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A Zhou's familiar face appeared once again at the critical moment.

It seemed that every time I was with him, I would always be saved from a terrible situation.

Today was no exception. After A Zhou walked in, he turned a blind eye to the surroundings. It was unknown if he was accustomed to it or if he was just used to it, but he walked straight towards me and Chairman Gu. He squeezed out a businesslike smile and said: "Chairman Gu, Director Li just called out for A Yun to come over, so what do you think?"

A wise man didn't need to make his words very clear. In any case, it was natural for him to understand what was being said.

A-Zhou was clearly saying, "Director Li's man, Gu Dong, it's best if you don't touch him, lest you get yourself into trouble."

I looked gratefully at A Zhou, and before I could react, I grabbed my body, wrapped it in my pitiful clothes, and ran to his side.

Only with him can I feel a little safe, even though Zhou is not really a good person. But right now, the only person I can rely on is him.

"Li Tianyi?"

Just as Gu Dong was getting excited and was about to show off, someone poured a bucket of cold water on him on the spot, and he had an unsightly expression on his face. He was even more unwilling to believe A-Zhou's words, so he asked doubtfully.

A Zhou had a perfect smile on his face, giving off a comfortable feeling. The answer came from Chairman Gu, "Yes." But Boss Li said that he would treat you tonight. You just need to eat and drink well, and give A Yun to him. "

"Oh, Director Li is really generous!"

I could faintly hear the sound of him grinding his teeth in this noisy environment. It was obvious that he was very angry at Li Tianyi's actions. In this society, whoever had the right to be rich was the boss.

Gu Dong, who had acted arrogantly in front of me just a moment ago, was now forced to lower his head and say, "Then help me thank Chief Li."


A Zhou smiled and then looked at me, indicating that I should leave quickly.

I didn't dare to stay here any longer. When I received his gaze, I immediately wanted to leave, but just at this moment, Gu Dong was probably frustrated by the sudden turn of events. After politely replying to A-Zhou, his expression changed, and he kicked my butt: "You smelly bitch, hurry up and f * ck off! The next time, I don't believe that I won't be able to get my hands on you! "

I didn't expect that Gu Dong would suddenly do this to me. I staggered and fell to the ground. My knees were broken, and my butt was aching. However, these small injuries weren't enough to mention someone like me who was used to being beaten up.

"Let's go, Director Li is waiting for us."

A Zhou walked over and extended his hand to lead me. As for Gu Dong's behavior, he naturally didn't say anything. The idea that a customer is God is common everywhere.

Especially in a place like Huadu.

From Gu Dong's box, Zhou led me upstairs, around to the rumored luxurious box.

After A Zhou saw me to the door, he didn't follow me in, but only said a few sentences to me, "Li Tianyi is not a person to be trifled with. If you go in and take good care of him, as long as you catch this potential customer, I guarantee you will live a life without worries."

When I heard this, my heart didn't have much of a ripple. I thought to myself, if it really was like this, then why would a proud son of heaven like Li Tiangyi fall for a young lady like me?

After all, life wasn't a TV show, it couldn't be filled with beautiful things. All I felt was the cruel reality of being cold to the heart. I had felt too much human warmth along the way.

After saying those words, A-Zhou went back to his business. I didn't dare to delay any longer. After tidying up my thoughts, I tidied up my makeup and clothes before gently pushing open the half-closed door in front of me.

Upon entering, the first thing he saw was a group of people clustered around Li Tianyi.

A few young mistresses sat beside these old bosses working hard, except for Li Tianyi, who did not have a single young mistress. He sat alone on the sofa in the middle of the room, holding a goblet in his hand, gently swaying.

The light in the box was dim and dim, making him look dull and lonely in this environment. Even so, it could not hide the uncontrollable charm of a successful man.

"Director Li."

Seeing that there isn't a single person by his side, I naturally wouldn't be so tactless as to take the initiative to approach him.

So I stopped at the tea table in front of him and smiled at him.

Li Tianyi glanced at him but did not say anything. He slowly put down the cup in his hand and then pointed to an empty seat beside him. "Sit."

I was a little scared by the way he looked at me earlier. Furthermore, the feeling this Li Tianyi gave me was not like that of other guests. I could feel a little bit of respect from him.

The guest's words were an imperial edict, and these words were an iron law in Hua Du. I obediently sat down beside him. According to common sense, I should do something 'Miss' at this moment. However, all I felt was uneasiness, especially after I sat down beside him. Several of the sisters nearby immediately swept their sharp gazes across him.

"Not long ago?"

I don't know if it was my nervousness that was so obvious, or something else. Li Tianyi sized me up for a moment before quietly withdrawing his gaze. His tone was very casual as he asked me this question.

Neither his words nor his manners were like those of the other guests, but they were all oily, or even frivolous, to me. That made me relax, and I nodded. "Yes."

"Oh, do you know why I called you here?"

Li Tianyi's face was expressionless, his perfect facial features carrying a cold and detached look.

I started, wondering what I could do in a place like this with a lady. But even so, I felt a little sad.

If I could, why would I willingly allow myself to be trapped in the same quagmire as Huadu?

"I don't know."

I shook my head. Naturally, I wouldn't be so stupid as to say that I was just here to put on a show. Not only would it make the guests feel disgusted, I also couldn't say it out loud.

As if he had already expected that I would say this, Li Tianyi lightly smiled and quickly restrained himself. He then asked me, "I heard that you are very good at drinking?"

I don't know how a powerful figure like Li Tianyi knew that I could drink. But for someone like him, as long as he used his mouth, it would be easy for him to know what was on my body.

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