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There was actually a father?

At the police station, after a cross-examination, Mom and the man were both arrested.

Because of this, everyone in the school knew that my mother was a prostitute. I also accepted the guests. Whenever I went out, people would look at me and call me a little prostitute.

Although the teacher sympathized with me, it was only because of sympathy. He comforted me a little and didn't say that he would punish those students who scolded me.

Once, I was scolded harshly, and retorted to them, "I am not! I'm not! You are the prostitutes, your whole family are prostitutes! "

Then they swarmed over me, surrounded me, and punched and kicked me.

The teacher rushed over, but there were too many people. In the end, none of them were punished. I carried the recuperation fee from the school administration and laid on the bed where my mother used to receive guests to recuperate.

Looking up at the ceiling, I felt nothing but despair for the world.

The world is dark to me, I can't see the light, I don't know what I should do now! I used to have a goal, but now I don't even have a goal anymore.

"Ding Ling Ling"

It was as if the phone had rung. It was the phone my mother had used to meet customers. It couldn't have been for me.

I continued to lie in bed, looking at the ceiling and letting it ring.

"Ding Ling Ling"

But the bell kept ringing like it was bewitched, irritably, and finally I got up and answered the phone, dragging my aching body along with me.

"We don't accept guests here!" I said grumpily towards the other end of the phone.

The person on the other side of the phone was stunned for a moment, then he said, "This is the West City Public Security Bureau. Your mother would like to see you."

I didn't say anything. I didn't know why she still wanted to see me at this hour.

It turned out that she wasn't just involved in prostitution, but also had been found to be involved in drugs, drug trafficking, and a murder case that happened many years ago. So if I found out, I wouldn't have the chance to see her again.

"Hello? Are you listening? Hello? "Hello?"

"En, I'm listening!"

"So, are you free at 9 AM on the 20th day?"

"Mm, okay."

After hanging up the phone numbly, I started to wonder why I wanted to see her. Do I still feel sad that she will die if she treats me like this? But I do feel a little sad.

She was my only family since birth, and I spent most of the 17 years of my life with her.

Even though she was so cruel to me, I suddenly felt a little lonely when I knew she was going to die.

No wonder she called me a slut. Not only did the police station shut her down for a few days to educate her, she even died!

After lying at home for a few days, I didn't go back to school. Every day, I ate some basic food to maintain my life.

It was finally the 20th.

I got to the police station on time.

There was a glass in the middle of the room and her face was completely washed. I didn't wipe anything on it and somehow, I felt that she had a pretty face.

He picked up the phone.

A familiar voice came from inside.

"Ah Yun."

It seemed like the first time she had ever called me by my name.

I nodded. "Yes!"

"Let me tell you something. You are not my daughter." There was a trace of craftiness in her eyes as she spoke with a calm expression.

I continued to nod, not surprised, because I had doubted it many times, and I was only slightly relieved to hear it from her.

She suddenly laughed with pride. "Are you very happy? You think your real mother is no longer a prostitute? "Haha, let me tell you, she is also a prostitute, and the lowest kind of prostitute!"

I quietly listened to her and asked, "Where is she now?"

"Where is it? "I don't know where she's buried, but she should have been reincarnated soon. Haha, I killed her, so I originally wanted to kill you as well, but after thinking about it, I felt that it would be too easy for her. Wouldn't it be more exciting if her daughter called me mother and nurtured her into a little prostitute?"

My pupils constricted and I finally reacted.

It turned out that the police had told me that she was involved in a murder case, and that she was my own mother. I jumped up, grabbed the phone, and asked her, "Why? "Tell me why?"

I want to know, what hatred do you have for me? Was it worth a lifetime to hate? Using this kind of method to hate?

She sneered, "If you want to know why I killed her, then go find your father. Once you find your father, then you will know why I killed her!"

I was stunned. I actually had a father? I actually have a father? Does this woman know where my father is?

I quietly grabbed the phone, wishing I could get in through the glass and ask her directly, "Tell me, where is my father? Where is he? "

"Eastern Lin City, Huadu City. Go look for Brother Ye and tell him that you're New Moon's daughter. Naturally, you'll know everything!"

She was taken away, and the smile on her face as she left me was etched deep in my mind, full of intrigue, yet so seductive that I believed it and doubted it.

East Rim City!

I have heard of it before. It has always been known as the Nightless City.

When I got home, I thought about it for a few days. In the end, I decided to give it a try.

I sold all the worthless things in my house and even took out the few savings that the lady had. I checked out the landlord and the next morning, I got on a bus to board the road to the east.

He sat in a deep sleep for a long time.

When he got out of the car, the sky was already dark.

I had already mentally prepared myself, but I was still surprised to see the bustle of the east.

The lights were dim, the traffic was heavy, and people of all colors were wearing new clothes, which dazzled my eyes. I had fallen in love with this place in an instant, and now I had a new goal.

Even if I can't find my father, I'll take root here with my own hands.

With this goal in hand, he suddenly felt as though his entire being had changed.

I decided to find a place to stay first, and then I'd wait until I got out of the station, where cars would wave at me and ask where I was going and where I was going.

I got a taxi and gave the address: "Could I trouble you to help me stop at a relatively affordable hotel near Huadu City?"

The taxi driver's expression clearly changed. He looked at me from head to toe and said, "This little girl just came out to earn a living?" Why don't you go to the factory or restaurant first? "

I know he misunderstood.

But I'm too lazy to explain. Anyway, I've been told so many times, why do I have to do it again?

When the car reached a stop, the invoice machine began to click and print. The driver counted: "48!"

"What?" 48? Half the price I paid by bus from the West Market, you don't even get half the price! "

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