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Oh, I see! Because I'm weak!

Just as I was about to jump up and fight this man to the death to escape, another man came back.

"Damn, I knew you had no good intentions when you came back. You were just thinking about these things. Don't you know that if you lack a woman, you need to spend a few hundred dollars to go whoring?" Someone who wants to kill him? "How many times have I said it? This person's money should be used to pay with a bud, but tens of thousands of dollars is enough for us to eat for months. How many times do you need a lady for? How come you have no memory of it?" The man stepped forward and pulled him off me.

I narrowed my eyes and saw that the man who spoke was about 1.8 meters tall. The tiger-backed ape had a ferocious expression on its waist and its eyes were inverted, making it look as though it wouldn't be easy to deal with.

The other man was about 1.7 meters tall. He was very skinny and had a very greasy face.

"Brother Rui, Brother Ruo, don't be angry, I'm just addicted to fighting and I don't really want to break it." "I still understand these principles, but you can't just let me have such a good young and tender body without even touching it. Am I still a man then?" The skinny man bent down as he spoke to the man.

Brother Rui glared at him, "If I don't come, can you control me? Hurry up and leave! "

After saying that, Brother Rui left with the skinny man.

I waited for a while longer, but there was no sign of my return, so I stood up and looked toward the door. I glanced through the crack in the door and saw that there was no window in the dark hallway of the staircase.

I wonder what this first floor is!

I reached for the door again and found that it was unlocked! Perhaps when the two of them were talking, they forgot about this matter.

I couldn't stop the joy in my heart. I opened the door and walked out with my back bent.

The sight was very dim. The stairs were made of wood, so every time I stepped on them, I could hear them even though my movements were light.

I tried to slow my footsteps as I slowly walked down the stairs.

Little by little, it gradually brightened up. I discovered that there was a small hair salon outside! I seem to have passed it today!

At the moment, there were two barbers helping to straighten their hair.

Now rush out and ask the two customers for help? This seemed to be the only solution I could come up with. I took a deep breath and dashed out the door.

The two barbers charged at me. As expected, they were on the same side as the two men. No wonder it didn't matter if I left the room unlocked.

I screamed at the two customers for help. "Help me call the police, help me, I was kidnapped here, help me!"

The two barbers grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs. I helplessly yelled at the two customers, begging them to help me.

They looked at each other, stood up, and walked over to me. What was going on? How was it taken? "

"Yeah, should we call the police? What's going on here?"

I saw hope and continued, "I came here to look for someone. I was not familiar with this place, so I was fed medicine by a woman. When I woke up, it was here.

"Sis, what are you crazy about now? Every time there was a fight, that was it? "What?" Brother Rui brought the thin guy in from outside and scolded me.

I was scolded for a moment before I reacted and continued to struggle, "What nonsense are you spouting? "Who are you? I don't even know you!"

"Call the police. Don't worry about them. Once the police come, they'll know what's going on!" Please! "Hurry up!"

The two customers looked at each other again and said, "Should we call the police and have a look?"

I nodded excitedly. "That's right! Quickly call the police!"

Brother Rui turned around and slapped me. My head was thrown to the side and half of my face was numb.

"Call the police, call the police. You've already caused trouble for me this month. Call the police every day, do you still want to do business?"

he shouted at me.

I felt a sweet taste in my mouth.

Then, he took out a wallet and a light blue card, which he handed to the two customers: "Look, this is my sister, there's something wrong with her head. This is her ID card!"

The two customers looked at the card and said apologetically, "So that's the case. Sorry for misunderstanding."

"We're sorry, but you guys should continue with your haircuts. I'll take my little sister up first." He bent over them both, grabbed my arm, and headed upstairs.

I was brought back to the house and heavily fell onto the ground. Brother Li kicked towards my stomach.

After being kicked, my stomach spasmed and I held onto my stomach without any strength left in me.

"If you let me go, I'll return 3000 yuan to you." I grit my teeth and squeeze through the cracks in my mouth, begging for mercy.

Brother Li said, "Oh, I woke up just now. I've been pretending! "Very good!"

"Ah Mao, get that guy over here. If you don't beat her up, you won't know how smooth it is!" Brother Li turned around and said to the skinny man.

The skinny man looked at it with a troubled expression. "This tender skin is broken. This isn't good!"

"Why aren't you going? Do you want to die?" Brother Li shouted, and the skinny man named Ah Mao left happily. After a while, he brought in a thumb-thick whip.

Brother Rui held it in his hand and sneered: "See that? Bulltendon whip, bones do not hurt flesh, if I hit you it would be an internal injury, I will definitely not let you leave a scar!"

I backed off and shook my head. I looked at the whip in his hand in horror. "No, no, no!"

"No? Hehe? Too late! If I don't beat you up, you won't even know the rules! "Let me tell you, a cousin trained by me has to be 90 if not 100. There is no one who still can't beat that cheap bone!"

With that, a whip strikes towards my back.

The pain was heart-piercing and bone-piercing. It was different from the pain when my foster mother used to beat me with her leather belt. The pain was so dull that you couldn't help but clench your teeth.

I cried out.

He lashed out at my calf again, and I pulled back. He hit me on the ankle, and for a second I felt like my bones were going to break.

"You, why did you do this to me?" I glared at him.

I don't understand why. Why did these people have to do this to me, my foster mother, my classmates, Sis Xiang?

Why? Is there no good person in this world!?

"Why? Because you are weak! " Brother Li whipped me again.

"Because you are weak, you are lowly! Do you understand? "

He stared at me, his whip lashing.

Heh, I understand! Because I'm weak!

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