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C1 World 1

Star Research Center, 3062.

"Professor, an anomaly has occurred on Planet 203, and an unstable magnetic field has appeared. Do you want to eliminate interference?" A young man wearing a white research uniform reported the result expressionlessly.

"How many times has it been?" A voice with no temperature passed through the air into his ears. It was deep and magnetic, and his deep black eyes flickered with a mysterious light.

As the most authoritative professor in the Interstellar Research Center, Ye Feng had almost all the necessary qualities of a golden bachelor at the same time. His intelligence was outstanding, he was handsome, and his inverted triangular golden body made countless girls go crazy for him.

However, what made people's hearts break was that Ye Feng was the same person. In short, He did not like women, but this did not affect some crazy girls who wanted to straighten him out.

"The 1324th time." A blank reply.

"Let him go." Ye Feng let out a long sigh. He lowered his eyes and placed his hands on his crossed legs as he lazily leaned against the chair.

"The higher-ups want the professor to do it himself."

The man was stunned for a moment, then laughed. "Then, I'll go with him."

World Maintaining Center

"Doctor, it's ready." A man in his early thirties respectfully walked to Ye Feng's side and reminded him softly. He did not seem to want to disturb the man who was resting with his eyes closed.

"Let's talk when he comes," Ye Feng said. He did not do anything. His subordinates also walked to the side and waited. Time passed minute by minute, and the tightly shut door showed no signs of being opened at all.

After an unknown period of time, "Bang!" The sound of a powerful kick was heard. The man who was as still as Mount Tai just now opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up. It was coming!

"Holy sh * t! I'm still on a mission outside! You're all trying to kill me!" A man wearing a long black windbreaker stepped on the "corpse" in front of the door and walked in with an overbearing aura. His handsome face was full of impatience, but this impatience turned into smoke the moment he saw Ye Feng.

"Boss, why are you here?"

Everyone seemed to have long gotten used to this kind of scene. Just a second ago, the "second golden bachelor" who looked like he was going to kill someone transformed into a lackey when he saw Ye Feng, so he still stood there calmly.

"Get ready, we're leaving." The man did not answer, but urged Jiaang Yi.

"Ready!" Jiaang Yi's ingratiating behavior made Ye Feng laugh. How many years had it been? This time, it would end in one go!

"Ding! Inspection in progress! ... Defender No. 1 is ready. Transmission beginning! " Two people were lying side by side in the cold mechanical cabin: Ye Feng and Jiaang Yi. The dark blue nutrient solution made their faces look much gentler.

"Ding! Transmission complete." After the notification sound disappeared, the only sound left in the room was the beeping sound coming from the nutrition cabin that kept them alive. It was terrifyingly quiet.

[First World: School] Jiaang Yi adapted to the shaking of his head and heard the notification sound in his head. Jiaang Yi frowned. It was so annoying.

"You're so noisy, Zizi, shut up!" Jiaang Yi roared angrily in his mind.

"Ding, Zizi has been assigned to me as maintenance system number three, Qiuqiu." A cold mechanical voice rang out once again.

"Hey, is that so? Not Zizi? " Then I'll destroy you. "I'm really not used to it if it's not him." Jiaang Yi smiled evilly and started to act as if he was going to destroy the system.

"Hey hey, I'm Tsukino, I'm Tsukino, I'm Tsukino, I'm Tsukino!" A mellow child's voice sounded.

Jiaang Yi curled his lips into a smile. "Pretending? Why aren't you acting anymore? Every time I see you, you can give yourself a new name. " What are you capable of! "

"Hmph! Damned ghost!" A fleshy white lump gradually appeared in front of Jiaang Yi's eyes. The reproachful tone made Jiaang Yi feel much more comfortable. This was the real lump he knew.

"Where's the boss?" Jiaang Yi looked around. Other than the furniture, there was no one else.

"He might not be on the same timeline as you. He might be late, or maybe even late. You guys don't carry out missions in the same world. " After looking through the information, he did not know that this so-called information had already been modified by someone with ulterior motives.

"If that's the case, then read the plot for me." Ignoring the slight disappointment in his heart, Jiaang Yi tidied his clothes. He still needed to adapt to his adjusted body before he could fully control it.

"Ding! Information transmission in progress. Host, please pay attention to receiving. ... Transmission complete. Host, please check in time." The cold mechanical voice was still reminding him to do his duty. It could not be helped. Only during normal communication would he be a glutinous ball. The missions issued were usually the main system's sub-system.

[The world that the host is in is known as the little wife of the campus prince, campus literature.] The host's identity is the male protagonist's big brother: Si Bai. Setting: Both parents died, and there is a younger brother. The female lead met the male lead at the freshman ceremony jointly sponsored by the Si family and the Lin family. The female lead had been stepped on by the male lead until her skirt became ugly. In order to compensate the female lead, the male lead had gradually come into contact with the female lead. Hence, the two of them fell in love for a long time. This world was sweet. The host's task was to eliminate the male lead, Qing Mei: Lau Yao's negative influence on the male lead and female lead. It was the male lead who achieved He. "Other than that, Lau Yao is a transmigrator. Please be careful, host."

After listening to Tsukuko's report, Jiaang Yi felt uneasy. Although he had experienced so many worlds, at least it was normal. Jiaang Yi did not want to complain about the name of this domineering CEO Wen and campus Wen. It would not be too bad to have a younger brother of the male lead. Usually, the male lead in this kind of article was handsome to the point of having no friends, so flirting with the male lead should not be a big deal, right?

When Tsukuko saw her host's wretched smile, she couldn't help but sigh. Why was her host so wretched? Why was his and his ratio 99%? The main system must have made a mistake. Gluten was squatting in the air and drawing circles, looking like he had nothing left to live for.

Jiaang Yi stood up and stood in front of the mirror to look at the person in the mirror. He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. He was cold, domineering, and perfect! He started working now. Was he a transmigrator? Jiaang Yi smiled. It's not that easy to make a comeback in life. Who asked you to meet me?

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