Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C6 World 1 Come and Shoot
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Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C6 World 1 Come and Shoot
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C6 World 1 Come and Shoot

"It's an honor." Lin Feng raised his glass and smiled. He also raised his glass and sat down next to Si Bai. The seat beside him was still empty, but Lin Feng naturally sat next to Si Bai. The warmth of a man's body was transmitted to the other party.

Si Bai finally understood that the other party had taken a liking to him. It was not bad to play around with him. Anyway, he was not afraid of 00C. It had been a long time since he had found a partner.

"Boss Lin, why are you interested in staying?" Si Bai started to find a topic to talk about. Otherwise, the temperature of his waist and legs, which were hard to ignore, would quickly burn up.

"We need to rest. It's fun to watch them, just like how I used to..." A dark light flashed across Lin Feng's eyes. Si Bai, who was careless, did not notice anything unusual.

"Boss Lin must have been young and amazing when she was young, right?" Lin Feng was a little surprised when he heard the teasing tone. Did this person also joke like this? How much had he missed? Fortunately, there was still time.

"Same here." Lin Feng smiled. After greeting Si Bai, he stood up and left. The sudden drop in temperature stunned Si Bai for a moment. Then he quickly reacted. He wanted to greet Si Bai, but he refused. It was an old trick, but unexpectedly it was effective.

After the ceremony, the two of them seemed to have returned to normal life and lost contact. Si Bai paid attention to the plot while leisurely managing the company. Si Bai's patience was surprisingly good. Lin Feng was not bad either, but he was the one who had ulterior motives in the end.

When Si Bai heard Lin Qiu report that the president of Lin's family wanted to talk to him about this season's cooperation in person, he was not surprised at all. Instead, he felt a sense of relief that had finally come. It was quite boring to wait like this.

His younger brother had already hooked up with the female lead and was in the process of developing a relationship. Therefore, he had nothing to do during this period of time. It was time for some fun.

In the coffee shop that was filled with a unique and rich coffee fragrance, two men who had attracted the attention of almost all the women in the hall sat face to face. Their long and slender fingers slowly stirred the spoon, and their casual appearance appeared elegant and lazy.

"Long time no see." Si Bai put down the spoon in his hand and leaned against the back of the chair in a relaxed manner. "But Boss Lin didn't ask me to come today to reminisce about old times, right?"

"Of course." He still had a decent smile on his face, which made people unable to read his mind. For some reason, Si Bai felt a little irritated.

"I thought our company's vice president did not eat for free when it comes to negotiations." Si Bai loosened his sleeves and looked even more lazy.

"Our company is sincere. This can also help promote our future cooperation, right?" Lin Feng picked up the coffee in his hand and took a sip. The strong taste filled his mouth. He unconsciously stuck out his tongue to lick the corner of his mouth, but Si Bai saw a hint of temptation.

Si Bai, who usually had great self-control, was defeated by Lin Feng's unconscious movement. No one would be willing to believe it.

Si Bai's patience ran out. "Boss Lin, let's not hide anything anymore. Is it your house or my house?" Si Bai picked a topic.

"Go to my house. I'm the only one in my house." Lin Feng didn't expect things to go so smoothly. He was prepared to fight for a long time, but he was caught off guard by Si Bai's words, which was exactly what he wanted.

The two men from the Operation Faction drove to Lin Feng's villa quickly. Just like Lin Feng, the decoration and the atmosphere of the villa made people feel warm. Lin Feng laid on the bed and looked at the figure that came out of the door. It was as strong and tall as he had imagined.

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