Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C7 World 1 This Can be Considered as a Failure
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Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C7 World 1 This Can be Considered as a Failure
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C7 World 1 This Can be Considered as a Failure

Lin Feng picked up the book and waited patiently. The meat in his mouth would never fly away. The sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped, and the hand holding the book unconsciously clenched. He was actually a little nervous, and casually removed the bathrobe that he was covering. So when Si Bai came out naked, he saw a picture of a beauty, her snow white skin exposed outside. One of her legs was slightly bent, making people want to explore deeper.

Si Bai did not hesitate. He walked forward and threw away the book in Lin Feng's hand. It was only when Lin Feng's eyes were full of him that he managed to hold back the restlessness in his heart.

"I am not going to be the next one. Have you thought about it?" Si Bai raised his hand and slowly caressed Lin Feng's face, but in the next second, he was grabbed by Lin Feng.

"What do you think?" Lin Feng raised his eyebrows and closed the distance between the two of them. His movements were full of temptation. Si Bai smiled and leaned over to block the tempting lips, starting to attack the city.

The room was filled with seductive voices, and no one spoke for the entire night.

Early in the morning, the quiet bedroom was illuminated by the sunlight, as if it did not want to disturb the person who was still sleeping on the bed. The curtain in the innermost layer of the curtain was not opened, but it made the sunlight a little hazy.

Si Bai sat by the bed, holding the newspaper today in his hand. From time to time, he would look at the person on the bed, and the smile that could not be hidden at the corner of his mouth betrayed his heart.

Yu Yi's last night was unforgettable. Si Bai put down the newspaper in his hand and did not hide it anymore. Since it was so suitable... Then it should be you.

Si Bai thought as he sat on the bed. He pulled the person on the bed who was still frowning in his sleep into his arms. The person in his arms seemed to have noticed something and stuck onto Si Bai's body. His unconscious actions made Si Bai happy.

He leaned on the bed and looked at the person lying in his arms with watery eyes. Si Bai suddenly felt his heart fill up. It was so full that it felt like time had stopped. The picturesque scene made people want to relax and breathe to avoid disturbing the person in the painting.

Si Bai did not go to the company. He only asked Lin Qiu to bring the documents here to deal with it. Seeing this scene, Lin Qiu nodded in relief. As expected of her elder brother. He melted the ice so quickly. Looking at his expression, it seemed that he had eaten his fill and his heart was rippling.

It was already afternoon when Lin Feng woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Si Bai sitting on the chair and reading the documents. He looked lazy, which made people worry whether he could read it or not.

Lin Feng wanted to sit up. If he moved too much, it would involve that unbearable place. Then, he twisted his face and fell down again. When Si Bai saw this scene, he laughed in his heart. He looked at Si Bai nervously on the surface, and immediately went to check it out.

"Don't move. You should rest at home today." Si Bai's tough tone made Lin Feng a little uncomfortable, but he knew that it was for his own good, so he could only lie down obediently. His aggrieved look made Si Bai's heart ache a little.

"It was my fault yesterday, I didn't pay attention to what I should do." Si Bai looked at Lin Feng apologetically, and his face was no longer as cold as before.

Lin Feng was speechless.

What did this make him answer? Actually, you did well yesterday? The soreness in his body reminded him of his craziness yesterday. Should he be happy that he had made Si Bai lose control, or should he be sad that Si Bai did not have the slightest bit of pity for him?

"Are you hungry? I've cooked the porridge. I'll bring it over." Si Bai sensed Ling Feng's embarrassment and immediately found an excuse to leave the room. As Si Bai walked towards the kitchen, he covered his heart which had suddenly started beating faster. He had finally fallen.

He had never thought of himself as a scumbag. After finding a suitable person, he was very happy to live in this world with him. However, he had never believed in love at first sight, but now, he believed it.

When he walked to the door, he turned around and saw the person standing up. When he saw the marks on the person's body after the blanket fell off, his heart began to race. Those were the marks he had left behind, and it also indicated that the person was his!

When Si Bai returned to his room, Lin Feng had already put on his clothes, but he still lay on the bed and did not want to move. Lin Feng, who was dressed in casual clothes, looked relaxed and casual, making people want to get close to him.

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