Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C2 World 1 Graduation Ceremony
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Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C2 World 1 Graduation Ceremony
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C2 World 1 Graduation Ceremony

"President, are you going to this year's ceremony?" She was wearing a professional outfit that perfectly outlined her unique and charming figure. However, the indifferent expression on her face made it hard for people to get close to her.

The CEO she mentioned, Si Bai, thought for a moment. The ceremony was when the male and female lead met. How could he miss such a classic scene? Thinking about this, Si Bai nodded and said, "Go!"

He had originally planned to directly inform the personnel department that the CEO was still the same this year. When Lin Qiu heard the CEO's reply, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she remembered that it was the time for the young master to enter the school this year. It made sense. After agreeing, she left the office to arrange the relevant matters.

"Brother!" Si Qing saw his brother's private car from far away. As soon as the door opened, he rushed to Si Bai's arms and hung him like a koala.

Si Bai's cold and hard face revealed a rare trace of warmth.

"How old are you? And you're still so impatient." He was scolding Si Qing, but his arm was holding Si Qing's body tightly. He was afraid that Si Qing would fall down and fall. Si Bai looked calm on the surface, but his heart was full of waves. In the plot, it did not say that Si Qing was a brother control!

Si Qing knew that his big brother had a sharp tongue and a soft heart. That was for you! - All his subordinates. That was why Si Bai was still hanging on his body. Si Bai carried him into the house and placed him on the sofa before reluctantly letting go.

"Brother, you're coming to our school's opening ceremony, right?" Si Qing blinked his big eyes. His eyes were full of expectation.

At this moment, Si Bai felt that it was not bad to play and develop.

"En!" Si Bai rubbed his younger brother's hair as if he was doing it. It was as smooth as he had expected.

"Brother is doing it for me, right?" Si Qing got the answer he wanted, and his face was full of smiles.

"If not for you, who else could it be for?" Si Bai said in a bad mood. Just as he wanted to get up, he was pushed back onto the sofa by Si Qing.

The housekeeper who had witnessed the whole process shook his head helplessly. Only in front of the young master would the family head be so relaxed. This was also good.

"Zizi, is there any requirement for the maintenance of the character this time?" Si Bai suddenly thought of this problem when he was playing around. 00C was not a small matter. He thought of those few times when he was young and arrogant. Not caring about his character, after a few times of 00C, he was thrown to the trial by his boss, causing him to be in deep trouble. Si Bai could not help but shiver.

"No. The character you possess is modified according to its original appearance. It is fictional. You can do whatever you want." The first part was quite serious, but the later part was more and more complicated.

Si Bai closed his eyes and silently said in his heart, "It's not good to kill the system, you can't be too violent...

In the blink of an eye, it was the start of school. Si Qing ran to Si Bai's bedroom early in the morning wearing his dinosaur pajamas with his head covered in chicken buns. He then aimed at a part of the bed that was bulging in the middle and fired!

Si Bai, who was still sleeping, suddenly felt as if there was a rock on his body. He could not breathe. What was even stranger was that the rock was still moving!

Si Bai woke up from his sleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw Si Qing's enlarged handsome face in front of him. He almost had a heart attack.

Si Bai helplessly hugged Si Qing and carried him into the blanket to prevent him from catching a cold. His other hand touched the phone on the bedside table. He opened the lock screen. Good guy! It was only around six o'clock!

Si Bai put his phone back and glared at the fellow who was causing trouble in his arms, "Why is it so early?"

"Brother, I can't sleep. I'm too excited!" Si Qing stopped struggling and crawled onto his brother's body. He looked like a koala.

"You usually attend parties and such? Why are you so excited?" Si Bai silently rolled his eyes in his heart. Who are you lying to!?

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