Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C8 World 1 Si Bai Wants to See Ye Yuan
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Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C8 World 1 Si Bai Wants to See Ye Yuan
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C8 World 1 Si Bai Wants to See Ye Yuan

Si Bai looked away as if nothing had happened. He then took another kiss naturally. He ignored Lin Feng's surprised look and started to feed him.

Lin Feng found it funny. This man really refused to let go after he had decided to do so. Even though he knew this, he still couldn't help feeling sweet when he experienced it himself.

While the two of them kissed and kissed each other, there was a problem with the male lead and the male lead. Due to Si Bai's appearance, there was an additional barrier between the male lead and the male lead. Originally, Si Qing's identity wasn't publicly announced, but now it was. After the female lead Ye Yuan had interacted with Si Qing for too long, there were some rumors spreading.

What kind of toad wants to eat swan meat? Does it want to fly to a branch and become a phoenix? Insults of being shameless and hurting people kept appearing around her. She had a good impression of Si Qing, but when she thought of her family background and Si Qing's, she started to think of retreating.

When Si Qing finally realized that Ye Yuan was deliberately hiding from him, the young master, who did not care about worldly affairs, found out the reason from others. He wanted to punish the person who spread the rumors, but he was not strong enough to find the person who spread the rumors. He had no choice but to seek help from his big brother.

"Big brother, can you help me?" Si Qing pulled Si Bai's sleeve and acted like a spoiled child. If the people in the school saw the usually arrogant young master of the Si family acting like this, they would definitely be shocked.

"Alright, alright, how old are you?" Si Bai helplessly agreed. In fact, he had already guessed who it was in his heart. As long as he investigated a little more, he would be able to roughly confirm it.

This plot did not appear in the original text. Regardless of whether he had changed the plot or not, the opinions that were against the female lead would be eliminated eventually. This was the law of the world. Everything was centered around the male and female lead.

"It's Lau Yao." Lin Qiu walked into the office with the documents. The investigation result made Si Bai completely understand the routine of this world. The female matching would seek death endlessly and promote the male and female leads to He. However, he did not know what kind of tricks this female matching would pull.

Si Bai waved his hand and let Lin Qiu go out. It seemed like it was time to meet the female lead. After dealing with Lau Yao, he could have a good rest with Ah Feng. When he thought of Lin Feng, Si Bai's entire body emitted a sweet scent.

Si Bai had successfully invited the female lead out. Although Ye Yuan did not know why the Si family's CEO wanted to see her, she also had some guesses in her heart. Could it be that she was afraid that she would miss Si Qing?

With doubts in her heart, Ye Yuan came to the agreed location.

It was expected to be a high-end restaurant. Ye Yuan adjusted her state of mind and walked into the door with her chest out. Very quickly, she found that there was no Si Bai in the hall. Just as she was wondering, a waiter walked up with a standard smile on his face and asked gently, "Miss Ye, is it?"

"It's me." She nodded and politely replied with a smile.

"Please follow me!" The waiter was the first to walk forward and Ye Yuan followed behind. When they reached the door of a private room, the waiter stopped and said, "Miss Ye, please come in!" After saying that, he left. The boss only told him to bring the person here. He didn't need to care about anything else.

Ye Yuan looked at the leaving waiter and turned around to open the door. A man in a black suit sat on the main sofa and faced the door. Hearing the movement, the man looked up. When his cold eyes stared at you, it was as if they were going to freeze. Ye Yuan's psychological structure began to collapse.

"Hello... Hello! Ye Yuan tried hard to calm herself but she was still a little nervous.

Si Bai looked away. This female master was too timid.

" Sit! " Si Bai looked at the sofa in front of him. Ye Yuan understood what he meant and sat down.

"Mr. Si asked me to come. Is there anything you need?" Ye Yuan pretended to be calm and drank a mouthful of tea. She seemed to be very generous and had a lot of manners. Si Bai was barely satisfied with this.

"You like Ah Qing." Her affirmative tone caught Ye Yuan unprepared, but he was indeed...

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