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My name is Hua Yun, 17 years old this year, an ordinary sophomore.

The thing I hate least about every day is coming home from school, because every time I come home I see something I shouldn't have seen.

But I had to go home, to save money, my mother did not help me to stay in school, every day had to walk back half an hour after school.

Even before I got close, I heard a series of familiar, unheard-of voices.

I inserted the key numbly, turned the knob, and entered the house.

The door was open.

A man and a woman were rolling in their beds, their white flesh swaying in the wind. The air was filled with an extravagant smell, like greasy fat that had been left sick in the sun for a whole summer.

That man obviously saw me, so he intentionally increased his movement towards the door and pushed his head against it.

The woman beneath him seemed boneless as she swayed.

As if I didn't see it, I put down my schoolbag and started writing my homework in the living room. The sound was even more intense than before, and those who didn't know it thought I was slaughtering pigs.

After finishing two big questions, a grunt sounded from inside. It was finally done. The woman was happily dressed as she called out, "Boss, come next time!"

"Alright, I'll definitely come again!"

The man stepped out and deliberately circled in front of me. He gave me his usual dissolute look and gave me a squeeze on the chest.

I winced, glared at him, and went back to my homework.

The man snappily hooked his arm under my chin. "You little b * tch, what are you acting so noble about? Sooner or later, I will control you! "

My face was burning, but in my heart, I was already used to such insults.

That's right! I'm a son of a bitch.

The woman who was pushed around in bed by him was my mom.

But one day I'm going to tell them that a whore doesn't mean she's a whore.

Holding the pen, I continued to do my homework with my head down.

When the man left, my mother came out of the room in a black lace dress, her breasts half bare, her hair disheveled, and the corner of my mouth like I could see liquid that hadn't wiped it clean.

Leaning against the doorframe, she instructed me, "What homework are you going to do? Clean up the inside!"

I put down my pen and walk into the room. When I passed by her, she grabbed my hair and knocked me against the door frame. "Little slut, you seduce my guests. I'll let you have a taste of yourself someday!"

I let her tug at my hair, too lazy to resist.

She only bumped into me for a short moment before letting go of my hair and slapping me on the back, cursing angrily, "Hurry up and go, stop me from doing my next business and let me show you!"

I hurried in, gathered up the sheets, put on the new ones, swept the TT, the paper, and sprayed the air freshener before I went out.

After her mother entered, she nodded in satisfaction. Then she laid down on the bed, picked up her phone and started to call the next customer, sending a message: You can come up now.

After finishing my homework, I packed my stuff and returned to my room. The so-called room was actually just a bed built on the balcony.

Lying on the bed, a moment later, there was a knock at the door, followed by a familiar, almost inaudible sound.

And so I fell asleep in this special hibernation song.

The next morning I knocked on my mother's door.

The guest had left.

I could guess that the guests would not sleep at night, because it cost more than one thousand yuan, and the clock only cost two hundred yuan, so my mother rarely met a generous guest like Ken.

Before I could get in, a pillow was thrown at me.

"It's early in the morning. It's called Soul!"

I picked up the pillow and patted it before forcing a smile. "Mom, I've already finished preparing breakfast."

She rolled over, waving her hands, and mumbled, "Well, go to school!"

"Give me 300 yuan. I want to pay the tuition fees for this semester." I opened my mouth and revealed my purpose.

Mom immediately opened her eyes and threw the pillow at my face. "Little bitch, money, money is money, money is money if you ask me every day, money is money if you keep your mouth shut. How much money did I spend to support you? I wonder if it's easy for me to earn money! Tian Tian's waist is about to break and her throat is about to turn hoarse! "

Yeah, of course I know that it's hard for her to earn money. If it was me, I really would have been dumb. But I feel like she's scolding me every day as if nothing happened. She's really amazing.

However, I couldn't say that. I could only plead stiffly, "Mom, I really have to hand it in. The school has been rushing me many times. I promise that I will do more work after school. I'll wash my clothes, sheets, and sheets clean!"

"Look at your boneless look, you don't look like me at all." "When I was your age, I already knew that I was going to earn money. How can I be like you, who only knows about books and reading. Tell me, you're a woman, what's the use of studying!"

She was still angry, so she grabbed the belt from the headboard and whipped it at my back.

I took it, time and time again.

He did not dare to retort, much less retaliate.

I need her to give me money, I need to read, I don't want to be like her, I don't believe what they say, that a whore's daughter will be a whore in the future.

I'll prove it to her!

Mom was finally tired, and she stood there panting with her hands on her hips.

I knelt down and asked for more money, like a beggar. No, more so than a beggar!

"Mom, give me the money!"

Mom took out three red tickets from her bra and threw them in my face. She spat at me, "Come back early to work tonight. If you're late, I'll break your legs!"

I hurriedly picked up the money from the ground and thanked my mother. "Thank you, mother. I understand. I will definitely be back early."

After saying that, I didn't care what she scolded behind me, and carried my backpack away as well.

He went down the stairs and out of the dark corridor, arriving at the road.

I held the money in my hand and looked at the people and the sun, and for a moment I didn't know how long I could go on, or where my light was.

However, as long as I can persevere, I will definitely continue.

After paying the tuition fee and releasing the school, I carried my school bag and ran home without stopping. Even though I knew that even if I ran back as fast as I could, I still couldn't avoid a beating and scolding, but I still ran.

He finally arrived home before nightfall.

I carefully opened the door, trying not to make a sound. Why did this have to happen? I was afraid that I would disturb my mother's work.

When he opened the door, the house was abnormally quiet.

It didn't sound like it normally did. I looked inside and saw that there was no one in my mother's room.

This point? Mother went out?

I looked around doubtfully and suddenly, an oily voice sounded from behind me.

"My little darling, you're finally back?"

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