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When I turned my head, a wretched, greasy-looking man with no clothes threw himself at me, crushing me to the ground.

I didn't even have time to react before he began to pull at my clothes like a vicious dog!

I felt sick to my stomach, as if I'd been lapped by a dog covered in pus, saliva and pus.

My school uniform jacket couldn't stand him for more than a few rips before it was ripped open to reveal a white halter top.

My mother didn't buy me a bra, but my chest was already well-developed, standing straight and straight. When the big man saw this, his eyes were bright, and he almost drooled.

I reached out my hand to continue pulling at my halter top, but I backed off in fear. My feet kicked wildly and my back rubbed against the floor in pain. I didn't care about it at all, I couldn't even cry.

"Be good, little bitch. Your father has already opened your bud. I'll give you 5000 yuan and buy you some good clothes. I'll love you dearly!" the man said, rubbing his hands together.

Five thousand dollars was indeed not a small amount. Mom would have to make more than twenty bells to make it back, but I only wanted it once. I also had free clothes to give to me.

It was indeed a big price!

But it shouldn't be like this. I shouldn't have been bought by someone else. I'm also human, so why should men spend money to buy women? Why can't women?

I can't accept this!

It's not just that I'm poor, I know!

I tried to calm myself down.

The big man saw that my resistance was weakening and that the movements of his hands had become much lighter. He was just about to pinch towards me. My eyes rapidly turned and immediately found the bulge under his crotch.

He suddenly kicked towards that direction with all his might.

With all of his strength poured into this kick, the burly man painfully squatted down. I saw that he was crying so much that he hurriedly got up from the ground and rushed out. I desperately ran, but it was too late for my school uniform to zip.

Just let the wind blow.

Are you sad?

Don't be sad, I've been numb in this environment for a long time. He had been taken advantage of by his mother's various guests more than twice.

But this time, he was almost killed.

And I'm pretty sure my mother arranged it!

The sky had already darkened. Occasionally, a passerby would look at me strangely.

The mother and daughter walked past. The little girl held her mother's hand and asked curiously, "Mom, look, why is that sister crying like that? Is she looking for her mother?"

"She probably disobeyed and got beaten up by her mother! You have to listen to me obediently from now on! " After saying that, the mother hurriedly pulled her daughter away.

I stopped and looked at their departing backs. I felt a burst of bitterness in my heart. No matter how normal my feelings for a mother and daughter were, it was still a luxury for me.

I wandered aimlessly through the streets like a ghost. Occasionally, a little hoodlum would come over to hold me back. I broke free and walked towards the crowded area as fast as I could.

After wandering for a long time, I was penniless and my stomach was growling. In the end, I decided to go home!

It wasn't that I didn't want to escape, but that I wasn't prepared!

He had to leave eventually, but he had to be prepared to leave. At the very least, he had to bring some money with him.

I deliberately waited until the morning before returning home.

This point, was usually when his mother was sleeping soundly, and he wouldn't be affected by the thunder.

I prayed that my mother would sleep soundly, that I would steal some money while I was still free, and then escape.

At home.

I quietly pushed the door open. I didn't immediately go in but first observed the situation inside. The door to my mother's room was wide open and the bed was bent. It must have been my mother sleeping inside.

Seeing that I had guessed correctly, I heaved a sigh of relief. I stealthily walked in and prepared to quietly close the door.

The door suddenly slammed shut, and my mother, who was standing behind it, looked at me like a ghost with a sullen face, with patches of blue and purple on her face.

I secretly sighed in my heart. It must be because my mother took that person's money and didn't do anything, so she got beaten up.

Judging from his injuries, his attack must have been quite severe.

I felt some sympathy for my mother, but I felt even more sympathy for her.

Mom was holding a leather belt, and it was obvious that I was going to be beaten up a lot worse than Mom.

"You still know how to come back?"

"Do you think I'm too good to you to frame me!"

The belt swung toward me and slapped me on the neck.

I clutched at my neck as I retreated in fear. My mother's expression was too terrifying. It was something I had never seen before. Even though she had hit me before, she definitely wouldn't have this kind of expression that wanted to kill me.

I was so scared that I retreated to the corner and kicked my heel against the wall. Tears welled up in my eyes and I staggered and bent over.

The belt dropped again, and my mother, as if mad, whipped me again and again, without any sign of stopping.

"Mom, stop hitting me, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong, don't hit me!" I covered my arms and back with my hands as I begged for mercy, even though I didn't know what was wrong with me.

However, my mother didn't stop because of my begging. Instead, she became even more excited. Her expression became even more terrifying as if she was about to tear.

I feel like I'm going to get killed if this goes on.

So when I decided to resist, I stood up and slammed into my mother's stomach. She obviously didn't think I would resist and didn't react. I pushed her back a few steps and she fell onto the bed.

I took advantage of this chance to run outside.

She cursed as she stood up and chased after me, "Little Cousin, you still dare to retaliate against me. Your bones really have grown tough. Do you want to die?"

I ran to the door, but it was a double doors, so to avoid the police, Mom added two more locks on it. I quickly unlocked the door while begging Mom to slow down.

One, two and two.

I continued to work on it.

When my mother came closer, my heart rose to my throat, and even my breathing was trembling.

My hands started to move faster, but the more nervous I got, the more I felt as if I couldn't break the lock no matter how many times I tried. Mom ran over and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me behind her.

I was pulled back and a slap landed on my face.

"Want to run?" I'll feed you, feed you, feed you to school, raise you to such a big age, you still want to run? "Pfft, it's not that easy!" She scolded as she wiped her mouth, her red lips moving as if she was drinking blood.

She grabbed my arm, and I let out an "ah!" as she slapped me back again, knocking me to the ground. She grabbed my head and smashed it against the wall.

She dragged my legs and walked into the bathroom. Cold water poured over me and she began to tug at my clothes.

I looked at her face vaguely. Was she really my mother?

He was clearly a devil!

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