Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C9 World 1 You Are Mine
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Eternal Reincarnation, You Are Here/C9 World 1 You Are Mine
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C9 World 1 You Are Mine

"Don't worry, I called you today just to see you. Ah Qing is not a person who cares about status, so am I." Si Bai said slowly. He was not here to make things difficult for the female lead, so there was no need to be too serious.

"I understand, but I don't want to cause trouble for him." Ye Yuan bit her lower lip. To be honest, she did not care about these comments. When had she been discussed like this? She was only a girl and her heart was very fragile.

"Do you think these comments can cause trouble for Ah Qing? Or are you afraid?" Si Bai looked at Ye Yuan, his eyes piercing straight into her heart. Ye Yuan's face became somewhat pale.

"I understand." Ye Yuan was a smart person and naturally knew Si Bai's real purpose today. What was there to be afraid of now? Ye Yuan's gaze was firm. Si Bai sighed. He had really broken his heart.

"Miss Ye, come and try the signature dishes here." Si Bai got up and walked to the dining table. Every move he made showed the demeanor of a big family. Ye Yuan had learned etiquette in the early years. Although she was very inexperienced, she was still acceptable.

This meal had different thoughts. Si Bai could finally succeed and retire. He could wholeheartedly focus on dealing with the female matchmaker.

"Little dumpling, where's the boss?" Si Bai went home and took a shower. He laid down on the bed and emptied his mind. Only then did he think of this.

"It can't be detected. Don't worry. Your boss has been through countless worlds. Don't worry. Maybe he didn't come here, but went somewhere else." Tsukino Tsukino twisted her round body, looking particularly funny.

"That's true." Si Bai felt relieved, but he still felt a little disappointed in his heart. He could not do missions with his boss anymore. Si Bai sighed and cast aside his distracting thoughts. He took out his phone and opened the lock screen. On the screen, it was a certain someone's sleeping face. It looked like he was unprepared, which made Si Bai have an impulse to find him right now.

Si Bai had always been unrestrained, so he got up and drove to Lin Feng's private villa. Si Bai only woke up when he stood at the door. He was hesitating if he should ring the doorbell when the door suddenly opened. Lin Feng, wearing a nightgown, leaned against the door and looked at Si Bai with a smile that was not a smile.

"Director Si, it's so late. Is there something urgent that you have to do at my house?" The teasing tone made Si Bai feel a little embarrassed. He also felt that he was too impulsive, but when he met his beloved, he couldn't control himself at all. For example, he really wanted to take off his eyesore robe now.

But he restrained himself and could not leave an impression on his wife that she was anxious.

"I miss you, so I came to see you!" Si Bai's thick skin and combat power were very strong after he recovered to normal.

"Come in." Si Bai was so direct that Lin Feng could not continue speaking. He could only turn sideways and let Si Bai enter the door.

When Tsukino Zi saw this scene in the spatial zone, he rolled his eyes 360 degrees.

"You might not believe me if I say so. I didn't have any thoughts about you before, but now I like you. " So... you can only be mine! " Si Bai sat on the sofa and looked at Lin Feng, who was opposite him. Lin Feng's face slowly revealed a strange expression. Of course, this was an act. He was not sure how happy he was in his heart. It really was him. He wouldn't let go once he saw it for himself.

Si Bai saw that the other party hadn't replied for a long time, so he was a little uncertain in his heart. The other party did not just treat him as a cannon fodder, right? Si Bai, who felt danger, pulled Lin Feng, who was in a daze, into his arms. Lin Feng also obediently sat on Si Bai's lap.

"What, you don't want to?" A deliberately low and hoarse voice came over. Lin Feng sighed. This was simply cheating, and he had no intention of rejecting it.

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