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She smiled again. Her eyes were curved and looked very peaceful, just as I had imagined my mother would look, gentle and amiable.

I nodded and sniffed the fragrant noodles. I was indeed hungry.

As she wolfed down her noodles, she smiled at me while also lowering her head to eat the noodles. However, she ate very slowly and elegantly.

Suddenly, the phone in her bag rang. She hurriedly answered it, "Yes, yes, yes. I'll be back in a while." He said a few words in roughly this manner.

When she saw me looking at her, she explained, "She called me at home to ask when I would be back. She didn't eat anything when she came out in the morning, so she was more worried about me."

Was it her husband? She must have been having a very good time, I thought, smiling back at her.

She put away her cell phone and prepared to continue eating the noodles. For some reason, perhaps she didn't notice, the chopsticks fell off her feet and rolled towards me.

I quickly lowered my head to help her pick up the chopsticks. Then I wiped them carefully with a napkin before returning them to her.

"Thank you!" She took the chopsticks and continued eating, but she also started talking to me.

"Oh right, I haven't asked what your name is yet. Everyone else calls me Sis Xiang, so you should call me Sis Xiang as well. "

"My name is Gu Yun!" Others … Everyone called me a little bitch. My expression was a little gloomy as I replied in a lonely manner, "Everyone called me A Yun."

"Oh, A Yun, how old are you now? Almost seventeen, right? " she asked again.

I picked up a pair of chopsticks and sucked it into my mouth before nodding. "Yes, I should be 17 now." I don't know exactly how much, but that's what my foster mother said.

"That's a bit true. Brother Ye's girlfriend got pregnant 17 years ago and then went back to the countryside. I don't know why she never showed up again!"

If that's the case, then this Brother Ye might be my dad, and that girlfriend might be the one my foster mother killed. As for why didn't she appear again, it's because she died.

"Then do you know where he is now? It's that Brother Ye. " I asked, my voice a little hoarse.

Elder sister Xiang pondered for a moment, thought for a bit and said: "He was very open with the Huadu a few years ago, and almost everyone knew about him. But after that, some things happened and he left.

"Then do you know the inside story?" I couldn't help but ask.

Elder sister Xiang pressed on my arm. "Don't worry, I'll tell you slowly."

I nodded, and she went on.

"I know one thing, I know one thing, but"

Suddenly, her voice became more and more indistinct. I wanted to get closer to hear more clearly, but I felt that the portrait was filled with lead that I was unable to lift up.

Sis Xiang's mouth opened and closed. Finally, I saw a sly smile on her face. Then my vision turned black, and I could no longer see anything.


Consciousness again.

It was my ears that had the sound of the conversation, my eyelids still heavy and heavy.

In that blurry image, there seemed to be two men and a woman, and that woman's voice was elder sister Xiang.

"This girl is a chick, I'll take you guys in for 3000 yuan. You guys don't lose out, you can't bargain anymore, I also wasted a lot of effort!"

"You are so tired? We brothers still don't know you? Wasn't it just a short conversation? 3000 dollars will be transferred to the account, and we still need to slowly train them later on. "

"Isn't that the same as wasting your breath? Do you think it's that easy to cheat? How long does it take me to fool one? In any case, 3000 yuan is not a small sum. Otherwise, don't think that you can get any benefits from me in the future! "

"Alright, 3000 pieces is 3000 pieces!"

And then there was the sound of money being taken out, money being counted, and I was sold!

I didn't immediately open my eyes and quietly waited. Sis Xiang took the money and left.

The two men started to discuss how to deal with me. One of them seemed to be unable to wait and impatiently said, "Look at this tender girl. She's really pretty. How about we brothers have a taste first?"

The other one gave him a good beating, "Taste it? Then how do we get it back? "Don't know that you only make money when you open your bud?"

"That's enough, don't even think about it. It's the same if you try it later. Let's go eat first!"

'Bang! 'the sound of a slap could be heard. It was probably the sound of the person behind him patting the head of the person in front of him. The person behind them rubbed his head and yelled out in pain, while the two of them slammed the door shut.

I opened my eyes, but my head was still heavy. It was obvious that the woman had done something to my noodles when I was picking up the chopsticks.

This woman looked kind and she was actually not a good person. I cursed myself for being so gullible. How could she believe someone who looked kind?

I wanted to reach out and slap myself.

But my hands and feet were weak, and I craned my neck to look around the room. The room was small, two meters wide and four meters long.

The light was dim and yellow. On one wall, there was a nailed window that was less than 50 cm tall.

I struggled out of bed and walked towards the door. The door was locked and it didn't budge at all.

I made my way to the window again, my toes barely touching the floor. There was an empty paint bucket, and I turned it upside down and climbed up.

Only now did he realize that he was on the second floor and the road was just outside.

It was a pity that the window was nailed to the wall. Otherwise, if he jumped down from here, although it would fracture, he would be saved.

I tried to pick at the wood in the window. The nails were dead, and I couldn't pick them off with my bare hands.

I glanced around the room again. There were no tools.

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from outside. I quickly got down, set up the paint barrel, and lay back down on the bed.

The sound of the door being unlocked was heard. The door was gently pushed open and a cat like person approached. His breathing was very heavy. It was obvious that it was one of the two men from earlier.

I didn't dare open my eyes. I tried to keep my breathing as calm as possible. A pair of hands reached into my clothes and began to touch me.

He swallowed his saliva. "This skin is really watery. It's just that I'm a bit skinnier."

As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the man who had just spoken.

As I thought about it, his body pressed down on me. He didn't take off his clothes, just rubbed against me like that, and my heart went numb. The smell of a man rushed into my nose, making me choke so hard that I almost cried out.

My whole body tensed up, my breathing became ragged, and I gritted my teeth and held on …

I could clearly feel that he was stiff and uncomfortable against me. His breathing grew heavier and his hand unzipped my pants and he reached in

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