Transformation. "

"Hahaha, First Miss, don't worry." Lu Feng laughed.

"Elder Tian, I want to see father! I'll have to trouble you to arrange for these corpse slaves to be recorded and raised by the 'corpse slaves'. At that time, according to the contribution and needs of the disciples, the corpse slaves will be distributed! " Glancing hatefully at Su Huai's back, Xu Jianlan stared coldly at the corpse slaves, and said with a gaze that looked as if he was waiting to slaughter cattle.

"Relax, I will arrange this matter well." The old woman smiled coldly.

"Lan'er, you're finally back. Hmm, very good. You're already at the second level of the Congenital Realm and will soon advance to the third level." In the Sect Master Hall, there was a pale-faced middle-aged man who seemed rather dignified. When he saw Xu Jianlan walking in, he revealed a smile.

"Of course! More than that? "My Martial Spirit also went a step further and unleashed it with all my strength. The poison is even stronger now." Xu Jianlan came to the man's side and said haughtily.

"Oh? Your Martial Spirit has also completed its transformation. Hahaha, as expected of my precious daughter. " The middle-aged man was stunned before his eyes lit up as he exclaimed in delight.

After Xu Jianlan was done showing off, she asked: "Oh right, Father, why did you send your disciple to inform me to come back? It wasn't easy for me to get out of shere. Originally, I wanted to play for a few more days, but now you've called me back! " Xu Jianlan asked as he shook her father's arm.

"You're still talking about how long it's been since you left the sect." The middle-aged man harrumphed. Suddenly, with a serious expression, he said in a low voice, "Lan'er, father wants you to come back because the Grand General's Tomb is about to open! Before long, all the martial practitioners of the younger generation and all forces in the northern region would go in search of opportunities! My Corpse Puppet Sect cannot not go. "

"What?" It's that 'Grand General's Tomb'! " Xu Jianlan was shocked.

"Yes, that's right. That great general was the War God who dominated the Northern Region back then. He was a warrior at the seventh level of the Huangji Realm. This person was loyal throughout his life, it was a pity that the Great Wu Empire, who had lost her sense of self, had been framed by a treacherous official, and in the end, he had been sentenced to death for a 'unwarranted' crime! The army under his command had actually died for him. Later on, this general's best friend built the Grand General's Tomb, which caused the great general and the soldiers under him to sleep in the ground forever! Sadly, lamentable! " The middle-aged man said.

"This' Grand General's Tomb ', has leaked its aura a few times before, but it quickly disappeared, and there's no way to find it. This time, could it be ~ ~?" Xu Jianlan couldn't help but ask as she panted.

"That's right, it's very possible that we'll completely activate it this time." The middle-aged man said.

"Then when do I leave?" Xu Jianlan was extremely excited and asked anxiously.

"There's no rush. Currently, the information has been sealed, and it has not completely spread to the northern region. There's still some time until it opens. Even the great emperor of the Great Wu Empire was pushed back by this person! It must be extremely dangerous inside. You have just reached the second stage of the Innate realm, so you need to refine the corpse puppet as soon as possible to enhance your strength! " The middle-aged man had a stern face as he warned Xu Jianlan: "Remember, entering the 'Grand General's Tomb', the buried treasure in the tomb, is not particularly important! The most important thing was that in the legends, there was the Martial Spirit Inheritance of a 'Great General'! This is no small matter! "

"Father, I will definitely give my all to seize the Martial Spirit Inheritance." Xu Jianlan was ambitious.

"This is number one! Secondly, the martial arts of our Corpse Puppet Sect, in the Grand General's Tomb s, will definitely be easy to handle. After you enter, as you raise your strength, you might as well grab a few more people and train your corpse puppet! As corpse deacons, the more corpse puppets we have, the stronger we are, the better! Don't forget, in a few years, I will have to retreat behind the scenes and become a Grand Elder. Your eldest senior brother will also have to fight with you for the position of sect head. You and him will have a fight. In terms of the battle corpses, defeat him! "I presume all of the Utmost Exalted Elders have nothing to say ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The middle-aged man's eyes flashed with a cold light.

"I understand, Father." Xu Jianlan listened to his father's teachings.

"Also, Duan Tianhun of the Sea of Broken Souls, has long set an engagement with you. Not long after, he will also go to the 'Grand General's Tomb', and you can move together with him." Corpse Puppet Sect said.

"Daughter understands!" When he mentioned the fiance who made the marriage contract, Xu Jianlan's face flushed red, and she couldn't help but lower her head, but for some reason, a figure suddenly appeared in her mind. It was actually Su Huai? The guy who dared to bully him.

A deep hatred flashed through her beautiful eyes. Xu Jianlan gritted her teeth as she talked to her father.

— —

Su Huai followed behind Lu Feng, and was led to a large hall. Along the way, he paid close attention to the terrain, and his heart became heavier. He realized that it would be too difficult for him to escape!

Inside Corpse Puppet Sect, experts were as numerous as the clouds. Pre-Sky Realm warriors appeared in groups.

The Upper Sky warrior was not lacking either!

Within the hall where Bu Shaowuzhe was cultivating in, the heart-wrenching screams of the corpse slaves could be heard.

"This is simply a dead end!" Su Huai's heart became a little quiet.

He observed the terrain and calculated in his mind. He felt that his chances of escaping were getting increasingly slim.

"Kid, these are 10 Origin Increasing Pills!" Taking one every day would allow you to enhance your origin energy and strengthen your cultivation! After 10 pills, one would reach the Xiantian bottleneck, and their chances of success would increase by at least 30%. This was a priceless pill! I haven't even eaten one, so I'm letting you take it! Also, I will prepare a sumptuous meal for you every day! Haha, just enjoy the last ten days or so. " The big man, Lu Feng, coldly shouted as he took out a bottle of medicine pills and a large portion of food. It was actually roasted demonic beast meat.

"Alright, since there's nothing else, why aren't you leaving?" Su Huai said calmly.

"Humph!" Lu Feng laughed coldly again and again, turned and left, he was not afraid of Su Huai's actions at all, because he believed that if Su Huai dared to make a move, he would be suppressed.

"Origin Increasing Pill!" "It's good stuff." After Su Huai created a large flower, he examined the pill.

Since he could not see anything wrong with it, he did not hesitate and swallowed a single pill.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Immediately, an extremely strong wave of Essence spread out from within his body, filling his five visceras and staining his six organs. He began cultivating the《 Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic》.

Su Huai was working hard, Su Huai was cultivating! Regardless, increase your strength first.

Time unknowingly passed by as Su Huai stayed in the great hall, consuming a large amount of meat, all sorts of demon beast meat. He felt his body strength increasing.

Every day, one Origin Increasing Pill helped him lay down a strong and solid foundation in the Martial Dao.

Not good, Su Huai muttered in his heart. He became somewhat impatient, he understood that before long, his good days will come to an end. After ten days, he would finish eating all of these Origin Increasing Pills. That girl Xu Jianlan would definitely force him to break through the Innate Realm.

If they did not comply, a catastrophe would befall them!

However, once he broke through to the Innate Realm and entered the Corpse Nest, only death awaited him.

"No matter what, strength is the foundation of everything. Only with enough strength will there be a possibility for us to break out of this dead end. " As the days passed, Su Huai became more and more impatient. Today was already the tenth day.

After hesitating for a moment, he decided that he couldn't wait any longer. After breaking through to the Xiantian realm, he would have to wait for an opportunity to take action. Even if he had to die, he could not just sit there and wait for death.

Xu Jianlan, dressed in a light blue dress, walked in. She looked down from above and saw Su Huai holding the last 'Origin Increasing Pill' in his hand. His expression was struggling, as if he was hesitating, and asked playfully: "Brat, are you going to eat it ~ ~ ~?"

"Eat, eat! It's a waste of time!" Su Huai's face turned gloomy, he glanced at the old lady behind Xu Jianlan, it was Elder Tian. He didn't dare to act rashly because of this person's protection.

Su Huai raised his head and swallowed the Energy Increasing Pills, then sat down with his five hearts facing the sky. He channeled the Black Emperor Great Devil Rebirth Tactic, the vitality in his body boiling as it stimulated his flesh and blood, his cells splitting and transforming.

"This kid's foundation should be strong. It shouldn't be a problem for him to break through to the Xiantian realm." The old woman laughed.

"That's great! Hahaha ~ ~ ~" Xu Jianlan looked at Su Huai, who was being 'manipulated' by him, and a sinister look flashed across his eyes, as he waited for Su Huai to break through.

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