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Mom washed me clean with water, then sprayed me with something. I was dragged to the bed by her, and she pulled a red lace halter from the closet and put it on me.

In my dazed mind, a sudden clarity.

Are you preparing to arrange a guest for me again?

I immediately grabbed onto my mother's hand and shook my head in fear. Despair couldn't help but flash in my eyes as I said, "No, mom, I'm begging you. I don't want it. Please let me go!"

"Don't want what? Don't want to be like me, your mother? You think it's beautiful? You are a daughter, what else can you do if you don't accept guests? Do you really think reading can send you flying? Stop dreaming! "

Mom sneered and helped me change my clothes, pulling handcuffs from under the bed.

I struggled desperately, my hands and feet were dancing, my crazy mother actually thought of such a method to deal with me!

She had no patience. Her palm came down like rain, pulling at my hair, pulling my arm against the headboard, and then my hand.

At this moment, I was like a fish on a chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered!

There were two knocks on the door.

"Thump thump thump ~ ~ ~"

"Thump thump thump ~ ~ ~"

It was two long and one short, the signal of mother and guest. Mom's face lit up as she stared at me before walking out of the room. When she reached the door, she remembered to go to the bathroom to look in a mirror and wash her face.

He twisted his body to open the door.

Outside the door, the man who was still the same walked into the house. With his chubby face, he asked, "What happened? This time, do we have to ensure that nothing goes wrong? "

"Absolutely! You can be happy! " His mother gave him a coquettish smile, her eyes squinting as she touched the man's crotch. "Do you want me to help you?"

The man spat and pushed her away. "Who wants your help? Go out and stay outside!"

"You're so annoying." After swinging around for a moment, she went into the living room.

The man came in and saw that I was wearing a red lace nightgown that was almost transparent, and my eyes were shining with a greasy light.

He rubbed his hands together and leaned towards me. "Little baby, you can't escape from my palms, can you? "Obediently let me love you dearly, and become my man. Do you still worry about not being able to eat and drink?"

"Ahhh! No! I … I'm still young, and I'm not even an adult yet. Please, please let me go!"

He pushed his head towards me, and I tilted my head to the side, helplessly begging for forgiveness.

But how?

He gnawed at me, his greasy hands groping towards me. Every touch of his hands made me feel disgusted, but I was unable to resist. My hands and feet were being pulled so hard by me that it was almost broken.

He sobbed silently.

The garment was torn apart, and in the midst of my tears I saw him begin to take off his short-sleeved sleeves. He was so eager that with a shake his fat was thrown out.

He continued to unbuckle his belt, stuck it with too much excitement, and then pulled it down.

I closed my eyes. Despair! Extreme despair!

I never yearned or looked forward to such things, but I never thought that one day I would give myself up like this, like a piece of trash!

"Dong Dong Dong", an intense knocking sound suddenly came from outside the door.

The man who was lying on top of me got a little impatient and shouted towards the living room, "What's going on? You still have other customers at this time of the year! "

"No, I'll go take a look first. Don't worry, it might be for the water and electricity charges!"

Mom stuck her head out, waved her hand to comfort him, then closed the door behind her and went to open it.

The man continued to lie on top of me. He started to dig through his belongings. I couldn't help but scream, "No! Let go of me! Save me!"

Even if I was inside the house, this yell from the clear sky would attract the attention of the neighbors. The man was interrupted by my screams. He slapped my face, grabbed my hair, and angrily said.

"What are you shouting for? Do you want to die? " He took a towel and stuffed it in my mouth.

I can't even scream.

Despair washed over me like raging water, suffocating me bit by bit.

"Clang!" The door was kicked open at that moment. A group of men in police uniform came up and held the man down. The man didn't even have time to react before he was dragged off the bed by the twisting arms.

I suddenly opened my eyes and realized that I was sweeping the floor!

Tears fell from my eyes. At this moment, there was no way to describe how excited I was. I could only feel that I was still lucky. I looked towards the outside of the police station with desire as I sobbed.

One of the policemen came up to me, reached for the towel in my mouth, and pulled a sheet over me. I saw a trace of pity and pity in his eyes.

Let me feel, at this moment, that I am still alone.

they demanded as they uncuffed my cuffs.

"That woman is my mother, and she's also a prostitute. That man is her clients, and I was a high school student in the city, so I'm not even an adult yet. Today, my mother came home and beat me up. She cuffed me up so she could sell me out."

The policemen at the side could not stand it any longer. They could not help but curse at their mother, "Pah! You want to sell your own daughter? Are you still human?"

Mom was like a madman. No, she was a madman!

Her eyes were red as she shouted at me, "Don't listen to her bullshit, she's just a little bitch. She already sold it, and she already likes to play tricks with her customers. Speaking of these things, I'm just tricking you guys for your sympathy. Don't be fooled by this shameless little bitch!"

I don't understand why my mother said that. Do you think I have a grudge against her when I come out of her stomach?

"Why? Mother, why did you do this to me? "

"Why? "You're a bitch, what do you want me to do with you?" Mother sneered and turned towards me like a madman, "Since you appeared in this world, I have never had good luck and now I am going to be captured because of you. Do you think you are a slut?"

"Alright!" Enough! If you have anything to say, say it in the police station! " The policeman at the side could not stand it any longer, so he scolded, "If this is true, then you two are teenagers who have been seduced!"

"Wh-what?" Lured minors? "I, I don't know. I just want to have some fun and spend some money to get a hooker. How would I know anything about being a minor!" The man was so scared that his legs went limp and his face was full of tears.

"Let's talk inside the station!" The police gave it a shove.

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