Eternal Ancient Sovereign/C1 Ye Family trash
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Eternal Ancient Sovereign/C1 Ye Family trash
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C1 Ye Family trash

Three thousand major worlds, a hundred million minor worlds.

In the Sky Region Continent, the martial way was respected, and the weak martial artists had the strength of a thousand jin. As for the strong, they moved mountains and filled the seas, covered the stars and moon, and traveled through the void, becoming a supreme deity.

The weak were bullied throughout their lives, the strong had power and authority, looking down on the world.

Within the Misty Cloud Sect's Liu Zhou City, the Ye family mansion.

A youth was lying on the bed. His face was bruised from being beaten up, as if he had fallen into a coma. Suddenly, the youth leaped up, his handsome face was filled with fear.

"Where is this?" Am I not dead? " Seeing the surroundings clearly, Ye Feng was puzzled, wasn't he supposed to be in the hospital? How did we get here?

He had originally been a student of Tianhai University, fatherless and parentless. He had originally wanted to take advantage of the summer vacation to earn some tuition, but the weather had been too poisonous and he had suffered heatstroke. He had been carried to the hospital.

Before he could clear his doubts, he suddenly felt a lot of pain from his entire body. Ye Feng screamed miserably as he felt that there was not a single piece of good meat left in his body.

"That bastard dared to beat me up ?" Before he could even finish his words, an immense wave of foreign memories gushed into his mind, causing him to freeze in shock as though he had been struck by lightning.

Sky Region Continent? Liu Zhou City? Ye Family? The young master of the Ye family, Ye Feng? Strings of unfamiliar yet familiar memories flashed through his mind, scenes of him being in high spirits, or feeling humiliated flashed by. It was as if his life had ended in an instant.

In the picture, Ye Feng saw a young man, in order to avenge his sister who had died in humiliation. He angrily pulled out his blade and sword, cut off those beasts, and crippled Ye Xing's four limbs, but because of this, he left behind some clues, and was executed by the Ye Family's Great Elder, abolishing his cultivation, and the wounds on his body were all caused by him.

After a while, Ye Feng finally understood the whole situation, and he also knew the truth, that he had really transmigrated to a place called the Heavenly Region Continent.

As for the person who possessed him, he died of depression due to his dantian being abolished. He did not expect to be taken advantage of. He bitterly smiled a few times before recalling the injuries on his body and his tattered clothes.

After boiling some hot water, he decided to take a bath. Then, he took off his clothes and went into the bath barrel.

"Ah ?" "Comfortable." Ye Feng shouted in a comfortable manner.

Suddenly, a bright light shot out from his brows and filled the entire room with a purple light.

The sudden scene frightened Ye Feng.

"Holy sh * t!"

Suddenly, Ye Feng felt as if his internal organs were on fire, it was extremely painful to endure.

The severe pain caused Ye Feng's facial features to contort, making him look very fierce.

"Motherf * cker ?" Just what is this ? "What the hell ?"

Ye Feng yelled out word by word, as if there was something trying to come out of his body.

"Ah ?"

Suddenly, Ye Feng raised his head and shouted, two purple pillars of light shot out from his eyes, and the purple light in the room immediately dissipated, and at this moment, Ye Feng's eyes were completely filled with purple light.

"His dantian was crippled, his spirit root was taken, and his body was riddled with holes and full of injuries. He couldn't even refine his body so it was quite tragic."

An ancient voice suddenly sounded in Ye Feng's mind.

Ye Feng suddenly turned around to look and saw a white robed old man floating in the air. That imposing aura was so powerful that no one dared to look at him directly. Even the Ye Family's Patriarch, Ye Wentian, did not have such a strong aura.

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