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I saw that he had something to say, so he obviously knew that my foster mother was very angry. He quickly stood up and wanted to ask about it, but he just picked up his phone from the sofa and went to the balcony to answer the phone.

He even gave me a warning look before he left, telling me not to go near him.

I waited in my room for a while longer, then the man came out and hurriedly took out his shirt and suit from the closet and told me while he put them on.

"I'm in a hurry, go ahead!" His slender fingers were rapidly buttoning a button, and he didn't have the time to pay any attention to me. He tied his tie, put on his jacket and left.

I was about to catch up to her and ask more when the door slammed shut.

My nose was almost smashed by the door.

This was the first time I encountered such a situation. I looked at my body and saw that I was clearly being stripped naked, yet this man actually didn't want to get on top of me!

I shook my head and looked at the money on the bed. The man actually didn't take it with him.

This money? All for me?

I looked around and hurriedly kept the money. After putting on my clothes, I headed out.

After leaving, he found out that this was the eighth floor of the clubhouse, and the place where he used to sing and drink in the background was on the fifth floor.

It was probably afternoon by now, and he had slept for such a long time.

I pressed the button for the elevator and walked towards the backstage. Coincidentally, I met Zhou who just arrived at the clubhouse.

A Zhou saw me momentarily stunned, and then a somewhat bad expression, looked around, reached out to pull me into a small box.

"What's wrong? "A Zhou?" I asked A-Zhou as soon as I sat down.

A Zhou looked me up and down and asked, "You're out?"

I was stunned for a moment before my face reddened slightly. I nodded and shook my head.

"What does that mean?"

I stammered, unable to speak. Ah Zhou couldn't help but ask, "Forget it, it doesn't matter if you do or not. You've come to the clubhouse with it." "Later on, you will definitely be listed as someone who is willing to come out. If you don't easily refuse the big boss, the clubhouse will not help you."

Also, last night you were snatched away by Director Li from the hands of Chairman Gu. This Li Yingyi is extremely powerful, so Gu Dong doesn't dare to say anything after he was taken away last night. Gu Dong doesn't dare to find trouble with Director Li, but he will definitely notice you.

After listening to Zhou's speech, I knew that I had gotten into trouble. Indeed, when a person is unlucky, even drinking water would cause them to grit their teeth. All along the way, my luck has always been negative.

I sighed and replied to Zhou, "Alright, I understand."

"Hmm, how much did it cost last night?" A Zhou asked again.

I knew this was a draw from me, so I took out all the money and put it on the tea table.

A'Mo looked at it and was a little surprised. "With so much money, I'm sure you've already made your move."

I didn't say anything. I knew he wouldn't believe me if I said I didn't now, and would probably suspect me of something else.

Ah Chou counted, exactly 20 thousand yuan. He took 5000 yuan and gave me the rest of the money.

"Of these 5000 points, I have 3000 points. As for those who are still in the clubhouse, continue working hard." Even if that Director Zhou comes to find you, since you've already stepped out of the stage, you should just accompany him once more. There's always a chance when it comes to this sort of thing, and you can't avoid it! "

A Zhou said to me very naturally. I felt wronged in my heart, but I couldn't explain it, so I could only break my teeth and swallow it.

Then, I remembered something. I took another 5000 yuan from the remaining 15,000 yuan and gave it to A-Zhou. "A-Zhou, can I trouble you to help me rent a house?"

"Fine." He did not refuse the money.

After chatting for a while longer, I returned back to the backstage and wrapped the money in some stuff before carefully locking it in my cabinet. Here, the cameras were relatively safe, so when my residence became more secure, I would definitely think of ways to get my identity card and my bank card.

Inside the clubhouse.

I felt that everyone was looking at me differently. Compared to their previous envy and extreme, they weren't convinced this time.

Apparently, the news of me getting 20 thousand yuan last night had been spread out by the two girls. They probably knew about it, so they showed such an expression.

Everyone ignored me. I didn't want to get close to them, so I just sat on the bench and watched TV by myself, waiting for the makeup on the red sister's face. When it was time for me, I paid her 100 yuan along with the money from yesterday.

Twenty dollars a time for makeup and ten dollars for clothes. I pay about half as much.

Hong Sis smiled and said that I was sensible, and the people around me were even more unconvinced.

Soon, night came.

As expected, when Gu Dong came, he actually chose me straight away. I had originally thought that it would be two days, but I didn't expect it to be this quick.

I was a little flustered.

What should he do? I remember that there is an iron law in the club, which is to say, you must never offend guests!

I had to go.

When he opened the door, Director Gu's expression was not very good. There were only him and Little Li's subordinates in the room.

I smiled and walked over while nodding and bowing. "Aiyo, Gu Dong, I'm really sorry for last night. I drank too much and was taken away without knowing anything. I'm really sorry for shaming you!"

As I spoke, I took a glass of wine from the table and toasted Gu Dong.

As expected, Chairman Gu's expression improved a lot. He reached out and grabbed me, then sat beside him: "Hehe, you're still sensible! I won't mind about what happened last night, but you must accompany me properly tonight. Otherwise, wouldn't my twenty thousand yuan go to waste? "

So this twenty thousand yuan was for Gu Dong. No wonder he was so angry, wasn't it just a waste of money that he hadn't eaten any sweets yet!

His hand went to my waist and I pushed it. "Of course. "Come to Gu Dong for a drink."

I helped him to another glass, and patted his chest as I used to do when he was entertaining guests with flowers.

Gu Dong let go of my waist and took the wine cup with a smile.

My mind raced, I had to think of a way to escape. This man was clearly trying to eat me alive!

But what to do!

It was at that moment that I suddenly remembered the way my foster mother had acted when she didn't want to be with people.

Drinking, I covered my stomach with my hands and said with an ugly expression, "I-Gu Dong, ai, my stomach suddenly hurts!"

"You want to play tricks on me?" Gu Dong's expression turned ugly and he grabbed my arm, looking as if he was about to beat me up.

I violently coughed and used my hand to cover my mouth. I lifted my hand and spat out some blood. I looked at my palm in shock.

"Gu Dong, I, this is …"

Director Gu's expression changed.

Little Li saw this and quickly pulled Gu Dong to sit at the back. "Gu Dong, spitting out blood isn't a good thing. It might be a contagious disease!"

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