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"Mm, okay!"

I didn't know why Li Tianyi would suddenly ask me what I wanted to do about this. I unconsciously thought back to the day when I was drunk and vomited all over his body. My face inexplicably flushed red, and I felt a little uncomfortable.

Luckily Li Tianyi didn't pay much attention to me, so he naturally didn't see these small details. And it looks like he didn't just call me here for fun …

"Did you see the wine on the table?"

The attitude Li Tiangyi had towards me was not light or light from the moment I entered the room. Furthermore, all of his actions and actions made me feel strange and unfamiliar. I always felt that this man was different.

However, I can't tell you the specifics. I can only carefully stay by his side and try my best not to provoke a powerful figure like Li Tianyi.

I looked in the direction where his gaze was directed to and saw a tea table on the other side with all kinds of wine arranged neatly. There were red, white and yellow ones, making me dazzled when I saw most of them.

"Do I see it? Does Li always want me to act out and drink?"

I didn't know how there was so much wine in there, but after looking at Li Tianyi's appearance, I looked at him and asked in a weak voice.

The aura coming from Li Tianyi was too strong. I sat beside him and felt his cold attitude. From time to time, I would be met with the eyes of the other elders, as well as the looks of jealousy from my sisters. The pressure in his heart was enormous.

"Smart. "Anyways, it doesn't seem like you're good at teasing, why don't you show me your alcohol tolerance?"

Li Tianyi once again revealed his signature smile, which caused people to be a little unable to open their eyes. His deep eyes were fixed on me, unfathomable in the flickering light.

I looked at him and forgot to look away. I didn't think about what he meant.

"What, you don't like it?"

Seeing me like this, Li Dian couldn't help but urge me after seeing that my patience wasn't good enough. Tran's brow was furrowed in displeasure.

After I came back to my senses, I hurriedly tried to curry favor with him. "It's not a problem. If Director Li likes watching me drink, then A Yun will show it to you."

As I said that, I reach for a bottle of wine on the table. I forcefully open the cork and gulp down the wine.

"Clap clap!"

This magnificent feat of mine quickly attracted the applause and applause from the several bosses around me. I didn't care about it. After drinking it, I smiled embarrassedly at Li Tianyi.

Li Yingyi was looking at me, but his vision remained unmoving. When he saw this scene, he was stunned. He didn't know if it was my imagination, but he felt that the way he looked at me became strange …

"You really know how to drink. Aren't you having a stomachache?"

It must have been my misconception just now. Li Tianyi quickly recovered his usual expression and slightly raised his eyebrows when he saw me. He seemed to be very interested in the question of how good I was at drinking wine.

I nodded my head. It was probably because Li Tianyi gave me a feeling that I didn't want to be like the other guests at all, and his eyes didn't look down on others. Thus, I couldn't help but speak a little more, "Hmm, I've been used to drinking with my foster mother since I was young, so my alcohol tolerance is still pretty good."

When I mentioned my foster mother, I admitted that I was a little selfish. After all, when I heard Li Tianyi's foster mother's name that morning, it was obvious that he recognized my foster mother's expression.

If I can find out about my foster mother's past from him, maybe finding out about my biological father is just around the corner, right?

Unfortunately, as if he had seen through my thoughts, Li Tianyi didn't even pay attention to me. He pointed at the wine on the table and asked, "Can you still drink? "If you can drink, then continue."


Since I uphold the principle of not offending guests, I can only obediently obey. Furthermore, I have always been a drinker. That bottle just now seemed fierce in the eyes of ordinary people, but in reality, it was just a piece of cake for me.

I drank bottle after bottle. From time to time, Li Tiangyi would ask me a few questions, but he always asked me about the matters of the wine. This confused me, but I did what the guest said.

After drinking so many cups throughout the night, I felt like my stomach was about to burst. I couldn't help but let out a burp in front of Li Tianyi. Afterwards, she awkwardly smiled. She thought to herself, "Don't let Li Tianyi have a bad impression of me because of this. I'm still hoping that he can give me a bit of alcohol to keep me company …"

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but sneer. Look, if I were to fall into Hua Du, I would definitely become a despicable person one day.

"Alright, no need to drink anymore."

Presumably, my earlier indecent attitude had displeased Li Tianyi. He waved his hand to stop me just as I was about to open the next bottle of wine.

I retracted my body, still feeling uneasy. I didn't know if it was because I drank too much wine, but my face was burning hot. I didn't dare to raise my head and look straight at Li Tianyi.

"Your alcohol tolerance is quite good. Do you usually understand alcohol?"

At this moment, Li Tianyi was also holding a cup of wine, which he gently swirled in front of his eyes. The wine-red liquid reflected off of his unfathomable eyes. I couldn't read the man's mind, and of course, to a certain extent, I found it odd that he had called me over for a drink today.

"A little."

After some thought, I honestly replied. After all, I've been drinking for so many years. If I don't understand it at all, then I've really wasted it.

After hearing what I said, Li Tianyi did not say anything. He tilted his head slightly and drained his glass. From my side, his profile, in the flickering light, looked quite charming.

As I watched, I got a little drunk.

Having been in China for such a long time, I have seen all kinds of men. It's not like I have never seen handsome men before, but the only one who gave me such a different feeling …

"Then tell me, what wine did you drink just now?"

Li Tianyi put down his wine cup and turned to look at me. His face was still as cold as before.

I sincerely think that he is curious, when did a guest come here not to have fun, and to talk about wine and drink with the young lady? But who cares? I can earn money just by drinking and chatting. Why wouldn't I do that?

Just like this, I spent the entire night talking and drinking with Li Gangyi. As for the rest of the people in the room, they naturally felt bored by this situation. Li Tianyi saw this and said a few polite words before chasing them out.

The other sisters also followed the boss out, leaving me and him in the room …

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