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C4 World 1

Si Bai stopped in his tracks and looked at Lin Qiu. Just as Lin Qiu was about to break out in cold sweat, Si Bai slowly withdrew his frightening gaze.

Lin Qiu let out a deep breath. The unpredictable boss was really hard to predict.

Si Bai was about to head to A University, but it was already a lively scene.

"Hey, I heard that the CEO of the Si Corporation will be coming this year!" A girl with a ponytail said excitedly.

"I heard it too! That's the real cold and abstinent CEO! " There is also a person you never would have thought of coming! " Another girl added.

"Who is it? Who is it?" The group of girls were excited. Someone who appeared in such an occasion must be a big shot!

"President Lin, Lin Feng! He also sponsored this year's party. Didn't you see that this year's party is more than a level higher than last year's?" The second girl looked at the empty platform and felt a little disappointed.

"That's right!" The girls started to talk about the Lin Clan and the Si Clan.

Si Qing quietly took a glass of champagne from the waiter's plate. Just as he wanted to drink, he was pulled into a small circle by a group of people. Si Qing helplessly facepalmed.

"Yo, the young master is here!" Si Qing's best friend, Li Ye, teased. This group of people did not know Si Qing's real identity, but only knew that Si Qing's family was very rich.

Nonsense! He received luxury cars, his clothes were all custom-made, and he had branded accessories. Who would believe him if he said he didn't have money?

"Ai, Si Qing's family can be considered a big family, right? Do you know Si Bai?" A boy looked at Si Qing.

Si Qing did not respond, but the boy was not angry either. "Could it be that you are Si Bai's younger brother? Hahahahaha!" The group of people surrounding the boy burst into laughter.

Seeing this, Li Ye wanted to stop them. This was too much, but he was stopped by Si Qing.

The boy who gave Si Qing face had some power in his family. His father came to a company and had a place in the upper class society. Si Qing's daily life had made him jealous.

His family was rich, but he knew in his heart that their family could not compare to Si Qing's family. The long period of jealousy made his eyes red. He said those words without caring about the consequences. He regretted it as soon as he said it. If Si Qing held a grudge, his family might not be able to bear his revenge.

The air froze. Li Ye wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, but he saw a commotion in the venue. He looked up and saw two men talking as they walked in.

Both of them were dressed in custom-made black suits, revealing their perfect figures. Their rarely seen handsome faces made the young girls at the side unable to look away.

A group of people looked at the scene of two imposing men appearing together and even having a good chat, calling it pleasing to the eyes.

"Younger sister didn't cause you any trouble, right?" Lin Feng was very familiar with himself. Si Bai was also considered to have been on the battlefield for a long time, so there was no problem at all in dealing with him.

"No, little sister Ling is very capable." Si Bai looked around. When he saw Si Qing, he turned around and said goodbye to Lin Feng, then walked straight to Si Qing.

"Hey, hey, Si Qing, Si Bai is here! He is coming towards us!" Li Ye excitedly pulled Si Qing's arm. Si Bai was his idol!

The girls at the side began to imagine a scene of a domineering CEO falling in love with my rich family. They stared at Si Bai with infatuation, as if they would transform into a rich wife in the next second.

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