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C3 World 1

"Not because of that... No! It's not all because of this! " When I think about how many people will 'accidentally' throw themselves into your arms when you appear at the ceremony tomorrow, I wonder how many people will 'accidentally' throw themselves into your arms, secretly send you off, and see through your autumn waters... "

"Aiya! Brother, why did you hit me!" Si Bai could not help knocking Si Qing's head and covering his chattering mouth.

"Where did you learn so many strange words? Is this how you use the Autumn Sending Wave?" Si Bai ignored Si Qing's aggrieved expression.

"What I said is true! You don't even know! When I was in high school, there were a lot of people in my class worshipping you! "Fortunately, they didn't know that I was your brother. Otherwise, they would have annoyed me to death!" Si Qing's impatient look successfully amused Si Bai.

A deep laugh came out of his mouth. Si Qing was stunned for a moment, then his face turned red.

"Brother! You actually laughed at me!" Si Qing waved his small fist and punched Si Bai in the chest. It looked like he used a lot of strength, but he could not bear to hit Si Bai hard. Therefore, to Si Bai, this force was no different from tickling him.

"Are you going to laugh or not?" Si Bai was no longer sleepy after being disturbed like this. He simply hugged Si Qing and sat up. Only when he got down did he feel that something was wrong.

"What do you usually eat? Why is there so much fat? And it's so heavy?" Si Qing's face was angular, and he had the unique style of a youth. His figure was also very standard, but he was still despised by his big brother!

Tsukino Zi quietly watched all of this. He felt that he was going to lose his favor. What should he do?

Si Bai said, "Stop messing around. Have I ever spoiled you?" Tsukino Zi was speechless.

"Brother, you actually dislike me!" Si Qing started to struggle. His face was as angry as a bun.

"How could that be? It's so early today. Come with me to the morning exercise!" Si Bai put Si Qing down, turned around, and went into the bathroom. After a while, he heard the sound of water.

Si Qing was upset on the spot. If he had known earlier, he would have woken up late. Seeing that his brother did not want to refuse, Si Qing wanted to cry but had no tears.

"I'll give you ten minutes to clean yourself up!" Si Bai's voice came through the glass door of the bathroom. Si Qing trembled and immediately ran back to his room to clean himself up.

When Si Qing went downstairs, Si Bai was already sitting in the living room reading a newspaper.

"Let's go." Seeing Si Qing come down, Si Bai put down the newspaper in his hand and brought Si Qing out.

The two brothers were jogging on the small road in the villa area. Their extremely beautiful appearances and expensive accessories were particularly eye-catching in the crowd.

Rich people paid more attention to health. At this time, more and more people came out to train. The two brothers had cold expressions and seemed very unique.

Si Qing usually only ran a few thousand meters in school, but he was suddenly pulled by Si Bai to run around the villa area for more than ten rounds. Even if he was jogging, he would not be able to take it.

The last few laps were threatened by Si Bai that if he did not finish running, he would not participate in the party today. Only then did he persevere and was carried back home by Si Bai.

He was forced by Si Bai to take a shower in the bathroom first, then collapsed on the sofa for a long time before Si Qing recovered his senses. During that time, he was even mocked by a few servants, the housekeeper, and his elder brother.

Si Qing laid down with a dispirited face. He felt that he would no longer love...

"You go with Uncle Wu first. I still have some things to do. I might be late." Si Bai stood outside the car door and looked at the reluctant Si Qing in the backseat. He fondly patted Si Qing's head.

"Then I'll be leaving first. Bro, hurry up!" Si Qing restrained his emotions and waved his hand obediently. Si Bai watched as the car carrying Si Qing slowly drove away until it disappeared without a trace. He then returned to the living room and went back to the company.

"Today, I will announce Si Qing's identity to the public. Remember, during this period of time, the people who suddenly gathered around him, investigate him carefully." Si Bai ordered as he walked.

Lin Qiu quickly replied, "Everything has been arranged!"

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