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It's like you're going to strip me naked!

A Zhou raised his chin and laughed heartily. His large eyes narrowed into a line. "Of course!"

Then he continued to explain.

"As I said, no one here will force you to do something you don't want to do."

"Then I'll just do the one that I can't come up with!"

A Zhou looked at me up and down, his eyes filled with craftiness. "From the looks of it, you haven't tried it out yet, right?"

I blushed slightly. Naturally, I understood what he meant when he said that he hadn't tried it out. My hand unconsciously touched the sofa cushion. "En, I didn't!"

"Not bad, very few people come knocking on their door without having opened their kicks. I am actually quite lucky!" If you want to open it in the future, I'll definitely introduce you to someone big! "

A Zhou continued to explain some of the rules, the general fees and the commission.

I came here to solve my problem of being fed and to find 'Brother Ye', so it doesn't matter if I have more money or less, as long as I don't starve to death.


If it's like he said, I can make money without coming out, then I'll make money!

For me, a prostitute in the strict sense of the word is a sellout. It doesn't matter if you don't make it to the last step. So I can't say that I'm a total prostitute right now.

As long as I can find my father, I still have a chance to be a normal person.

That night, I was put out because I had no money and no place to live. I had to earn some money first.

When I got backstage, most of the girls were dressed up beautifully. Some of them were sitting in front of the mirror to put on makeup. Some of them had already finished painting and were chatting.

"Sister Hong, this one is new. She doesn't have any money on her, so why don't you draw for her first. It's mine." He looked at me again, "Lend her a pair of shoes and clothes."

"Brat, you will find trouble for me!" The person who was putting on makeup, hearing this, gave a coquettish smile and patted A-Zhou's butt.

A-Zhou didn't avoid her words. Instead, he walked up to her and said, "Then wouldn't it be better to have a good relationship with her?"

"Alright, I got it. After I'm done with the two ladies on hand, I'll start painting. Go ahead!" Sister Hong glared at A-Zhou.

A Chou was busy. I sat on the edge and waited.

Soon, it was my turn. Sister Hong told me to sit down. The makeup brush and brush in my hand moved quickly across my face. After a while, the drawing was done. It was strange that the thick eyebrows, red lips, and black eye shadow didn't appear as I had expected.

She helped me draw very clear, it looks as if it has never been drawn, but looks a lot better, I never thought that I can be so good-looking.

Her thick eyebrows were smooth and her eyes were slightly raised at the ends. Her curls made me look a little feminine. Her nose seemed to have been brushed with a black and white powder. Her lips were rosy red, making me look even better!

"How is it?" Sister Hong asked with a hint of pride in her voice.

I extended my hands to cover my face and said embarrassedly, "It's very beautiful!"

"Of course, there are quite a few people who are very popular. I think you'll be able to win a prize tonight." Sister Hong reached out her hand and gently pinched my face. Her mouth was wide open, and her smile was about to reach the back of her head.

I smiled in agreement. "Then I'll thank you, Big Sister Hong!"

"No need for thanks. I'll take you to change. This spot is about to start soon." Big Sister Hong looked towards the door and reached out her hand to help me up.

I followed her to a cloakroom. Inside, there were all sorts of colorful dresses, which made my eyes go blurry. In comparison, my foster mother's clothes really weren't worth mentioning.

Elder sister Hong's fingers only slid along her clothes one by one before she took out a short, beige skirt and shoved it at me.

I looked at it. There were only two suspenders, with an open back at the back. I hesitated.

"You're being shy? "Why don't you think about what you're doing here?" The elder sister Hong smiled as she patted my shoulder and said, "Why are you thinking so much? You've already made up your mind. Don't worry about everything else!"

I nodded and started to change my clothes, but I had no idea how to wear such clothes. I didn't even know how to reach my hand in.

The elder sister Hong who was standing at the side was obviously rendered speechless by me. Finally, she walked over and helped me to dress.

When she was done, she picked out a pair of black sandals with thin heels and pushed me to the mirror.

In an instant, I was really amazed by my reflection in the mirror! Her beauty was like that of a star, and her enchanting beauty gave off a shallow sense of purity. It was truly an interesting sight to behold.

The elder sister smacked her lips, "Sticky wet, it's really good to be young. If you dress up a little, you have to have a face, a body, and a face!"

"Thank you, Sister Hong!" I thanked her sincerely.

"What are you thanking me for? When you're rich, just treat me to a few more meals!" She patted my shoulder. "Alright, let's go out first."

I nodded and walked out of the room. I could clearly feel that when I went out, many gazes were gathered on my face. There were looks, disdain, jealousy and envy.

Where there is a woman, there is hope. This is a principle that has never changed.

I followed my adoptive mother, who had been a little more obscene over the years.

I found an empty seat and sat down. After waiting for a while, someone came over and shouted.

"Come out with a batch of 300."

Zhou and I said that I did not come out, so I had to sit up from 300 onwards.

I went out and lined up behind the girl. As I stepped forward, the girl in the blue dress behind me gave me a shove. "Do you understand the rules?" First come first served, how long have you been here and you want to steal business? "Wait behind us!"

"Lei Lei? That's a newbie. A Zhou said a few words to me just now, but first I'll let her take care of it. You old people should take more responsibility as well. The leader, a woman in his forties in a blue uniform, approached me and reached out to pull me to the second place in the line.

He then turned to the girl standing at the very front and said, "A Qiu, take care of yourself."

Lei Lei coldly snorted, and didn't say anything else.

I followed A Qiu out. The high heels on my feet were really too high. Even though my calves were stretched taut, I still almost fell a few times when stepping on the shiny marble floor.

He finally arrived at the room he was in.

A Qiuyi pushed open the door and walked out. A group of us stood in a row.

There were four or five men in their 50s sitting below, all drunk and looking at us with narrowed eyes.

This feeling …

It made me feel a wave of discomfort in my heart, as if the guests of my foster mother were sizing me up, as if they were going to strip me naked!

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