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I looked around and saw that none of the men from the barbershop were there.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I didn't have a direction and just ran aimlessly in the opposite direction.

I heard a fireman shout behind me.

"Hey, why did you run away? You want to go to the hospital and check on your health!"

I ignored him and continued running without turning my head back. I was afraid that if I were a step too slow, I would be caught and locked back in that dark room.

After running for an unknown amount of time, I finally stopped in a park. People who passed by looked at me strangely.

I know that I must have been in a very sorry state. My body was covered in black smoky marks and I was wearing a yellow firefighter uniform. I looked exactly like I had just escaped from the fire.

I found a fountain, sat down, rested for a moment, and washed my face.

His chest was still hurting, probably choking.

I don't have anything on me now, not even a dime, and I'm still naked. A few people who were sitting there later came over to ask me what had happened.

I need help.

However, I did not dare to. I was afraid that I would receive help from others for no reason at all. I would have to pay the price. Other than me, I don't have a 'bud' body!

I felt dizzy and sat for a while. I tried to get up and walk, but I stumbled and fell to the ground.

When I woke up, I was in the hospital with a drop in my hand.

After a while, the police came to ask me where I was from, what I was doing here, what had happened to my wounds, and did I come here from that fire on South Street? Why not come to the hospital?

I could tell from the police's words that it was suspected that I had something to do with the fire and that I was afraid to come to the hospital because I was running away from my crimes.

Instinctively wary, I said nothing, and then the doctor came and said I was weak and might not remember anything now, and would come back and ask me after I had recuperated.

I gave the doctor a grateful look.

Then, after the police left, I used the toilet to escape again!

This time, I was even more eye-catching. I was wearing a hospital gown and swinging around, coincidentally having my clothes hanging on a rack by the side of the road. When there was no one around, I put on a set of clothes.

His clothes were a little wet, but luckily it wasn't that eye-catching!

After stealing my clothes, I ran for a long time and hid in a corner for fear of being discovered.

I think!

What should I do next!?

I have no money! No ID card! I can't find a job! Can't find Dad!

I found out that my current situation was not much better than before in the West Market. Furthermore, I understood that in the West Market, I was at least safe.

I'm not safe in Eastside.


Since I'm destined to be a little bitch, I might as well sell myself at a higher price and have a little choice!

I once again appeared at the door of Huadu! She stood there for a long time, hesitating.

The guard noticed that I was a little familiar and only recognized me after a long while. He snappily walked towards me. "Why are you here again?" Didn't I say that the person you are looking for isn't here? "

"I'm looking for a job!" I clenched my hand tightly, and the words came out between my teeth.

He looked at me with a disdainful smile. "Why didn't you just say that you were looking for a job last time? Oh, go through that door!"

I looked in the direction he was pointing, nodded, said thank you, and walked away.

After entering, there was a guard room. Inside, there was a guard who was around 30 years old who looked at me and said, "Looking for a job?"

I nodded.

"What kind of job? Part-time or full-time? "

I didn't understand what he meant. I looked at him in confusion.

He was getting impatient. "Are you looking for a proper job, or are you asking for money?"

"Money comes fast!" I know that a proper job won't take me because I'm too young to have an ID card. I even need an ID card to stay in a big city, let alone a job.

"Then go up to the fourth floor through that elevator, and then sit on the sofa for a while. Naturally, there will be people looking for you!" He stuck his head out again and pointed with his arm.

I went up to the elevator and pressed '4.' It was my first time in the elevator, but the markings were shallow and easy to understand.

The elevator door opened with a "ding" sound, and moving music entered his ears. Inside, the lights were shining, and the decorations were exquisite and brilliant.

There was a bar on the right, and a sofa on the left.

I walked over to the sofa and sat down, quietly waiting. Don't ask me if I'm still afraid.

He wasn't afraid, he just wasn't willing to accept it.

A moment later, a man in his mid-twenties, wearing a small black uniform suit and a warm smile, approached me.

He sat down opposite me.

"You're the one who's looking for a part-time job?" The corner of his mouth curled up slightly, his eyes were filled with thick eyelashes, and when he looked at me, it was as if he was staring at me, very spirited.

I nodded awkwardly. "Yes, that's right!"

"Well, let's talk somewhere else! There are a lot of people here! " He stood up and waved.

My heart skipped a beat, but I followed him anyway.

He led me to a private room and opened the door, leaving only the two of us in the small private room. It was very dark inside, with only two yellow lights on. The atmosphere was ambiguous.

My breath tightened.

He patted me on the shoulder and asked me to sit down. As he spoke, he pressed a button on the wall and all the lights came on.

My whole heart lit up with the light and relaxed a little.

"I'm 17 this year." My body sat upright, concealing my nervousness. However, my hand unconsciously picked at the sofa cushion as I replied.

He nodded, "She's so small, but it's normal. Some of the girls here are already this big."

He poured a glass of water from the tea table and passed it to me. "My name is Zhou Liang, and they all call me Ah Zhou. You can also call me that."

I glanced at the glass of water and didn't drink it.

A Zhou laughed heartily and took a sip before saying, "You're quite alert. Don't worry, in a place like Huadu, the people who lack women the most are the ones. If you don't want to do this, no one will force you!"

I nodded. That was true, but I still didn't want to believe it.

Seeing that I still hadn't drunk my cup of water, A-Zhou didn't insist. "Why are you looking for a job like this?" he continued. Is it difficult in the family? "

"Missing money!" I want to earn more money! "

"This way, then what do you want to do?" This way, then what do you want to do?

"Are there still others that won't appear?" I was slightly surprised.

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