Everglow/C1 And you're with me wherever I go 'cause you give me this feeling, this everglow
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Everglow/C1 And you're with me wherever I go 'cause you give me this feeling, this everglow
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C1 And you're with me wherever I go 'cause you give me this feeling, this everglow


And you're with me wherever I go 'cause you give me this feeling, this everglow

"Hi there." A guy in his late 20s greeted me as I waited for my latte. "I think I know you," he added. I turned to him and quickly noticed the piercing on the left side of his lips when he smiled.

I didn't give back the smile because he was a stranger to me. I was pretty sure in my 29 years of existence, I've never seen him because I would remember if I did. His bad-boy aura was easy to remember.

"Uh," I shook my head. "I think you've mistaken me from someone," I replied. I gave him my space so he could order. I heard him say one venti caramel macchiato before looking at me again.

"If that's a pick-up line, I'm too old for that, so don't try," I added.

"Whew, never thought about pick-up line," he laughed. He surveyed my face. I could sense he was pulling all his brain cells just to prove he knew me.

If this was another day, I would probably be the hot-tempered lady who'd crashed this guy for pretending not to hit me up. But, I was too tired from all my cases that all I wanted was a cup of coffee and a good sleep. Also, I don't have proof if he was hitting me up, so I should know better not to jump on conclusions.

"Yeah, I was right." He flicked his fingers in front of my face. I thought of punching him in the face but realized it could result in injuries, and he might file a case against me.

I frowned. "Sorry, I don't know you." I picked up the latte and walked.

Though, I believe he was right when he said, "You're the vocalist of the band Everglow," he was smiling like he won a lottery when I faced him.

"I was," I stated. "That was a long time ago, but thanks for still recognizing me."

"You're hard to forget. I used to watch your gigs," he proudly said. "You have nice vocals, like an angel."

"I agreed," I smiled. "Thank you." I bowed a little and showed non-verbal gestures for him to realize I don't want another conversation, but just trying hard not to be rude. Uh, he couldn't get it.

I remembered someone and funny because he also remembered that someone.

"So, you married him? That medical student?"

"I choose not to answer your question," I faked a smile. "Have a nice day." It was supposed to be sarcastic, yet I realized a lot of people had been nice to me during my bad days. I owe it to the world, and maybe being nice to someone you met was the only sign they needed to keep moving.

I know it sounded melodramatic and irrelevant, but I wanted to say it. With a lot of cases on my hand, particularly raped cases, murdered cases, I learned how cruel the world was. Those poor victims, they need to see something beautiful in the world.

Uh, cut it, Gabriella. You told yourself no more thinking of cases for today. Do it!

"I better get going." I didn't wait for him to say something. I found my way to the seat near the glass window.

I could sense his presence at my back. Don't tell me he's going to share a table with me.

I ignored him and almost sat when he said, "Fuck! Zendaya's in a coma."

The name rang in my ears. "What did you just say?"

He pointed at the TV monitor before sipping his coffee. "The plane he was driving yesterday crashed."

I slowly turned to the TV monitor and prayed it wasn't the Zendaya I perfectly knew.

God didn't hear me.

It was indeed him.

I was numb for a second until I dropped my latte. The guy beside me quickly reacted and asked if I was okay.

"Sorry," I said as my senses came back. "I have to go. Sorry for the mess." I bowed down and felt ashamed of what I did, but it wasn't the right time for that.

I quickly drove to the hospital and cursed every vehicle on my way. I was getting impatient as I thought about Zee.

For God's sake, she'd been waiting for Zack all these years and he came back like that. Damn! He was even in the hospital where Zee was working.

It was our hospital. Yeah, right. That's the nearest hospital from the airport, so I shouldn't be surprised.

"Okay, Gab," I whispered to myself. "I know you promise yourself not to step foot in your hospital again, but you need to." I calm myself before going inside our hospital I once loved.

Luck might be out of my way right now when I saw my mother as soon as I got inside. She stopped upon seeing me and was about to say something I don't want to hear.

I cut her off. "I'm not here as your daughter," I said. Oh, I was no longer their daughter since I ran from home. "I'm here because my friend needs me, so if you'll excuse me." I bowed down and ran to the elevator.

"I'd like to know where is Doctor Zamora." I gasped for air upon reaching the emergency room. I hated how big our hospital was.

"She's still in the operating room," the nurse replied.

"How about Zack? Zack Jersey Zendaya. I'd like to know what room number he's in."

"You can ask the nurses at the ICU station for that."

"Oh, okay. Thanks!"

I dashed to the ICU station and was about to go inside his room when a nurse stopped me.

"Excuse me, Miss. I was told not to allow anyone inside his room unless you're a family." She scanned me from head to toe and I was helping myself not to make a scene in my family's hospital.

"I'm his friend," I answered. "I know him."

"Sorry, but we follow strict protocols. He's not allowed to have any visitors at the moment."

"I'm Gabriella," I stopped mid-way and was contemplating if I was going to use my family's surname. It would hurt my pride, but I wanted to see Zack. Damn, protocols!

I'd bet a dollar they thought someone was trying to kill him, so they're guarding him. I should investigate the crash.

"Gabriella?" she asked.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm Gabriella Wong-"

I almost jumped when a familiar voice saved me from using my family's name. Well, it's no surprise. He'd been saving me from the dark since. I once called him my everglow.

"It's okay. I know her."

The nurse nodded in respect and headed on her way.

"Thanks," I said without turning my back. I was afraid to see the look in his eyes, for I know I would fall again. I was scared to witness him cry again because of me.

"Who is he?" he asked.

"He's someone important," I replied.

"He must be a very important person for you to stand in the place you hated the most." I could feel the hurt in his voice.

I laughed in my mind. He's jealous of Zack. Oh, well, nevermind. His jealousy no longer matters.

"Indeed. He is a very important person," I smiled. "I'll go ahead, Dr. Elarde."

"Gabby," he sweetly called which made me melt. "Can we still save us?"

I felt cold and numb. I thought I already got away my feelings for him, yet my heart betrayed me.

"You saved me," I slowly turned to face him. He met my gaze with a smile on his face I've been dying to see. "But I'm sorry, there was no longer us that needs saving."

"At least give me one logical explanation why you left me, Attorney," he urged.

It's ironic how I could defend hundreds and thousands of cases and provide proof and evidence for my clients. Yet, I couldn't give the man I loved one acceptable reason as to why I left him.

"Loud," I shook my head. "There's no reason."

It's just people come...and go.

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