Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C10 World 1 so That We Can Get Together and Go Our Separate Ways
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Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C10 World 1 so That We Can Get Together and Go Our Separate Ways
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C10 World 1 so That We Can Get Together and Go Our Separate Ways

"Yes, why not?" Lin Feng smiled, but he didn't know that he was trying to seduce Si Bai. Si Bai's chest, smiling face, and the hot temperature on his body made him feel ashamed.

Lin Feng, who was sitting on Si Bai's lap, naturally felt it. He took the initiative to send himself to Si Bai's door, and the two of them had a beautiful night together.

"Warning, the female lead is in danger. Please hurry to the alley behind the second intersection on XX Road." Si Bai was woken up by the system early in the morning. He shivered when he heard what the system said. What a joke, the female lead's abnormal death world would collapse. Then... Lin Feng would also disappear.

Si Bai looked at the person sleeping in his arms and gently kissed her. He then got up and went to find the female lead. However, the moment Si Bai closed the door, the person sleeping on the bed opened his eyes and looked at Si Bai, who was walking out of the door.

He changed into his formal attire and took the keys to the music car. It was obvious that he was going out. Why did he leave him so early? Lin Feng found it difficult to convince Si Bai that he was only going to work.

The alarm in the system was getting more and more urgent. Si Bai was somewhat irritated as he hit the steering wheel and sped along. Lin Feng's gaze, who was following behind, became colder and colder. The veins on his hand, which was holding the steering wheel tightly, were showing.

When they reached their destination, Si Bai opened the car door and rushed towards the alley as soon as he got off the car. He took out his phone and looked at the location shown by the system. Finally, he arrived in time. The female lead looked like she had fainted. The man who had taken off his clothes and was about to attack the female lead did not even need to think to know what had happened.

When they saw someone approaching, they immediately blocked Si Bai with a ferocious expression.

"Kid, don't meddle in other people's business!" The ferocious tone coupled with the wretched face made Si Bai feel extremely disgusted. Without saying anything, he kicked the man's chest without any resistance. Si Bai put his coat on the female lead and completely ignored the man's cries behind the female lead.

When he walked out of the alley, Si Bai saw a person who should not have appeared here: Lin Feng. Si Bai, who was about to explain, was stopped by Lin Feng's cold gaze. Lin Feng looked at Si Bai mockingly and the female lead in his arms, then turned around and left.

Si Bai knew that things were getting serious. But the female lead had to be saved! Si Bai helplessly looked at Lin Feng's back, then turned around and carried the female lead into the car to send her home.

Lin Feng sat in his car and watched all of this quietly. Heh, men and women eat together, Si Bai. You are so damn good! Lin Feng drove away without any hesitation.

Bang! Bang! He opened the door! A'Feng! " Si Bai stood outside the door and looked at the tightly shut door. He showed no signs of opening it.

A'Feng, if you don't open the door, I will kick you! " In order to enter the door, Si Bai did everything he could. He was silent for a while. Just as Si Bai was about to use up his patience and kick the door open, the door suddenly opened. Si Bai immediately rushed in and hugged Lin Feng who was standing in front of him.

"Ah Feng, you misunderstood me!" Si Bai knew that this was the best time to explain.

"Misunderstanding? Yesterday she was still in my bed, and today she is in my arms. I don't think this is a misunderstanding!" Lin Feng slapped Si Bai's arm away, closed the door, and walked towards the living room.

"She's my future sister-in-law! Do you want to watch her get hurt?" Si Bai tried his best to explain, but he didn't want to hear it. It made Si Bai feel that the other side didn't trust him. This was the biggest problem in their relationship. If there was a next time, things would develop like this. It might even become more serious.

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